AND HOW TO FIX IT.
                          (846 verses)

By John C. Turmel, B. Eng.

This is the ballad of the Banking Systems Engineer,
To set you straight on banking matters that are not too clear.
I am an engineer with information that is new,
Of planetary ruin and the how of what to do.
There is a special duty in the oath to engineer,
To fix the problems in the systems that we hold so dear.
Since life and death results from work that we are trained to do,
Our duty is protection of our little planet blue.
We take an oath when we receive our simple iron ring,
And know from where the duty of the engineer does spring.

It strikes me odd that in this age of scientific note,
That mankind stumbles on and on, like carrot leading goat.
With planetary dangers threatening our biosphere,
If you can learn just what is wrong, your knowledge you'll hold dear.
If I can show you how to fix this planetary threat,
The duty of the citizen's to learn and not forget.

The banking system is the brain of our economy,
Which regulates our enterprise, responsibility.
What's slowing down our enterprise is feedback on our debt,
World debt is what's preventing when to working we should get.
In the banking system there's a flaw that's got to go.
There's feedback that is positive that forces debts to grow.
The flaw is in the software while the hardware's working right,
It makes debts exponential with a limit out of sight.
And as the debt increases, bankers move in on their prey,
They close down our capacity and it is only they.
The one Destroyer Industry that kills a source of wealth,
The only industry that is a peril to our health.
Just look around and you will see the debts that burden all,
The debts of brothers, sisters, parents, plagued by debt, we fall.
Our nations, towns and provinces are burdened all to tears,
By an exponential function overlooked by engineers.

A mayor faced with rising costs and shrinking revenues,
To study any proposition, he would not refuse.
"So many think the job of being mayor is a snap,
But the decisions that I'm faced with are an ugly trap.
With tools, materials and trades that cover total range,
Yet one ingredient is lacking, money to exchange.
If snowstorm hits the city and there are no funds to pay,
What does my council have to do to clear the snow away?
We pledge a million dollar bond to banks to get the cash,
With which we pay the skillful men who clear snow in a flash.
The merchants gladly take the funds for soon they'll have to pay,
The taxes for the snow removal that was done that day.
But though a million principle was spent, we must request,
That citizens be taxed for principle and interest.
To budget who gets scarce resources isn't ever fun,
But interest on city's debt is always number one.
Whatever rate the bankers set is due amount I pay,
Unhappily, which projects live or die's my only say."

So to this software package of accounting has been let.
The force to cripple enterprise with exponential debt.
By this accounting package they have seized the right to rule,
This software package has become a so oppressive tool.
Our bankers, lawyers, judges, bailiffs. The financial crew,
Collecting on our effort for the benefit of few.
The bankers and the justice system are the ones to blame,
For they have got us by the throats in their insidious game.
The Governments all borrowing to pay the interest,
And hoping there'll be crumbs left over to quell the unrest.
With millions idled by the debt while break-downs overwhelm,
The lack of money goes right on with no one at the helm.
The measures of the World Bank and the I. M. F. as well,
Are seen to cause much misery, a documented hell.
The private will of bankers rules in towns of every nation,
This power is too great for few, this power of starvation.
A nation's commerce cut in half is really not a joke,
Whole nations suffer constantly under their cruel yoke.
Those measures of austerity cause strikes and riots new,
The moments of tranquillity are far between and few.
And that's when violence is used in putting down their need,
And yet men still do risk it all, their lives at stake, indeed.
When starving people do rise up, some end up dead, perhaps.
Responsibility for which must rest in bankers' laps.

But scientists have now in hand the winning way to see,
The mathematical road to infallibility.
We find in theory of games, the stats of wins to come,
In whose dominion lies the key, the word is "Optimum."
No man, no God, can but expect the optimum result,
To let the science work for us will make us soon exult.
It tells us what to do that's best when we can't be too sure,
A perfect way to test things out, a way that's clean and pure.
Can banking system of the world be programmed instantly
To switch to maximum employment voluntarily?
Can program disks be switched to alter faulty program code?
Of course they can, it's just a little change of system mode.
Some planetary cures can be delivered at top speed,
The problem's in the software and correctable indeed.
It's slowing down capacity while danger looms ahead,
Reprogramming is critical or else we'll all be dead.
The lack of money is the reason used for the delay,
Sufficient funds cannot be found to save us right today.
The problem's getting worse and worse, we must take action fast.
If they slow down our life support, our planet will not last.

RICH MAN SAYS (Robert W. Service)
A rich man once spoke up in his attempt to set me straight,
His thoughts upon his interest, he honestly did state:
"Because I have a million bucks, I sit upon my stern,
And leave my living tranquilly for other folks to earn,
For in some pro-creative way that isn't very clear,
A million bucks will breed a hundred thousand every year.
So as I have a healthy hate of economic strife,
I mean to stand aloof from it the balance of my life.
And yet, with sympathy, I see the grimy son of toil,
And heartily congratulate the tiller of the soil.
I like the miner in the mine, the sailor on the sea,
Because up to a hundred grand they sail and mine for me.
For me, their toil is taxed unto the annual extent,
According to the ancient law that gets me ten percent.
So get a million bucks, my friend, in any way you can,
And leave your future welfare to the noble Working Man.
He'll buy you suits of Harris tweed, an Airedale and a car,
Your golf clubs and your morning Times, your whiskey and cigar.
He'll cozily install you in a cottage by a stream,
With every modern comfort and a garden that's a dream.
Or if your tastes be urban, he'll provide you with a flat,
Secluded from the clamor of the proletariat.
With pictures, music, easy chairs, a table of good cheer,
A guy can manage nicely on a hundred grand a year.
And though around you painful signs of industry you view,
Why should you work when you can have your money work for you?
So I'll get down upon my knees and bless the Working Man,
Who offers me a life of ease through all my mortal span;
Whose loins are lean to make me fat, who slaves to keep me free,
Who dies before his prime to get me round the century.
Whose wife and children toil in turn until their strength is spent,
That I may live in idleness upon my ten percent.
And if at times they curse me, why should I feel any blame,
For in my place, I know that they would do the very same.
They talk of revolution on a Sunday afternoon,
But offer them a million bucks and see them change their tune.
So, I'll enjoy my dividends and live my life with zest,
And bless the mighty men who first invented interest."

To the rich man I do say, "You're going for a ride,
With global problems out of hand, it might be time to hide.
I may have understood your urge to live a life of ease,
Before the earth was stricken with the usury disease,
But now that acid rain is here, I do not understand,
How you can go on merrily without a lending a hand.
The ozone is depleting fast, acid rain is here,
Nuclear pollution threatens man year after year.
You'll find your reasoning breaks down the moment we assess,
After inflation, income taxes, money gets you less.
If with one hundred dollars you can buy one hundred beers,
Invest it in the bank for twenty extra in two years.
But the inflation will erode your whole totality,
Which buys you only beers you would have got initially.
Once government takes taxes, only half your gain you're let,
And when you spend your money, 92 are all you'll get.
So would you choose to stop accepting twenty more increase,
For ending of inflation and that income taxes cease?
Please take it from the engineer, the costs are very dear,
"My case for linearity in banking is so clear."

In Economics, it is shown, the measurements for debt,
Are made in variable units which we all live to regret.
The unit of the measurement, the dollar is its name,
It's value rises up and down in the financial game.
Attempting to do measurement with units that gyrate,
Like using rubber rulers, they can never get it straight.
This cover for the system that is causing people pain,
Is taught in Economics and it scrambles up the brain.
In all the other Sciences, stability they use,
With inches, feet, kilometers, they do not confuse.
Engineers do buildings straight. To stable units thanks.
Economists with rubber money build us crooked banks.
The concept of a stable money, changing not a bit,
Too simple for considering, they won't examine it.
The more they've studied rubber money, elasticity,
The more impossible it is to ever have them see.
What's plugging up their thinking are the errors they were taught.
The Economic Science is the story they have bought:
"The system must have interest so it be feasible,
Considering another system is impossible."
But what can cloud the minds of men to wicked knavery,
Promoting by the growth of debt, financial slavery?

How can a substance man creates be kept in short supply?
Why is there insufficient for our industry to ply?
"Where does our money come from?" has an answer known by few,
The source and sink are hidden from the ordinary view.
The Governments do not create the money that they use,
All Governments are deep in debt, we need some other clues.
The media do tell us when supply of money grows,
But very few do ask ourselves and wonder "Where's the hose?"
"Supply of money must come down," we hear it constantly.
But "Where's the drain" is contemplated so infrequently,
The banking of liquidity is understood by few.
But there must be a tap and drain which money must go through.
The engineers are "plumbers" called, a nickname they have earned,
Mechanics of the flows of fluids are what we have learned.

Comparison of models is the engineering test,
Is exponential faulty and is linear the best?
A bank of poker chips that works like coins when some do play,
A linear banking system for comparison today.
Transactions made with colored chips to help in keeping score,
Backed up with our collateral, it's one to one. No chore.
In poker games we see that chips are traded in and out,
Redemption of collateral is what it's all about.
Inflation means that what we get for money's somehow lost.
They say it's unavoidable. We all must bear the cost.
Yet value of the poker chips is constant over time,
A mere receipt for assets where there's no accounting crime.
Since hardwares are identical, both round and colored too,
And one did lose its value while the other counted true,
Inflation therefore can't be hardware which works flawlessly,
Inflation therefore must be software, programmed crookedly.
The bank ads reinforce with Billy and his piggy bank,
The notion that the loans they make are from the savings tank.
The operation's simple and most everybody knows,
A dollar in, a dollar out, is how the system goes.
A piggy bank is simple and we've all tried out a few,
A money reservoir to save which grows by one and two.

When sister needs a nickel and the piggy bank is bare,
How can her brother help her when the nickel isn't there?
And when the piggy bank is bare, no loans are made at all,
Since money lacks, there is no way, for commerce not to stall.
He asked his father for the coin, his means were to the test,
"Please lend a nickel and I'll give you surely interest."
"I'll lend you nickel so you learn that loans one should not seek,
With interest, you'll owe six cents, I'll see you in a week."
So now his bank could lend the coin, the nickel for a fee,
He told her "Have six cents next week, at this locality."
If sister failed to pay on time, his father might be mean,
He made her pledge her favorite toy, a kiddie's type of lien.
When neared the day that he should pay his father what was due,
He saw there was a problem with some math he could not do.
His sister was no help at all, the nickel all she had,
He had to find an extra cent to pay it back to dad.
When seven days had all expired, her toy he repossessed,
And offered it with nickel to his dad as interest.
But father said "That's not the deal", there'll be an extra cent,
That is what we agreed upon of which you'll soon repent.
You owe six cents and have just five, I'll tell you what I'll do,
Pay me the five, you owe me one, we'll start again anew.
I'll lend you five so you may pay the cent of money's prime,
You'll leave with four but owe me six next week at end of time.
Next week, with four and owing six, predicament again,
"No problem, pay the money's time. I'll see you you know when.
Next week, with three and owing six, another one was paid,
Next week, with two cents, owing six, he felt a bit afraid.
Next week, his last cent paid the time, he left the scene so broke,
Next week, he couldn't pay and now learned of oppressive yoke.
"To pay your interest you need to have a weekly cent,
So you will work a weekly chore to pay for money's rent.
For every week thereafter, pupil paid the rental due,
And borrowing that nickel was a move he did soon rue.
At first it seemed so simple, the rent of money's time,
But once you're in, there's no way out, of money's trap sublime.
Father demonstrated to his brood that debt's supreme,
The stealing of the victim's labor is name of the scheme.

But banks are not like piggy banks, it's known by very few,
The banks are more like poker banks with chips that are brand new.
The issuance of currency is hidden from the slate,
A rule to have deposits first was made law by the state.
A limit's set on money's volume, artificially.
It's not on wealth but on our savings supplementary.
A hundred dollars to reserves are saved by you and me,
Now ninety brand new dollars may be loaned out stringently.
The ninety dollars does return and is deposited,
So loans for 81 new dollars may be submitted,
Depositing new money liberates a fraction more,
But less and less until you find you hit a finite score.
Again a poker bank could best be used to demonstrate,
Just limit the supply of chips and charge an interest rate.
A contract bearing interest, a mort gage is its name,
Can be translated from the French to see the total game.
The word for "mort" is "death" which is a clue we all should heed,
The word for "gage" is gamble and a deadly bet indeed.
The mortgage is the plight of all, death gamble, it does maim,
The debt is always bigger than the money in the game.

The chips can be inflated too and lose some equity,
Just charge a little interest and plainly you will see.
If ten of you all pledge your watch to borrow ten chips each,
Eleven chips is due from all, a mortgage all can't reach.
One hundred chips is all you have for principal you got,
But no more chips for interest. Those chips were given not.
The principal is "P", the debt has grown to "P plus I."
The debt has grown with interest so some of you will die.
The number of survivors is "P" over "P plus I."
The ratio of losers is "I" over "P plus I."
This shows "I" over "P plus I" is debt you cannot sate,
The confiscation of your watches happens at this rate.
Less watches backing up the chips drives value down for sure.
We have induced inflation in chips that were once so pure.
With exponential functions we can name all of our curves,
With differential equations we can follow all their swerves,
The Debt times interest equals "d" Debt over "d" "t."
This exponential is the Debt times "e" to the "i" "t."
With transforms of Laplace, things can reduce to A times B,
And A times B is algebra, the simplest way to see.
The Laplace 1 over "s" minus "i" will tell us quite a lot,
The pole is in the right hand plane, so stable it is not.
The only difference in models: interest on debt,
With interest at zero, it is linear we get.

And though we're told that interest does fight inflation true,
I say that is the Biggest Lie. If others only knew.
The number of you seized upon goes up with interest,
Inflation that results is clearly seen with simple test.
You're told inflation's volume of the money on the rise,
Inflation's really loss of assets, that I emphasize.
Inflation isn't too much cash to chase what we produced,
By seizures, money chases stock of merchandise reduced.
And though more money or less goods are shifts that feel the same,
The seizure of collateral's the shift we have to blame.
So by the use of interest, the money does inflate,
And by its abolition, money can be steady state.

In Mother Nature, ants you see, no slouchers, not a one,
They manage full employment which man has yet begun.
Like in the Great Depression where men sat before their trees,
With hammers, nails and chain-saws, their lot was still to freeze.
They couldn't build their houses and they couldn't grow their food,
They couldn't clothe their families, such ineptitude.
We all are the consumers of our man-made energy,
We feed on our own services, we do trade frequently.
It could be mass times speed of light, we know that's energy,
It could be mankind doing work, instantaneously.
But as you meld both energies, value to man does grow,
Technology has reached a state, enough for man to crow.
All life consumes the product of a melded energy,
The tools we have to work for and the sun we get for free.
What makes the ants superior to men and all his deeds?
The ants are not dependent on scarce money for their needs.
To demonstrate, we'll give some chimps some coins put in a slot,
And out will come bananas so tree-climbing they need not.
It's easier to pick up coins than risk life climbing tree,
So is it any wonder that the chimps use coins for free?
So chips cut down banana trees to make themselves some swings,
With coins to buy bananas, there was wood for other things.
Now cut back on the circulation of the coins replaced,
And watch them start to fight for coins in ways that men have faced.
And would their coins they start to hoard for their security?
While others would go hungry and a pity it would be?
And as they struggled over coins, would they take a life?
Just check man's record and you'll see a case of deadly strife.
Man is the only animal who has to pass the test,
To get cash for his pay, his boss must pay some interest.
Because of lack of money, men were brought down to their knees.
Then came the war and there was money, plenty as you please.
They now constructed barracks and their food they now could grow,
They now could make the uniforms, production on the go.
The war did put the scarcity of money to an end,
Destruction was acceptable so money they would spend.
Where was that money years before with idle men in ranks?
The cash was kept in short supply on purpose by the banks.
But I believe that engineers can equal ants so skilled,
At rounding up and turning on manpower unfulfilled.
The need to work may soon pass by for man to earn his keep,
In age of new robotics, he should only have to reap.
But if you wanted to create new jobs for those who hurt,
You could remove a tractor and have 10 men digging dirt.
And if you wanted to create more jobs so very soon,
You could remove the shovel and give each of them a spoon.
It's not the job they really want, it's cash with which to buy,
And only useful work should be the enterprise they try.
When every source of power can put out all of its might,
Mankind will match the ants at last and shed its greatest light.

The rich man answered after thought, "I marvel at the sense,
But I'm too old too fight right now, there could be detriments.
And should the bankers stop our credit, quickly you would see,
The workers be transformed to beggars, sea to shining sea.
But cry to think that we're all bound by debt that does increase,
The constant strife of debt finance will never ever cease."
But sir, it wouldn't be a first. It's happened quite a lot.
There's linear in history and rave reviews it got.

The record most successful case was in the British Isle,
Where "Tallies," sticks of money, left King Henry I with smile.
Accountants in the Treasury would split the stick in two,
One half would be the money and the other half its due.
A tally worth a pound of gold to pay the King's expense,
The other half amounted to taxation that made sense.
The tax collectors through the land all had an easy way,
Since people had their tallies and enough the tax to pay.
The tallies funded projects and could pay for everything,
With tallies matching tax, a hero, Henry I, their King.
For over 700 years, the tallies were in use,
But having lost control of money now is Crown's excuse.

In third millenium BC, King Hammurabai Great:
"No fractional reserve checking accounts. There's no debate."
B.C. 546, Bank of Lydia was Croesus' quest,
"We'll use clay chips instead of gold and save the interest."
Soon warring tribes were summoned with Prince Cyrus at the head,
Who crushed their little country bank, King Croesus soon was dead.
The Spartan King Lycurgus said "All those who journey made,
Shall buy in with their gold for chips of clay in town to trade.
Whatever chips they have when leaving, with our gold we'll pay,
But we shall profit from the interest for time of stay."
Solon used a coinage bronzed and set financial rules,
"The money system's tricky so I must protect the fools.
No Greek for loan may pledge to slavery himself or kin,
To let our families be chained is more than mortal sin."
In B.C. 338 the Roman Empire took off,
With "Aes Grave" copper coins which paid for growth enough."
Ghengis Khan made money from a special bark with Seal,
Financing public works, no one refused to take his deal.

Not only were there Abolitionists in Bible days,
But there were many more for abolition I can praise.
The Kings and Popes of middle ages were the ones to say,
That interest was evil but since then they've lost their way.
Some presidents who of this Populist idea knew,
John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, and Andrew Jackson too.
Some brilliant scientific men were also of accord,
With Franklin. There was Thomas Edison and Henry Ford.
The Native North American Civilizations great,
Did "wampum" promissory IOU beads advocate.
All issued IOU beads for their horses, hides and seed.
Each mark on bead meant value personally guaranteed.
The Whites said they should put away their private currrency,
So braves lined up with Whites at unemployment agency.
Forced to use white's currency, they had to play the game,
And in the larger game of nations, they came out so lame.
Our forebear's generations called it work-bee on a date,
Where men could pay their taxes with some service to the state.
They built the roads that carve the land, the bridges over blue,
To those who said they needed gold, they proved it wasn't true.
Now look at how it works today, let's get it understood,
Replacing wooden tallies now is paper pressed of wood.
Two notes used in America can clearly show the way,
Both legal tender now down south. They can be spent today:
"United States Note" issued by the nation's Treasury,
And "Federal Reserve Note" which is banker's currency.
Their fronts are very similar except the name they state,
Their backs are very different, it means another plate.
The Treasury provided notes for federal expense,
And taxed them back to balance books with numbers that made sense.
In 1913, other plates were given to the banks,
Creation of the money. They gave politicians thanks.
The Government had given banks permission to create,
A batch of brand new money to be lent at interest rate.
The Government then borrowed from them and at their request,
The Congress passed the Income Tax to pay them interest.
One Congressman objected, Louis T. McFadden, loud,
"The greatest crime in history," he said with head unbowed.
Ten dollars out, eleven back, it often takes a while,
But after years, the end result's a melancholy style.
The money from the Treasury, its use did almost cease,
To pay the interest to banks, the taxes did increase.
And when we ask "The Treasury, why is it never used?"
In answer, we get silence and an attitude bemused.
So to this day the bulk of the American supply,
Is borrowed from the banks at rates that make debts multiply.
All Governments do service debt by taxing you and me,
Instead of letting Treasury create it interest free.
I see no reason for a tax to pay them interest,
When use of plates by Treasury would lower taxes best.
The money from the Treasury was used down south before.
The "Greenbacks" used by Lincoln paid to win the Civil War.
The "Continentals" did their job until King George did state:
"There'll be no use of your own plates, for gold you'll have to wait."
Though we've been told that their revolt was over tax for tea,
Ben Franklin said "The war's because they took our currency."

The books I read on Social Credit made the problem clear,
The movement's founder, Clifford Douglas, was an engineer.
He pointed out that debt was more than money in the game,
But since he couldn't stop the growth of debt he had to claim:
"More money should be printed so that people have in hand,
Enough so that all the production satisfies demand."
Yet interest at zero means no price and money gap,
There's no more need to compensate since one-to-one's a snap.
Some Social Credit preachers made their mark and took a stand,
They spread the Gospel of a friendly credit cross the land.
Quebec had Louis Even who was right in what he preached,
Grandfather, Adelard Turmel, was pleased when words him reached.
The two great laws of Economics, grand-dad said to know,
That "Interest is theft" and "Money has no babies." So.

Alberta had its "Bible Bill," the Aberhart who taught,
Depression suicides were caused by bankers that he fought.
He promised them provincial currency with which to trade,
But rulings pro the banks by courts in Ottawa were made:
"No province has authority to make its currency,
Since only Ottawa has rule over liquidity."
Whenever he suggested using plates from Treasury,
The media declared it "funny money theory."
We now can see how interesting history can be,
Once power wielded with the money plates we finally see.
Just note who operates the plates with government in debt,
To know who is responsible for policies we get.

Even Hitler funded full employment without gold,
It's Gottfried Feder, engineer, who saved the vig, we're told.
How was it possible Depression stalked the global mob,
While Germany alone could offer everyone a job?
They based the Reichmark on an hour's worth of work produced,
No interest on funding gave economy a boost.
Hitler was a racist but Volkswagons are still bought,
If "Hitler saved the vig," is "save it too" an evil thought?

We're told that government finance is only for the sage,
Too hard for Mr. Average, its study to engage.
But does it have to be well understood by only few?
Or can the problem be explained for Mr. Average too?
A closer look at how our governments spend revenue,
Might let us know what's gone amiss and what we have to do.
I'll pay my tax for army and police to handle strife;
I'll pay my tax for doctors, nurses who protect my life;
I'll pay my tax for all engaged repairing road and sewer;
I'll pay my tax for social servants helping out the poor;
I'll even pay my tax for bureaucrats with no regret;
But I object to paying tax for interest on debt.
I'll gladly pay my tax for human time at useful toil,

But taxing me for money's time will always make me boil.
When you were little, did you ever dream of printing cash?

Of filling up your wallet with some money in a flash?
Creating money accurately means TO HAVE THE PLATES,
The stamping of some paper into notes best demonstrates;
Or stamping metal into coins; or blips computerized,
Into your bank account deposits, checks now authorized.
So whether paper, metal, volts of electricity,
TO HAVE THE PLATES is printing money absolutely free.
Now if you printed to spend, the others would bewail,
They'd call it counterfeiting and send you off to jail.
But what if government would let you print it up to lend?
With only what you could collect in interest to spend?
If you could print and lend a thousand out at ten percent,
You'd make a hundred interest on printing that you lent.
But if you could print up and lend a million out you'd get,
An extra hundred thousand dollars for your fee on debt!
If government stops using its own plates and comes to you,
A billion printed nets a hundred million revenue!!
With everybody being taxed to pay you interest,
Of all the scams in history, TO HAVE THE PLATES is best!!!
Though never spending, only lending, riches to await,
To all who with the plates become the loan-sharks to the state.
And though to join the few who thusly profit, one might dream,
Wake up to see we're all the victims of their greedy scheme.
Though governments of old ruled "Treasury run money plates,"
Without the interest to middle-men at rip-off rates,
Most governments today to banking industry have lost,
Control of money plates so interest is now a cost.
To service debt in ninety four, Canada's request,
A hundred'n eighty billion dollars paid in interest.
We're taxed over five hundred dollars each per month to pay,
For interest to holders of our plates they gave away!!!
We now see the unjustly cost that makes our tax inflate,
And only usury is what we must eliminate.
We Abolitionists would get the plates back from the banks,
Have Treasury control for only printing charge and thanks.
The interest we save would be split up I recommend,
For each to get five hundred dollars monthly dividend,
Two thousand and five hundred for a family of five,
It's thirty thousand yearly helping families survive.
As if you owned a share in the incorporated state,
An income guaranteed for life, no question, no debate.

As Banking Systems Engineer, I claimed authority,
And swore to fix the banking system expeditiously.

The logical reaction was to tell my Parliament,
So off I went to House of Commons, tried to make a dent.
My presentations noted, filed were very soon forgot,
So running in each every race was duty that I thought.
The 1997 Guinness Book of Records World,
Says "41 elections" on our banner is unfurled.

A hundred times I sought injunctions, six right to the top,
In each I sought the order that the interest they stop.
The Interest Act says that you may take most any rate,
Unless another law against it can be found to state.
The laws I found were out of Canada's Criminal Code,
Some laws to fight the mortgage off, it was the legal road.
"Mort" is the section of the mortgage which eliminates,
And causes "death" by poverty which seals so many fates.
The Section 318 says proofs of genocides derive:
"Inflicting on the group conditions where all can't survive."
When we see the foreclosures on our farm capacity,
We know there'll be less food produced, it is a certainty.
And since starvation still exists in many a foreign land,
There'll be starvation even more for mankind to withstand.
"Gage" is the section of the mortgage which is vulnerable,
To gambling sections of the code which are invincible.
The Section 197(1)(b)(3) mandates no fee,
"Participation in a gamble must be made for free."
Participating in the mortgage has an interest fee,
So fee charged for a mortgage is a criminality.
Another Code of laws that we must take into account,
The laws contained within the Bible must be paramount.
And finally the Science warns "The deadline's getting near.
This is a case of life and death that you should really fear."
I argued that foreclosures kept our life support less strong.
They had the power to put right the program that's gone wrong.
The statements sent to me by banks and credit cards provide,
For interest and service fees both listed side by side.
We could restrict the program to collect the service charge,
Enough the pay the bankers for the service they discharge.
So with those laws, I asked the courts to overrule the Act,
"Abolish interest and make the service charges fact."

I pointed out they had the might to instantaneously,
Effect repair on our industrial capacity.
It's just like a conveyer belt with people in a line,
Who fall into abyss of Luciferian design.
If you could press a button and cut power to the beast,
The belt would have momentum but you'd lose the very least.
With the production maximized of butter, not of guns,
We still could not get there in time for all the weakest ones.
So there would be a finite loss of souls until the day,
When all may access credit and for life support may pay.
But if you'd waited for a while before you used your might,
You'd lose some extra souls for failing to so expedite.
And if you had refused to press the button to this day,
It would, on you, the blame for every fallen soul we'd lay.
With simple mathematics we can count the number who,
Have perished by inaction of the men with power few.
The number of souls perishing, all due to the delay,
Is equal to the number who do perish on that day.
With 40,000 children dying every single day,
Responsibility belongs to those who had the say.
Since all the judges had the power to compel the banks,
To fix the killer program so they don't deserve our thanks.
The number they must answer for which day to day does climb,
Is equal to the number who have perished since that time.
Each motion was a shot on goal, a chance to fix the flaw,
I took as many as I could but interest is law.

Six times I went right to the top and all to no avail,
Since they found it too hard to grasp, the motions all did fail.
The judges all ruled that they failed to see what they could do,
They could not change the software to the service charges few.
And though I tried a hundred times to get the software switched,
The banking system seems to have the judges all bewitched.
I honestly believe their rulings did not pass the test,
Because there seems to be a real conflict of interest.
The judges may be prejudiced for they too are in hock,
Or judges may be prejudiced by owning banking stock.
Rewrite the banking software and give the bailiffs all a rest,
For maximum production please abolish interest.

So I defended victims too, those being repossessed,
I showed them what to do and how to fight the banks with zest.
Jean Metcalfe cared for some retarded women over years,
Struck down with allergies, she had a mortgage in arrears.
The bank did move to repossess and push her from her home,
When she cried out, no one could help. It was a valid loan.
She used to be a heavy one, two hundred and forty five,
I met her weighing ninety five, she barely was alive.
I showed her how to play the game, their watches and her dimes,
She practiced how to repossess their watches many times.
With knowledge of this she did plead her case right to the top,
She said eviction into hostile world would have to stop.
The house she lived in was her shield, environmentally,
She had no where to go so it was deadly certainly.
By using the defence provided in Christ's parable,
Repudiating interest but paying principal.
So when a bank said that a home had to be repossessed,
Defendants offered principal but not the interest.
The banks would make a motion to defence disqualify,
And argue that the Bible and the Science don't apply.
The courts would rule that could not see what it was about,
Disqualifying each defence, they ordered families out.
The law provided for the time to serve and file appeal,
Before the bankers could move in and finish off the steal.
But just before the deadline, we would file our document.
They'd move and get dismissal but more time they would have spent.
And then we would appeal again and they'd reciprocate,
Appellate courts would not our argument accommodate.
To Canada's Supreme Court was the last stop on the road,
They also had no pity for the needy and it showed.
The process took a year but the Supreme Court did decide:
"The bank has right to your home, lady, and you can't reside."
The sheriff and his deputies came by one winter's day,
And put her out onto the street, "The banks you always pay."
She spent a month outdoors in our severe Canadian climes,
It was a shame to see her suffer, proof of worst of crimes.
A kindly doctor bought her house and let her move back in,
She did survive her big ordeal but she was oh so thin.
It was so easy to impede the banks with their own laws,
When simple piece of legal paper made them sheath their claws.
Because it took time to dismiss all of our documents,
Defendants got to live for free while we made arguments.
And though evicted finally, with time they'd saved a bit,
And having cash to help start over was the benefit.

With dangers to our life support, there was no time to lose,
We could correct financial woes. I had to spread the news.
To bring a hidden fact to light, I had to take the chance.
The dangers to our planet come from shortage of finance.
It's life support we're building here, I hope you realized,
Industrial capacity should be so maximized.
If engineers will not rise up against this business beast,
Who else can be expected to, it's not up to the least.
To spread the message I have had to use tactics unheard,
And it has left me much besmirched. My person, not my word.
Some engineers have said that the profession I disgrace.
In answer for my tactics do I point out this one case.
Destruction of the Challenger, the shuttle's sorry tale,
With engineers who knew the cold would make the rubber fail.
They argued into coldest night, the problem was not cured,
The crew was launched up anyway, for they were all insured.
If you had lots of money and were one such engineer,
Would you imperil, by objecting, your future career?
Most would have told the astronauts their craft was not too stable.
They would have tried to intervene if they thought they were able.
If no one listened to your warning, would you go ahead,
And write up on a picket sign the words you wished be said?
"The weather's been too cold today, the rubber seals won't hold,
If you go up, there's no excuse, you'll die and you've been told."
Most would have carried picket signs and told all who would hear,
Most would have acted in this case of life and death so clear.
If no one listened to you would you tell them what you are,
And write on cap "The Engineer" who's studied this by far?
"The rubber seals are too unsafe, it's death to him who goes,
Believe me please, I've studied seals, the engineer who knows."
Most would have worn the cap that said this is `The engineer,'
Most people to the engineering ethics would adhere.
The shuttle engineers did fail to stop calamity,
They never should have ceded what was their authority.
And if we wished to fix the flaw, would the banks resist?
And would they try to thwart those of us wishing to exist?
The software is the problem while the hardware's good as new,
Inflation can be fixed at will by making debt be true.
The correspondence, one to one, of trades of energy,
It is the right solution. It's the only one I see.
I wore the cap and carried signs to spread my message sure,
Abolish interest to fund environmental cure.
We have the men, materials, technology to win,
To let the bankers slow repair is engineering sin.
I picketed the banks at cities all across the land,
I picketed our Parliament, the weather to withstand.
I picketed the meetings of World Bank and I.M.F.,
The Queen, the Pope, and politicians. They were all so deaf.
The words up on my picket sign were large and made it clear,
"Abolish interest and make the problems disappear."
So I instilled into their minds some words they never knew,
I'm proud to think the Word is sowed in more than only few.

Best move of all was giving funds for interest-free accounts,
They're known around the world as LETS. To barter it amounts.
"Local Employment Trading System" is the name it got,
To run the banks' computers right, a way once vainly sought.
Greendollars are the currency used in a LETS account,
Without the interest that forces growth of due amount.
A friend who'd joined LETS barter system made the accolade:
"Our trade of goods and services more easily is made.
A member who is spending may go negative at will,
A positive goes to the one who makes use of his skill.
And though we use no money, we have found a way to trade,
A giant step in the reform of money has been made.
A butcher bought some pastry at the bakery one day,
And called the LETS exchange recorder. He was heard to say:
"Please debit 20 dollars Green from my account for cake.
A credit to account of baker, you, in Green, should make.
The baker took his family to the restaurant one night,
And called the LETS exchange recorder and was heard to cite:
"Please debit 20 dollars Green from my account for meal,
And credit the account of restauranteur in this deal."
The restauranteur, needing meat, had Green with which to buy,
And called the LETS exchange recorder to so testify:
"Please debit 20 dollars Green from my account for meat.
And credit the account of butcher. Circle's now complete!"
Some didn't like to call for every deal they wished to make,
And so agreed each other's check in Green they all would take.
The butcher went to bakery to buy some loaves of bread,
And used a check on which "Worth 20 dollars Green" it said.
The baker took his family out to dine and eat their fill,
And used the butcher's $20 check to pay the bill.
The restauranteur paid for time he spent in dentist's chair,
The dentist used the $20 check for car repair.
The check from the mechanic paid for caring of a nurse,
Her plumber gladly nodded when she took it from her purse.
The plumber's children's music teacher, for the check was keen,
Because he knew his seamstress happily took all his Green.
To her account the check was duly credited at last,
And 20 dollar debit to the butcher was amassed.
But had she spent the check back at the butcher shop, we'd see,
Completion of the circle meant the trades were all for free."
In the States the use Timedollars, like in other lands,
With chips based on the the hours serving members' all demands.
They've Quarter-Hour bills and Half-an-Hour bills, it's true,
With bills worth One full Hour, even bills worth Hours two!

The mayor said that if Greendollars served as Locals tell:
"Why shouldn't government be one to try it out as well?
Another snowstorm hits the city with no funds to pay,
We'll test the LETS and see if we have found a better way.
This time we pledge the million dollar bond to LETS instead,
And see if use of Green will get us very much ahead.
The merchant should accept the Green for it's another way,
His taxes needed for the snow removal, he can pay.
Again we spent a million but the tax to be assessed,
Included only principle without the interest.
We'd offer Green to fix a pothole to a company,
Wishing to pay their tax with unemployed capacity.
Today in our society where money clearly lacks,
Who could refuse some paper anyone may use for tax?
Greendollar paychecks could be earned by all desiring work,
The opportunity to pull their weight so few would shirk.
Before the budget allocations are completely spent,
Can LETS Greendollars help reverse project abandonment?
If council members for their tax took part of pay in Green,
We'd have some cash left over which is something rarely seen.
If civil service took some Green at least for taxes due,
The extra cash would guarantee that extra jobs ensue.
The only question left is how the tax should be assessed,
For goods and services? A simple formula to test.
For services, we'd levy tax at end of every year.
For assets, tax to pay depreciation. It's so clear.
With Green we'd pay for road repairs and I would gladly take,
Greendollars from the working men so payment I could make;
And we could built our hospitals and I would take as pay,
Greendollars to buy medicine and service they purvey.
The government that spent the most and had the highest tax,
Would be the government providing citizens the max.
And best of all we'd have the Green to save environment,
A way to pay to save our lives and make us affluent.
With Green the unemployed throughout the world could save the day,
Without it they will idly sit and die their lives away.
We let the State run things for us. In banking they should too.
Creation of the money is a service they should do.
The LETS can be adapted to most any database,
Municipal, provincial, federal. In every case.
No need to understand the simple program for we know,
Computer pros in government can surely make it go.

The answer that makes sense to me is for the Treasury,
To take it over from the banks, create it all for free.
If funding were all handled by the nation's Treasury,
That hundred'n and eighty billion spent environmentally.
Then we could pay for hydro dams and I would gladly take,
The T-bills from the working men so payment I could make;
And we could built our hospitals and I would take as pay,
The T-bills to buy medicine and service they purvey.
Use money from the Treasury, not money from the banks,
And save us all the interest and I will give you thanks.
And though retired residents do often feel dismay,
They shouldn't fear if we should take their interest away.
All those who live on saving bonds to furnish what they spend,
Could buy some stocks, create some jobs and get a dividend.
So I'll accept the tax for people's time at useful toil,
But taxing me for money's time will always make me boil.
Would you agree control of money plates by banks should end,
With no more tax for interest on money bankers lend?

The ones who should decide on this are equal to the task,
The ones who've just learned algebra should be the ones to ask.
The younger generation who have most at stake in this,
I've heard them demonstrate about the poverty abyss:
"We need more money right away, our planet's really dying.
Won't someone do what should be done? Seems no one's even trying."
Some of the mathematics may be new to some of you,
But find someone to check it out, it's worth the time to do.
You might seek out an engineer and show him what I've learned,
You cannot wait till it's too late, until the planet's burned.
This is the question of the greatest engineering test,
Their duty as an engineer mandates their interest.
If biosphere is ruined and they haven't done a thing,
They certainly are engineers unworthy of the ring.
The question you must pose to them to put this to the test,
"Is exponential faulty and is linear the best?"

A technical inquiry done by systems engineers,
Would strip away the fog that's clouded mankind over years.
And since it's ruled by software, it is up to you to tell,
By your decision only can we solve this living Hell.

To those of you who do agree, your challenge is quite clear,
The message must be taken to all those you hold so dear.
Affecting every one of you, it's something you should fear,
The propagation of this info must be made so clear.
Your means can be most orthodox, no picketing or cap,
Just speak right up, expose the banking system that does sap.
And to computer bulletin boards, you may upload this file,
Or make some copies to pass out. Right now. Not in a while.
You must explain how money works objecting to the flaw,
It's something you must really do. Ship Earth needs new bank law.
I wrote this ballad with intent to give you all the WORD,
The WORD of HOW the money works, I really hope you heard.
If you are one who got the WORD, I must reiterate,
The greatest glory goes to he who makes it replicate.
Just read the ballad right out loud for any friends to hear,
You'll be surprised how readily the WORD stays in their ear.
But for the best reaction, you should try to sing the verse,
And you will find to fit the bill so many tunes diverse.
If you can spread the WORD about the plates to those around,
So they can wise up others too, to Hell they won't be bound,
For the reward in Heaven imminent for all who teach,
Is to attain the place where all the "Friends" of Christ should reach!

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