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Economic Policy 
2.3.14 Taxation Issues in Regard to Alternative Monetary Systems:  
"Among community groups there have spontaneously come into existence 
bartering systems, the best known of which is LETS (Local Exchange 
Trading System). Local currencies are used as payment for goods and 
services. The Australian Greens support the present contention that 
such trading should be taxed when a professional carries out a job or 
sells an item but not if the payment concerns somebody working outside 
his or her normal trade."  
3.2 Goals:
"The objectives of the policy include: 
h) strengthening the role of credit unions, Local Exchange Trading 
Systems (LETS), and ethical investments;" 
3.3 Short Term Targets: 
3.3.2 Community Financing Options: Cooperatives, LETS and Ethical 
"The Greens will support the establishment and use of community 
controlled investment facilities which direct investments to eliminate 
reliance on foreign borrowings by both the public and private sectors. 
Investments in ethical enterprises which emphasize both social and 
environmental sustainability will be encouraged. The Australian Greens 
will explore a range of opportunities to assist these measures, and 
d) establishment of a cooperative bank; and 
e) establishment of LETS and encouragement of the involvement of local 

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