LETS TOES99 European Tour after US National Conference 
     JCT: The 1999 US Local Currency Conference took place last 
weekend in Chicago. I'll be posting a report soon on some great 
breakthroughs that have been made:
1) Philadelphia Equal Dollars' 112 business and 1000 personal listings 
in 6 months;
2) Pictures on the LETS Favours checks; bank don't yet;
3) Favours "discount points" as local currency save tax; 
4) Improvement on Toronto Dollars; 
5) Smartcard technology is here; 
6) Heartwarming Timedollar success stories;
7) Chicago Greens 100% endorsement of LETS
8) 10-page spread in Orion Community Economics magazine
9) 5-page spread in "In Business" magazine
10) 4-page spread in Association for Humanistic Psychology Perspective 
     Also, I will be posting reports from my upcoming LETS TOES99 
European Tour. The itinerary is still flexible and so far is:
     (c) are confirmed speaking engagements. Any event that is not 
confirmed will be skipped if a speaking invitation opens up. 
(c) June 17:06:20-8:40am: London: Breakfast at Heathrow
(c) June 17-19: Cologne Germany: TOES conference
(c) June 20-21: Cologne? 
(c) June 22: Mainz Germany 
(c) June 23-24: Begijnendijk, Belgium  
June 25-26: Paris: Conference Planet 
(c) June 30: Bonn, Germany  
(c) July 1: Braunau, Austria
(c) July 2-4: Dordogne, France 
(c) July 5: Ste Foy la Grande, France
July 12: Thiviers, France
(c)July 13-14: Antwerp, Belgium 
(c)July 17: Styria, Austria 
July 18-19: Viborg, Denmark
July 20-23: Stockholm & Skene, Sweden
July 24-26: Warendorf & Belzig, Germany, Gdansk Poland
     There was so much great stuff that came out of Chicago that you 
should stay tuned for an upcoming "letsus" listserv where discussions 
from the 1999 National Conference will be continued and the 2000 
National Conference can be organized. I would bet that the 
Philadelphia Equal Dollars LETSystem has broken all growth records in 
6 months. I'll bet they'll be the top mark at the end of one year. 
It's exciting to see LETS records being set. 
     And it's most exciting to be first to announce these power 
amplifiers to show to the European systems. 
     God gave me a freebie again. Here I was looking for new 
presentation material for Europe and five days before leaving, they're 
having a National US LETS conference where I obtain all these 
wonderful new visual aids. Props. 
     But my first and foremost message to European LETS is to follow 
the example of Bradford's City Council in obtaining funding for LETS 
from the European Council in Brussels. The actual forms they filled 
out are at http://turmelpress.com/l980613.htm If Bradford 
could get money to hire LETS organizers from them, why not allow LETS 
activists to create their own jobs like Tariq Shabeer did in Bradford.
     So I think I've got some wonderful new information for European 
LETS as well as my standard major upgrades:
     1) Paper notes
     2) Pensioner's Estate credit
     3) Consignment store credit
     4) Government funding with LETS interest-free credit. 
     5) AOL or Microsoft Network provide email LETS accounts
     6) Banks provide LETS accounts
     7) Merge with Corporate Barter networks in Hours. 
     Boy, will 99.99% of the world be surprised when LETS hits. 
     So I'll report when I can. But keep your ring-side seat as all 
those baby LETS turn into Big Bruiser LETS whose interest-free 
accounts muscle the interest-bearing accounts right off the banks' 
computers. Spread the word to tune in to lets@onelist.com for full 
reports which will also be periodically posted at my web site. 
     I'm sorry but I just won't be able to spend much time debating 
the theory of LETS tokens with so much financial engineering to report 
     This should be the breakthrough year. Hopefully, we're in our 
last 300 days of debt slavery. Scoring Global LETS 1/s timecurrency by 
May Day 2000 would be a great 50th birthday Jubilee for me after a 
"Lucky 21" years on the Abolish Interest Rates Project as I start off 
this adventure with a brand new Journal #39. I hope victory for Global 
LETS will mean it's my last journal to detail the millenia-long 
Armageddon War between the Keepers and the Abolitionists of Usury. 
     Then my new series of journals might be filled with little else 
than interesting Poker hands and optimal game theoretic tactics and 
strategies. I even seem to have a week free while in Paris near the 
Aviation Poker Club and another week free while in Austria near the 
Vienna and Salzburg Poker clubs. What a wonderful coincidence. 

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