Looming Debacle: Last Call for Welfare Cheques.
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>From: Bloody Viking <nospam@tako.wwa.com>
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>Date: Wed Feb  3 20:46:59 1999
     JCT: We're going to be considering more genocide of the poor by 
the reduction or elimination of life-support tickets. 
>Soon enough, all the Republicans in the Chicago area will have their 
>wish and the welfare recipients will be cut off. I don't know when 
>the Last Call for Welfare Cheques will be. But when you make a wish, 
>you have to be careful what you wish for as you may get it. :)
     JCT: It's hard to believe that some people will be happy to hear 
that welfare recipients will be cut off. Sadly, most of them will be 
harried tax-payers who believe that this is the cause of their over-
taxation rather than the interest on the government debt. My previous 
article on Overtaxation or underspending points out that there is a 
third way to solve the problem which is never considered. Before 
cutting money to the poor, why not cut interest payments to the rich? 
This question strikes at the cognitive dissonance of everyone who has 
ever used money and believe that paying interest is a given which must 
not ever be challenged without causing the believer a head-ache. 
>OK, so it's closing time at the welfare offices soon enough. Now, 
>these people will have to get "entry level" jobs. But all the jobs 
>are way out in suburbs. Any reverse commuter will know that planning 
>a trip out to the suburbs can get like planning a plane trip to 
>Fargo, North Dakota with the piss-poor PACE service.
>As we all know, PACE service is spotty at best and non-existent as 
>the norm. Apparently, the gurus of PACE don't know this fact; they 
>drive to work from other suburbs in their BMWs and SUVs. So, they 
>commissioned a study, carried by NIU experts to learn this fact.
>The study predictably found that all the poor people are in areas 
>that are ridiculously far from Schaumburg and other places with the 
>minimum wage dead end jobs and from inner city areas, Schaumburg is 
>about as inaccessible as Fargo. Why didn't they just grep up PACE in 
>DejaNews in this newsgroup? They only could have saved enough to buy 
>a home in the suburbs or a stripped-down 1 BR condo in Lincoln Park.
>The lame study came up with shuttle buses and minivans to cart these
>people out to the bush, a band-aid on a sucking chest wound of a 
>solution. But who's going to pay for it?
     JCT: It is rather amazing that most job creation programs cost 
far more than they ever generate. Of course, they are conceived by 
people who have no idea of the problems faced by the poor.
>Washington doesn't want to pay for it. The GOP (who called Last Call 
>on welfare in the first place) are too busy impeaching Clinton in 
>between more tax cuts for the rich - and defunding transit. The state 
>doesn't want to pay for it. Pate Phillip is too busy looking for 
>creative ways to screw Chicago. Daley doesn't want to pay for it. 
>He's too busy uprooting lampposts to install fancy ones. The 
>employers don't want to pay for it. The stockholders are too busy 
>counting their money and buying SUVs. And the cut-off welfare 
>recipients won't be able to afford it on minimum wage!
     JCT: Impossible conundrums as long as the Third way of cutting 
debt service is an option that may not be considered. 
>It seems that EVERYONE has the same Entitlement Mentality that they 
>blame welfare recipients for! A year ago at work, when I first heard 
>that the Last Call on Welfare was going to occur, I predicted the 
>exact above stupidity. These people are NOT going to be able to get 
>to where the jobs are! That's because you need a car out in the bush 
>and the employers are too cheap to pay them enough to afford it. 
>The "experts" at the uni didn't even realise that Metra trains are a 
>non-option becuse they are too costly to use at the wage of an 
>"entry level" job. Using Metra plus CTA or PACE adds up to $200/mo, 
>nearly a car payment. Not only that, these same greedy employers will 
>demand that their new-found cheap labour stay late or leave early at 
>the drop of a hat while the bus schedules are rigid. How is the 
>person to get home when the buses stop running anyways? Employers 
>don't care. Since when did "entry level" employers give a shit about 
>the well-being of an employee anyways?  
     JCT: In my January Financially Insane News, I published an 
article about these kinds of obstacles faced by poor people trying to 
raise a family while satisfying the government's insistence that they 
also work. I also pointed out the irrationality of forcing mothers to 
find work when there are plenty of unemployed who want that work and 
concluded that the requirement is simply to make sure that governments 
can argue that receiving money is so punitive that their tax dollars 
aren't being wasted. 
>So, PACE officials wasted $180K to find out that their system sucks. 
>Guess who gets to put up with the fallout of this? Everyone near the 
>areas full of poor people, that's who. Really wonderful a job the GOP 
>and the rich fucks who bribed them have done. Now, we have a ticking 
>time bomb in the city waiting for Last Call to go off. Given 
>lawmakers' fetish for laws taking effect at the start of years, it 
>wouldn't surprise me if a riot occurs right for Y2K, right when law 
>enforcement computers are fucked up from bugs.
     JCT: If you follow our analysis of the history of recent times by 
Dr. Carroll Quigley in Tragedy and Hope at lets@onelist.com, you'll 
see that riots always develop when the government, at the instigation 
of the money boys, cut life-support tickets to the poor. What are they 
supposed to do? Starve quietly? 
>The only solution I can think of is for the city to give away all the
>stolen bicycles to the welfare recipients to be placed at distant L 
>stops so they can finish the commute by pedalling to work, snarling 
>traffic with all the cyclists. Maybe that's the solution to getting 
>these stupid greedheads to see the result of their greed. Let the 
>greedheads sit in their BMWs stuck behind a herd of cyclists on rusty 
>bikes and bitch. Let the greedheads who go downtown see the piles of 
>rusty bikes at the trainstops locked up to everything in sight, 
>blighting the suburban Disneyland scenery. Daley wants people to ride 
>bikes? Let him get his wish. Let him get stuck in traffic. Same for 
>all the GOP dittoheads. Let every fucking rush-hour be clogged by the 
>critical-mass rides of the poor trying to survive in the GOP's 
>neo-Darwinist cesspit. The rich fucks deserve to be imprisoned 
>onboard their BMWs having to watch the former welfare recipients 
>snarling traffic.
     JCT: Starting up a LETS Local Employment-Trading interest-
free credit System is the only way to solve the lack of work problem 
to even the satisfaction of the greedheads. With more people working, 
there is less need for welfare and their taxes will be cut and they 
should like that. With more people working and pulling their weight, 
again their taxes will be cut. The only problem is getting them to 
understand and since most of them have been infected with Economics 
studies, that will be a lot harder than anyone can realize. 
>Article #102732 (102743 is last):
>From: gibson@prairienet.org (Mark Gibson)
>Date: Thu Feb  4 03:50:23 1999
>Bloody Viking (nospam@tako.wwa.com) wrote:
>>Soon enough, all the Republicans in the Chicago area will have their 
>>wish and the welfare recipients will be cut off.
>Yeah!!!!!!  Good riddance!
>Ship those welfare leeches to Canada or some other backward nation.
     JCT: I invite Mark Gibson to keep cheering the next two stories 
out of Ontario Canada where Mike Harris cut funds to the poor:
by Wendy McCann 
     TORONTO (CP) - A group funded by an Ontario government agency 
blames the "lean, mean climate" created by Mike Harris's Tories for 
pushing more children than ever into poverty. In Ontario, one in every 
five children is poor, their families spending at least 55 per cent of 
their income on food, shelter and clothing, according to 1996 
Statistics Canada figures released Wednesday by Ontario Campaign 2000. 
     That's more than half a million children, an increase of 116 per 
cent in a decade and the greatest leap in the child poverty rate in 
all of Canada. Campaign 2000, a non-partisan anti-poverty group which 
operates on a five-year grant of $42,000 from Ontario's Trillium 
Foundation, says tax cuts on top of provincial cuts to welfare, 
subsidized housing and day care are largely responsible.  
     "In the April 1998 throne speech, Mr. Harris said that change 
must benefit everyone and that the rising tide that he saw coming must 
lift all boats," Gerald Vandezande, who speaks for the group and is 
also a member of Campaign Against Child Poverty, told a news 
conference. "Well there may be a rising tide, but the boats filled 
with voiceless children and vulnerable families are not rising, 
they're dropping." 
     In four years in power, the Conservative government has slashed 
welfare cheques by 22.6 per cent, cancelled all planned new social 
housing projects and cut child care subsidies. Vandezande says while 
these policies have disadvantaged the poor, the Tories' trademark 30 
per cent cut to provincial income tax rates has benefited the rich. 
     The provincial government says the tax cut has spurred the 
economy and created jobs, which have helped put the poor in jobs. It 
puts hot breakfasts in front of needy school kids each morning, 
contributes to the cost of child care for welfare recipients looking 
for work and increased funding for Children's Aid Societies. But 
Vandezande says the province and the federal government must do more, 
ensuring that child poverty becomes an "issue of conscience." He wants 
Ontario to funnel more money to the poor in the spring budget, and to 
cancel plans, so far only hinted at, for further tax cuts. 
     Ottawa, meanwhile, should start directing some of its $100-
billion surplus towards the people who need it most, says Vandezande. 
"The fact that this report card needs to be issued at the beginning of 
the last year in this century represents a scandalous situation," he 
said. "We in the faith communities deeply believe that no child, no 
parent, no family should suffer in our wealthy country because of 
poverty. It's inexcusable and unacceptable." Ottawa has promised to 
eliminate child poverty by 2000.) The Canadian Press, 1999
Copyright 1998 Ottawa Citizen  More Stories 
by Wendy McCann 
     TORONTO (CP) - A homeless man was found dead Thursday lying on a 
grate within sight of Ontario Premier Mike Harris's legislative 
offices. The man, covered by the sleeping bags and cardboard boxes 
that were his only possessions, had considered the grounds of 
Ontario's legislative buildings his home almost every night since the 
new year. He was usually asleep by 11 p.m and gone from the grounds by 
9 a.m. Only this morning, he didn't wake up. 
     Liberal member Tony Ruprecht said he called street workers twice 
in the last three weeks to provide hot coffee and blankets for the man 
and two others who joined him at night. "This obviously is an example 
of the crisis that comes right to our front steps," said Ruprecht. A 
recent report concluded that the homeless in Canada's largest city are 
no longer simply single males addicted to drugs or alcohol. So severe 
is the problem of poverty in Toronto that countless families now spend 
the night on the streets. 
     "While we have the Golden report and others recommending 
coordination by the municipal, provincial and federal governments, 
this obviously is not coming quickly enough," said Ruprecht. The 
premier was not in his office Thursday. He travelled to Ottawa to meet 
with Prime Minister Jean Chretien to discuss new rules for social 
programs. The Canadian Press, 1999
     JCT: Let no one think that all the deaths caused by cutting life-
support tickets to the poor isn't murder. Genocide actually. Genocide 
is the charge I made against the bankers who keep money short and 
force idiot politicians to cut life-support to the poor in my six 
anti-genocide cases to the Supreme Court of Canada, three of which are 
available at http://turmelpress.com/scc3.htm. 
     It's not called a "mort-gage" which means "death-gamble" for 
nothing and those who abet the bankers in their work and cheer the 
politicians in their executions may soon be called to answer. 
     With these kinds of genocidal effects, can anyone wonder why I  
have worked so hard over the last 20 years to use the LETS Timedollar 
to correct the unsafe engineering design of the money system? 

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