Michael Linton
Landsman Associates,
479-4th Street,
Courtenay, B.C., V9N 1G9,

July 23, 1984

John Turmel
720-33 Banner Rd.
Nepean, Ontario, K2H 8V7

Dear John:
     Thank you very much for your letter and the cheques that you've
enclosed. The terms of your support as you've outlined in your letter
are indeed extraordinary. I want to congratulate you both on your
generosity and your vision. Thank you very much on behalf of myself
and the people who will undoubtedly benefit from your contribution.
     However, before we proceed into any depth into the use of the
funds you have made available, I wanted to make it clear what kind of
understanding exists between us. On your side, I think the
understanding if fairly clear - what you are willing to make available
to us and the ends to which you se me using it. I assure you that I
will make the best use I can of what you offer.
     However, it is also important that we are in clear understanding
to what reciprocal support I can offer you in your immediate
aspirations. As we discussed on the telephone the other day, my
understanding from all the sources that I am currently exploring is
that it would be counter productive to become associated with any
particular political directions at this stage. Especially anything
that smacks of fringe, either lunatic of sane.
     The problem with the acceptance of any entirely new paradigm is,
first of all, that it will inevitably raise rejection from that
conservative element which exists in all of us. And it is appropriate
to take people's rejection of the process - "oh, that's just another
Green Party trip!"
     However, I will give total support, both documentation and
information, affirmation, whatever, to anybody who seeks our advice or
support in relation to local economic trading and personal money
systems, which includes therefore both the green dollar local systems
and your Greenback proposition.
     You may count on me absolutely for any support of that nature and
please do refer anybody to me who wishes information on our
     So in conclusion, thank you very much for your initial support in
this program and I'd like your assurance that we are still able to
proceed in concert.

Yours sincerely,
Michael Linton.

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