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The winner of duel after duel is deemed the toughest warrior on the block
even if we find out he had a gun while others did not.
The winner of bet after bet is deemed the smartest even if you find out he
had Game Theory and the others did not.
I can't guarantee I'm the smartest human on earth but mastering Game Theory
to find the winningest way to go makes the TajProfessor Great Canadian
hard to beat for the title!

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The other side of the sign has SmartestManOnEarth.Ca for Pot! and
Hitzig 2003 Bad Exemption so No Offence for J.P.

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An Iconoclastic Engineer, destroyer of cherished myths!  
is a playlist Turmel Student Vote Playlist of short videos in answer to the
questions of young students during the 2014 Ontario General Election hoping
they could explain it to their parents.

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My 1993 cartoon when I ran for Prime Minister as Leader of the Abolitionist Party of Canada had
Chretien, Campbell, et al. . It still makes the difference between a candidate with a program and those without.

SmartestManOnEarth for Canada PM to nix Pot Charges in Ontario Court of Appeal
Jct: John The Engineer Turmel explains why the   or is running for Prime Minister of Canada and asking
in the courts to nix Pot charges in Ontario.
VIDEO: SmartestManOnEarth.Ca

Some links:

Vote for the Smart Team to get John The Engineer
Abolitionist Party Programs Youtube: Abolitionist Party of Canada Programs 
are the Programs of the Abolitionist Party of Canada which have not changed
in decades. Get it right first time...!

John The Engineer Turmel Video Index   for channel. 

In 2011, Fukushima had just blown and was hitting the West Coast so I
figured the way to fund the clean-up had to go viral or little would
happen. So rather than run in a riding during the federal general election,
I decided to try to pull off an Aberhart Coup, offer a slate of Social
Credit candidates and if the voters got them in, then they'd get Aberhart
in a byelection.

So I'll look in all the ridings for candidates in parties that had supported the
LETS timebank software in past elections: Greens, Marxist-Leninists,
Christian Heritage, Natural Law and recommend them as a Dream Team.   are my reports during that election
and is my roster.  is my back-up anti-poverty Magic Money for the


1) My Miracle Equation cracked inflation shift B.

2) My Differential Equations cracked the code in Jesus's parables!
UN Mill Dec changed 

3) I engineered LETS and UNILETS

4) Guinness Record for a couple of tops scored.

5) 4K marijuana fight

Lots more coming.

Medpot Marijuana Court Cases (VIDEOS) 
Globe & Mail May 15 2003: Turmel Reports: I dare gamble life imprisonment   &   In the belly of the beast

I wonder if they'll let me do Community Service again? They did:

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But the end result of my intervention:

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And now I'm going to do it again: