>Date: Mon Jan 18 07:51:38 1999
>From: tom@cyberclass.net ("Tom J. Kennedy")
>Subject: on USURY
>To: johnturmel@yahoo.com ("John Turmel")
>John I got this off a list called Final Conflict - from England. 
>From: The Voice of St George #7
>In this part of The Voice of St. George we look at the various ways
>the Third Positionist movement is combating the corrupt Capitalist
>system and the nihilist Socialist cancer. We are the only positive
>and real alternative and we prove this through our actions as well
>as our words...
>THE INFLUENCE OF usury is something that touches most people's lives,
>although most don't realise it. The mere mention of the word 'usury'
>conjures up the image of a grubby, backstreet moneylender, who preys
>upon the poor, making them pay incredibly high rates of interest even
>on very small sums of money. The reality, however, is that then worst
>and most lucrative forms of usury are not confined to the 
>backstreets, but are found in every High Street in plush banking 
>outlets, and run by well-dressed and well paid bank managers!
>As a result of the importance and size of this vile business, it has
>been deemed essential that Nationalists fight back in two ways, so
>as to build a Counter Power. These two ways are centred upon 
>publishing and practical initiatives.
>Publishing is absolutely vital because it is one of the best ways
>of explaining clearly and simply to people from all kinds of 
>backgrounds what usury is and how it is doing immense harm to the 
>country and everyone in it. By educating people about the nature of 
>usury, it opens the path to action, for it is surely obvious that if 
>someone is ignorant of the subject, they are going to remain inactive 
>on the subject. The truth sets you free, and freedom is the necessary 
>condition for change for the better.
>Practical initiatives are essential because it is important that what
>is learned is put into practice. If not, the knowledge that has been
>gained is not made fruitful, but becomes a source of great 
>frustration. Ordinary people, when they know what is wrong, want to 
>know how to put things right. The question, therefore, is how to link 
>understanding of usury to the struggle to remove usury. This is where 
>the Counter Power idea comes in perfectly - it declares that we must 
>create our own economic structures, and in such a way that usury can 
>have little or no impact on them. 
     JCT: That's already been done. LETS lets them create their own 
economic structure. 
>It stands to reason that if the 
>establishment has no financial hold over you, you are in a strong 
>position to promote National Revolution more effectively.
>A booklet has recently been published, which goes a long way to 
>explaining usury in simple terms, and linking this to simple but 
>effective initiatives. The booklet is called Usury, and is by Hilaire 
>Belloc, the English patriot.
>In this booklet Belloc explains how the system deliberately confuses
>and misleads people on finance and economics, with the result that
>ordinary people assume these are complex subjects that can only 
>really be dealt with by economists, politicians, bankers and other 
>'intelligent' people. We have all heard reports on News at Ten 
>talking about "fiscal policy", "underlying inflation rates and 
>projections", "sterling = monetary stability" and all the rest of it; 
>and we all know that not one person in a thousand really understands 
>this gibberish. The important point is: they were not meant to 
>understand. They were simply to "leave it to the experts".
>Belloc unveils this establishment myth, and shows that any man or
>woman of normal intelligence can grasp what usury is, how it 
>dominates our banking system, why it is unnatural and how it 
>threatens the security of our families and our country.
>The people of England pay taxes - taxes which get heavier with every
>passing year. Why? Simply because the government must pay its debts
>to the Bank of England. But why is the government paying the 
>government bank? Because the government bank is NOT the government 
>bank, but a private company just like any shop or petrol station in 
>your area. This bank charges interest - lots of it - for loaning 
>money to the government. Who pays the debt? You!
     JCT: Certainly right on up to here.
>So you understand that. But you ask: "How can you call this usury,
>because the government obviously doesn't pay 50, 100 or 200% interest 
>on the loans?" Of course, you have a point. But you have fallen for 
>the idea that usury is about "high rates of interest". It is not. It 
>is concerned with whether or not a loan is productive. If a loan is 
>not productive of more wealth, then even 0.5% is usury. It does not 
>sound a lot, but two pence loaned at %5 interest at the time of 
>Christ would by now have gained the banks more gold than the entire 
>planet can hold!  
     JCT: So if the loan produces 10% and the moneylender takes only 
10%, that's okay? I don't think they understand the imperative that a 
death-gamble must be created before its usury. 
>Our society is riddled with usury in agriculture, in commerce, in
>industry, in the mortgages on our homes. 
     JCT: Interest on agriculture in the sense of demanding 110 head 
of cattle when the original loan was 100 head is interest as defined 
by Ezekiel. Usury is interest on something that does not reproduce and 
thus creates a death-gamble for its participants. See:
>The National Debt is not
>national at all. It is simply money owed to banking usurers - by
>individuals, governments, local councils and businesses. You may not 
>be asked to send your contribution directly to the Bank of England, 
>but you do make your contribution through your wages, your taxes and 
>the prices you pay for things. Someone has to pay and the 
>establishment has decided it is you!
     JCT: Agreed and here's how I explain it in verse: 
When you were little, did you ever dream of printing cash?
Of filling up your wallet with some money in a flash?
Creating money accurately means TO HAVE THE PLATES,
The stamping of some paper into notes best demonstrates;
Or stamping metal into coins; or blips computerized,
Into your bank account deposits, checks now authorized.
So whether paper, metal, volts of electricity,
TO HAVE THE PLATES is printing money absolutely free.
Now if you printed to spend, the others would bewail,
They'd call it counterfeiting and send you off to jail.
But what if Crown would let you merely print it up to lend?
With only what you could collect in interest to spend?
If you could print and lend a thousand out at ten percent,
You'd make a hundred interest on printing that you lent.
But if you could print up and lend a million out you'd get,
An extra hundred thousand dollars for your fee on debt!
If Crown stops using its own money plates and comes to you,
A billion printed nets a hundred million revenue!!
With everybody being taxed to pay you interest,
Of all the scams in history, TO HAVE THE PLATES is best!!!
Though never spending, only lending, riches do await,
To all who with the plates become the loan-sharks to the state.
And though to join the few who thusly profit, one might dream,
Wake up to see we're all the victims of their greedy scheme.
While Crowns of old had ruled that "Treasury run money plates,"
Without the interest to middle-men at rip-off rates,
Today most governments to banking industry have lost,
Control of money plates so interest is now a cost.
To service debt in ninety four, Canada's request,
A hundred'n eighty billion dollars paid in interest.
We're taxed over five hundred dollars each per month to pay,
For interest to holders of our plates they gave away!!!
We now see the unjustly cost that makes our tax inflate,
And only usury is what we must eliminate.
I'll pay Your tax for army and police to handle strife;
I'll pay Your tax for doctors, nurses who protect my life;
I'll pay Your tax for all engaged repairing road and sewer;
I'll pay Your tax for social servants helping out the poor;
I'll even pay Your tax for bureaucrats with no regret;
But I'll resist Your tax for any interest on debt.
We Abolitionists would get the plates back from the banks,
Have Treasury create the money for printing charge and thanks.
>The results of this unmixed evil are to be seen everywhere: declining
>social services, fewer hospitals and schools, inadequate military
>forces, millions on the dole or in poverty, urban sprawl and 1,001
>other things that make this country such a nightmare to live in. Are
>the politicians to blame? Yes, of course, but let's be realistic.
>Most of them don't know how the system works because they are too
>stupid to understand, and too intent on enriching themselves while
>they can. But the politicians who really run things know how things
>work, and thus their actions are nothing short of treason.
     JCT: Actually, their actions of keeping people poor is nothing 
short of murder and I've charged the bankers several times in the 
Supreme Court of Canada with "genocide." See:
>Thus, Belloc's book is extremely important in our struggle because
>it allows us to learn what is wrong in simple language, and then to
>communicate this to the English people - the folk we are trying to
>save. The nation knows that something is very wrong, very rotten,
>but they cannot put their finger on the matter. Belloc has helped
>us to do this.
>And the booklet does not simply expose the usury scam. It gives 
>examples of what can be done to avoid, diminish or eliminate usury - 
>and these are examples that can be undertaken by ordinary people 
>everywhere. It is something that Nationalists should also be doing 
>everywhere, for the benefit of their families and communities.
>So don't just sit around moaning about being exploited. Buy this 
>booklet, Usury, by Hilaire Belloc for just =A32.75 inc. p&p and learn 
>how to beat the system by stages!
     JCT: It sounds like this was written before the do-it-yourself 
LETS local interest-free banking currency was available. I wonder if 
they're ready to move beyond theory to practice? 
>Date: Mon Jan 18 20:03:06 1999
>From: tom@cyberclass.net ("Tom J. Kennedy")
>Subject: Seeking input...
>John, read Donald's response after he read the article about "usury". 
>Any input you can offer for me to make a response is appreciated.
>Thanks. tjk:)
     JCT: Donald who? You didn't include his mailing address. Please 
relay my response on to him. 
>Hi Tom!
>Interesting ideas most of us will agree on - and a very worthwhile
>initiative on belhalf of these idealistic people, but...
>1) Isn't our WHOLE economic system based on USURY and EXPLOITATION?
>Aren't ALL shareholders PARASITES living of, and getting richer 
>through, the ONLY persons who would deserve to reap the benefits of 
>our economy, i.e. the WORKERS (of any category and denomination)?
>2) How would people (the greater majority of the population) react if
>banks didn't PAY them interest any longer on their precious
>$$INVESTMENTS$$? And how would private banks survive if they didn't
>charge interest. Afeter all, they do have costs (salaries, expenses,
>etc.) and - yes - they DO take risks (sometimes), don't they? And we
>STILL need them, don't we?  :-(  Because we need a "place" where
>entrepreneurs can borrow capital from to finance their initiatives... 
>And why would people put their money in banks (apart from safety 
>reasons) if it didn't bring them any interest?
>My point: it isn't as simple as that. That the whole System is as
>rotten as a thoroughly rotten apple, I agree on. And that we need a
>completely different one seems also obvious. But that requires ABOVE 
>ALL - and first of all - a PROFOUND change of mentality. Do you 
>really think that the population at large is ready for this? We're in 
>a catch 22 situation here...
>Am I pessimistic is assuming that we'll have to wait until the apple
>*drops* from the tree, be menu bar on the left.
     JCT: Tom, there's a big difference between finding someone who 
understands that the present system stinks and someone who understands 
how the LETS system would solve the problem. All his questions have 
been answered at some point or other in the posts at my web site.  
1) Sure usury is how it's done world wide but LETS is how it could be 
with workers getting the profits of their own work. 
2) If they didn't get interest, their money would appreciate with 
an Hour note earned today buying more in twenty years. Bank employees 
and costs would be paid with service charges. Death-gamble mort-gage 
risk is created by interest and there would be no more such risk. 
Entrepreneurs would borrow from the central bank.
3) Though it needs some change in mentality, it really needs a change 
in software just like people used to riding a bicycle with square 
wheels would need to have a change in mentality but they finally get 
bicycles with round wheels. If they're not ready now, they will be 
when death is imminent. 
     The article by Hilaire Belloc sounds like quality social credit 
though I don't think today's crop of corrupted social crediters who 
believe in some usury would agree.
     I'll have to ask Ken Palmerton (kenpalmerton@cix.co.uk) about 
Belloc but he sounds good. Ken's probably the greatest authority on 
Social Credit authors I know with one of the most extensive libraries 
and access to Wilfrid Price's information. 

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