PAULINE'S TOES 98 U.K. Trip Report 
July 14 1998 
Once again we were blessed with the financing to attend this years 
T.O.E.S. conference in Birmingham, England.
Not all are up to speed on exactly what T.O.E.S. stands for, so I will 
give a brief explanation.
The Other Economic Summit is an alternative forum running alongside 
the G8 summit of world leaders. It covers issues of concern to people 
in the North and South; international financial and trading relations, 
the rise of poverty and indebtedness, the degradation of the 
environment, and above all the need for a just and sustainable economy 
- both locally and globally. The People's Summit is co-ordinated by 
the New Economics Foundation. It originated in London, England in the 
early 1980's. 
The G-7 was formed in 1975 to provide an informal forum for 
coordination of economic policy. The G-7 directly influences 
international financial and trade institutions by virtue of its 
disproportionate economic power. The G-7 meetings have been credited 
with providing political will and the momentum needed to ensure the 
successful assistance to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) in 
developing mechanisms to forestall currency crises such as that which 
afflicted the Mexican peso at the end of 1994.
The G-7 is composed of Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan and the 
United Kingdom and the United States. Despite President Clinton's move 
to formally recognize the participation of Russia by designating the 
Denver Summit as the Summit of Eight, Russia is not yet considered a 
full member of the G-7 and does not attend all of the summit's 
Our mission was to report to the Grand Hotel, Colmore Row, Birmingham 
on May 15th to the 17th for the conference and then to explore and 
visit as many L.E.T.S. communities as possible for the remaining 
portion of our trip.
Since our departure date was May 13th, a fast trip to Bristol was in 
order. We had communicated with Jerry Vahrman via the internet who 
instructed us to get a coach from Heathrow to Bristol. On arrival a 
fast call and Jerry was there to greet us. I had met Jerry on my 
previous trip and had delighted in watching him display his LOIS 
Software at the Global Cafe in London. Jerry is the programmer who 
designed the LOIS-LETS Office Integration Software which is full of 
elegant bells and whistles interfacing with the 1/s LETS engine.
John suggested that he would be the ideal person to prepare an Email 
LETS database to handle our international LETS accommodations 
transactions. First transaction: We owe him 2 days Guestship in Canada 
and he accorded us. Swapping hosting and guesting functions should be 
a big hit. We spent 21 days in the UK only 3 nights in hotels all the 
rest were with LETS members paying with Green IOUs for equivalent days 
of guestship in Ottawa, Canada. When one considers that those 
accommodations cost over $100 Canadian per night, we had an extra 
$1,800 to party with our new and old LETS friends. Later on in our 
trip we came upon two LETS accommodations lists; Holiday LETS and LETS 
Stay, which we hope to incorporate into the first global LETS 
accommodations network. 
The trip from Bristol to Birmingham was delightful and we saw many 
fields of brilliant yellow. I inquired as to what it was and learnt it 
was the new crop of the 20th century rapeseed. Later on in trip I 
picked up a postcard in a pub that stated: "While oil companies 
continue to search for new oilfields, we've found a new oil. Since May 
1996 every Volkswagen diesel engine has had the capability to run on a 
derivative of rape-seed oil called Bio-diesel. And, already, pumps 
dispensing our new fuel are sprouting up all over Germany."
T.O.E.S. conference Grand Hotel, the morning started off with plenary 
- Roger Levitt spoke of consumption linked to human development, 
thoughtful not mindless consumption. How companies can decrease 
consumption by leasing services. 
Simon Zadek - widespread poverty can both be increased and reduced 
through growth based on consumption patterns. The challenge must be 
therefore to achieve a growing level of consumption-sustainable 
consumption: Citizens political action, purchasing Power Works and 
consuming through LETS. This was the only mention of LETS in the whole 
morning session until the near end when asked how are we going to 
change things and John yelled out LETS, the speaker said LETS is too 
small, John asked about a National LETS. I couldn't help but observe 
that Simon Zadek with hand over mouth seemed to delight in this 
Later in day we broke up to attend different workshops to get the 
maximum coverage. I attended Consultation to the Environment with 
speaker John Adams. I found it very interesting 1) Eco efficiency, 
Transport services supplied by large companies for their employees, 
sustainable goods and services.
John attended the Sustainable Local Economics workshop and after 
introducing himself to Ed Mayo (NEF) was given an opportunity to make 
a brief presentation on LETS. On leaving I was informed that Diana 
Schumacher had attended John's session. Again, I had met Diana on my 
previous trip to England and looked forward to seeing her. Diana is 
extremely well-known as an avid networker in the environmental 
movement, who has developed the concept of Local Trading Bonds to 
regenerate the business community. In her capacity as an international 
public lecturer, she uses every opportunity to promote LETS as the way 
for local communities to organize themselves. We both delighted in 
seeing each other and she introduced me to Duncan Smith, one of the 
original co-founders of T.O.E.S. She also mentioned she thought 
John's presentation was very good. It was great seeing you Diana and I 
hope your broken ankle is on the mend.
That night we stopped at a B.&.B. run by Sarah and James Hill an 
Irish couple with 5 children, it was called San Roque Hotel. Contact 
No. 021 454 3962, 18 Stirling Road, Edgbaston. We enjoyed our stay 
there and the hospitality was great, right down to watching Coronation 
Street with two of the boys. Thankyou Sarah and James.
While we were at the B and B, I contacted Sister Dorothy Peart who 
lives in Birmingham, we chatted on the phone and she told me she had 
Patricia Knox with her, someone else I had met at the Crewe Conference 
last year. We made arrangements to meet up the next day for the 
remainder of the conference.
The day started out at St. Martins Church the Bullring. Bishop Peter 
Selby, author of Grace and Mortgage, ISBN 0-232-52170-0 which mentions 
John's mathematics is listed on the posters as a speaker but we're 
told that he was not going to be speaking. 
The first  speaker Rev. Lorry Green, Bishop of Bradwell, told us" 
Jubilee" comes from old Testament, it means blow the trumpets. Debt is 
a nasty four letter word, means what do I owe? - How can I pay back? 
Last but not least, when we recited the Lords prayer, he had the 
proper Scottish version, "Forgive us our debts, as we forgive our 
debtors something" that has been changed in newer Bibles to 
"trespasses" or "sins." 
Martin Dent worked in Nigeria, was the co-founder of Jubilee 2000 in 
1990. Church of my Patron Saint (Martin) who said to "share". His 
message: Jubilee the Lord's forgiveness, preach good tidings to the 
poor. You can't play fast and loose with debt. The burden of owing 
makes people complacent - why should I do anything? work-help-share? 
It will only be taken from me to pay a fraction of what I owe. 
"Rejoicing goes with compassion." Islam 279 2nd chapter, "If your 
debtor is having problems forgive him his debt."
All the other speakers Jennie Park, MP, Bill Peters another co-founder 
of Jubilee 2000, Archbishop TuTu, delivered a powerful message, 
Abolish Debt Slavery. 
We all had to part ways from St. Martins, Sister Dorothy and Patricia, 
John and I all had to split up to get back to Grand Hotel. John had 
spoken with David Boyle who had agreed to let John join the local 
currencies palen but had to cancel his presentation leaving John 
alone. Although it was short notice 10 people showed up. It was held 
in the Windsor Room No. 3. One person who showed only to hand out 
literature was Dominic Dibble, a young man that Robin Johannsen had 
used in his video tape: LETS Another Economy. I was amazed John 
recognized him immediately. Too bad he had to leave for another 
Then it was off to Room 22  in the Birmingham and Midland Institute 
(BMI). B.M.I. has been at the heart of Birmingham's educational and 
cultural life for nearly 150 years. One of its early Presidents was 
the novelist Charles Dickens. This was a glorious building and you 
could sense a great place of learning.
We were to attend a workshop Interest Free Money panel put on by 
Sabine Kurjo-McNeill. Unfortunately Sabine was unable to attend 
due to illness and in her stead it was chaired by John Courtneidge who 
wrote a leaflet called "Abolish Usury." At one point we were asked 
what action we could take to bring light to L.E.T.S. and an alternate 
currency when Sister Dorothy Peart blurted that we should batter the 
Queen. However funny this may sound, the group was excited about the 
prospects and started to elaborate on how and when bring LETS to her 
attention. I am sure Dorothy will keep on track with this one.  
Dorothy is dedicated to LETS and the problems usury creates. She 
created her own comic book story on money which will be reproduced on 
back of  my report, with the aid of 8 year old Ashley Willock who help 
collate over 200 of these priceless little booklets Dorothy and 
Patricia Knox handed them out at every opportunity during the 
It was then out to join the Jubilee 2000 human chain. As we approached 
the main area and ran across the square to get in line, I was in awe 
at the excitement and positive energy I was feeling. The numbers 
reported ranged from 50,000 to 60,000 in an 8 mile human chain. As we 
linked hands, the count down 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 and then the singing 
began. It sent shivers down my spine. 
I then noticed all the purple  gowns of the clergymen parading towards 
the church. I grabbed my purse and camera and started a mad dash 
towards them. John took up chase behind me. I wasn't expecting to find 
Bishop Peter Selby there but went just in case. As John caught up, 
we were now right beside two clergymen and John asked the nearest one
"Do you know Peter Selby?" "He's right here beside me." John looked 
stunned saying "Bishop Selby, I am John Turmel from Ottawa, Canada." 
Bishop Selby seemed just as amazed saying "Say it's not so, say it's 
not so." I said "It is so." They shoock hands and made arrangements to 
meet under a tree near the church after the ceremonies so could go for 
a coffee. 
We retired to the Grand Hotel restaurant where Bishop Selby told us 
how his book "Grace and Mortgage" came about, how things happened for 
him, getting the useful information fed to him via his brother and the 
internet, how John's information aided him in completing the book, 
hence the mention of John's' name in the book and how he then won a 
grant that gave him the financing to publish the book and not till all 
was put together, learned that the publisher had actually used for the 
book's front cover a painting of a temple that had been built to atone 
for the sin of usury. 
It was a great exchange, then we walked Peter down to his train 
station. It was a real experience considering Bishop Selby was not 
even supposed to be there. He had been asked to speak, but because he 
had prior engagements he was unable to attend morning session and they 
had not confirmed with him before putting his name on the posters.
We then met up with Sister Dorothy and Patricia, we had decided 
because we have just over an hour to spare that we would take our 
luggage to Dorothy's house, drop it off and return for the afternoon 
sessions at the B.M.I. A fast jump in the cab and we were there, we 
met Sister Agnes briefly, said see you later, back in cab. We again 
split up. John attended Richard Kay's: "The Kay Tax" session and 
Dorothy, Patricia and I attended something a little lighter to do with 
children called the Woodcraft Folk, an educational movement for 
children and young people designed to develop self confidence and 
activity in society with the aim of building a world based on 
equality, friendship, peace and co-operation.
Campaigning against child labour worldwide. The children learn and 
take action on behalf of the children in other countries. Children 
were actually taken to sites in Vadodora, India to witness first hand 
for themselves the hazardous working conditions, such as that in the 
glass industry, where children blow the molten glass; due to long 
working days, many are burnt and maimed. We had missed part of the 
session but enjoyed what we did get to hear.
Back to the Grand Hotel for closing plenaries, groups were formed in 
circles and each group picked one person to be spoke person for their 
group. We had a Green councillor, Alan? so sorry I lost this man's 
last name and address. He, however, did get to mention on behalf of 
our group the course of action we would like to be taken: development 
of National LETS.
After that Richard Kay, Amanda, Dorothy, Patricia, John and I headed 
towards Birmingham City Centre, it had been barricaded off the whole 
time for the world leaders, but now was opened up for us to walk 
through. Being a warm day and having a bit of time before all had to 
go different ways we decided on ice cream and a bit of a chat. I 
noticed a sign outside with all the countries listed and the mileage 
to them, figured this would be as good a place for a photo opp. Took 
photos, then proceed across centre. We got Patricia running only by 
split seconds onto her train going one way, then Richard and Amanda 
departed. We then went for out bus to go back to Dorothy's and also 
caught that just in the nick of time.
Sister Agnes was busy preparing rice. We got set up in the little flat 
that Dorothy had arranged for us. We later went over to her flat and 
had a wonderful meal all together and chit chatted about the events of 
the day with Agnes. Agnes 85 at one point needed more onions in the 
preparation of the meal and she amazed me when she pulled out her 
bicycle to head off to the store. We all enjoyed the meal. Then 
Dorothy took us out to her garden which sustains them in vegetables 
year round. She had a worm garden under bags of compost. She showed me 
how she put down rows of carpet and would pull weeds, put under carpet 
and then this would be the fertile earth for the following year to 
plant in. It was all wonderful knowledge and loving gardening as I do, 
I appreciated learning these new tricks. We then all went to kitchen 
to do washing up, the kitchen chatter was fast, exciting, changing 
from Health, Politics, Religion back to health, this is when Dorothy 
spoke to us about her pamphlet on Auto Urine Therapy that she 
developed in conjunction with Dr. Beatrice Bartnett, D.C., N.D. I have 
also reproduced this booklet in back of report. Many on our trip know 
of the procedure and swear by it.
The following day we were on the 1 P.M. coach to Bristol, armed with a 
bag of Sister Agnes power cookies and delightful sandwiches prepared 
by Dorothy we were to change to a Plymouth bus, but on our arrival we 
were informed the Plymouth bus had already departed. Hello Jerry Varhman to the rescue 
having another yet great night with Jerry listening to his music in 
his studio, going out for a nice meal. Up early, did a couple of hours 
of gardening for Jerry, then back down to the coach station. Bus 
ride to Plymouth was breathtaking. Lots of beautiful coastline, boats, 
flowers. We changed buses to Falmouth. On arrival Rob Follet met us at 
bus, we went to an Irish Pub, then up to the Maverick Cafe to meet Ian 
and Andrea, our Hosts. We all then went to Seven Star Pub where another 
LETser, Peter, was having a pint. Took photos. Then off to the Pandora 
Inn where we met up with Lorely and Kate, more LETsers. Had a couple 
of beers, then agreed to meet the next day 7 P.M. to dance the Donga 
with the Gypsies.
At Ian and Andrea's it was straight to bed, all were exhausted. Next 
day Andrea took us up to the Green Centre which is run by the locals 
attached to school, children also involved in composting, gardening 
doing art projects with leftovers. They have put together a beautiful 
information library on environmental projects, gardening etc. where 
people can come and learn. We again learned a lot ourselves. Andrea 
then drove us all around the coast line. We stopped and tried some 
famous cornish ice cream. Russian ship with 3 masts in harbour. We 
just took in the day, beautiful weather and flowers like I've never 
seen before. I said: Cornwall has to be Eden. I then left John and 
went with Lorely and daughter Rea into Truro and hit all the second 
hand shops. I was in my glory. Later that evening it was up to Jacob's 
Ladder Pub to do the Donga dance. These young people barter dancing 
lessons and entertainment for their food and drink. It was a really 
good night and then we drove Rob home said our goodbyes. 
Next morning Andrea drove us to the bus. On the drive I was enchanted 
by the tree-arched lanes, wild flowers, pink, yellow buttercups, 
bluebells in mass groups. Very picturesque. I soon won't forget 
beautiful Falmouth and all you beautiful folk that took care of us and 
showed us a great time, thank you all.
On May 21st, 8:25 a.m. on the bus, then train to Shropshire to visit 
with William and Deborah Croom-Johnson LETSers in Shropshire in their 
beautiful farm house built in 1650. William picked us up at station 
Craven Arms station and we had a pleasant ride to his retreat. We 
again were treated like royalty and had a most delightful session. 
William is the one that introduced us to HOLIDAY LETS we signed on 
with him to receive a copy. For those of you interested in taking part 
of Holiday LETS or receiving the listing with instructions  can 
contact William Croom-Johnson, Highfield, Horderley, Craven Arms, 
Shropshire, SY7 8HP 01588 672436. We were able to spread the word 
which delighted many and I know that Peter Woodhead and Shirley Quinn 
via Tariq will be obtaining the list. We will connect Jerry Varhman 
and William in hopes that they can work on the Global LETS 
accommodations network together somewhere in the near future. Thankyou 
William and Deborah for being such a gracious host and hostess.
May 22 back in Birmingham. The Vote for Peace in Ireland today. Sister 
Dorothy was leaving for a retreat and almost missed us but we were on 
time and she still insisted on making us a lunch before leaving. We 
were exhausted so had decided on a down day. John slept and read 
papers, while I proceeded to clip Dorothy and Agnes's hedge and do 
some gardening, again what I love to do. Walked up to City Centre  to 
get John's glasses fixed, he had sat on them. Picked up some fixings 
to dinner. Agnes was out and about most of the day but on her return, 
we made made several calls to line up our next events.
The bus left Birmingham at 3:30 and got in Halifax at 7:30 P.M. John 
Thomas was there to greet us. We took our gear up to his flat over the 
Nat/West Bank, sat around, had some pizza and beer, then over to the 
Upper George Pub across street. Kath Briggs worked until 10 and she 
was meeting us there. Monday was a Bank Holiday and the Pub was packed 
out so we went outside to wait for Kath. A couple sat at table beside 
us and John Thomas introduced Maureen and Paul. We later found out 
that Paul was Kath's Ex and father of David and Andrew, her two 
youngest. It was a wonderful experience to see these adults all still 
able to get along well and share in life experiences with each other 
and the children. We had a wonderful night. 
Next day Kath, David (8yr old), Sam the dog and I headed to Manorheath 
Park to see the Tropical Gardens. Then off to Kath's parents to pick 
up Andrew (4 YR. Old). The 11 year old twins were busying themselves 
painting the livingroom. They had basically decorated the whole house 
since I was last there and what a fine job they've done. It was great 
spending time with the children.
Ken Palmerton had just arrived before I left with Kath, so the boys 
were around the round table setting up maneuvers for the next couple 
of days. Then things really started to move and shake, one thing just 
led to another then another and we didn't get out of Halifax for 9 
days. During that time, we pulled off two meetings at the Dusty Miller 
Pub in Mytholmroyd, a night stay with Ken Palmerton and a couple of 
meetings at his home. 2 day trips out to Bradford interspersed was a 
40th Birthday party of Paul and a night out at the Super 6 pub.     
John Thomas in Halifax, Calderdale is a real money reform keener and 
immediately helped prepare for meeting at Mytholmroyd. He invited 
Calderdale Councillors, Green and LETS activists and various monetary 
reformers. About 16 people attended including one Calderdale Council 
Member, a Calderdale Council employee and a couple of Manchester LETS 
members, one of which is a Manchester Council employee.
After John's presentation a Green European candidate Vivian Smith a 
Calderdale council worker asked the Councillor, Michael Taylor, if she 
could be paid 10% of her salary in "Favours", Favours being their 
alternate currency. The Manchester worker, Jane Wood, later expressed 
a similar interest. What could he say, but that he'd look into it. The 
meeting went so well that a second meeting was planned for Saturday 
afternoon at the same location.
Before then, we stayed 2 nights with Ken Palmerton, a walking 
encyclopedia of monetary reform and historical facts. While we were 
there, a student doing his PhD on LETS came to visit,Chris Hart from 
Lancaster. We had met at the "campaign for interest-free money" panel 
at TOES 98. He had set up several LETS in previous years and wanted a 
more complete history of the money reform movement. Ken provided that 
wealth of information and John chipped in.
To prepare for the second Mytholmroyd meeting, John Thomas took a 
letter he had received from Calderdale Council where they responded 
that they spent 12 million pounds servicing debt last year and added 
at the bottom:
12 million pound?
1 million pounds a month?
The answer to this dilemma is overleaf.
LETS provides interest free currency to its members which frees up 
sterling to pay down the debt.
If Calderdale Council could use its LETS account (YES, Calderdale 
Council has opened an account) to pay for part of its usual expenses, 
sterling would be freed up to pay off the debt in the very same way.
John"THE ENGINEER" Turmel, consulting engineer and financier of the 
LETS software, will be speaking on optimal use of the LETS to fund 
government services and pay down public debt at the:
Dusty Miller in Mytholmroyd at 1 p.m. on Saturday May, 30th, 1998.
All interested in LETS as a solution to public and private debt are 
invited to attend. Sustainable economics at is best.
John Thomas then took this notice and dropped them off in 60 mail 
slots down at Calderdale Council. He called the Halifax Courier and 
arranged for an interview with Claire Lomax, then hit the phones.
That night, we met an emedia musician, Shack, Shackleton Rothwell, at 
Pub 6, and after John used the 4 minute Plates poem and the 2 minute 
interest poem to make him understand how paying for people service is 
worth it but paying for debt service is not, Shack was eager to attend 
which he did and taped the whole 75 minute presentation to put it on 
CD. If you wonder what the Turmel Toes 98 LETS show was about, copies 
may be obtained for 10 Pound from: 1 Holly Ivy Cottage, Saville Park, 
Halifax, Yorkshire, HX1 3EN, tel: 01422-365-146. When we get out copy 
we will transcribe it and post it on the net.
At the Saturday meeting, we met Rachael Tibbett, another student doing 
a Phd on LETS and Alternative currencies with Ken's support. As 
promised, I left our last 3 mission reports behind for Rachael to see 
samples of different currencies and how the LETS groups are growing 
and what is being done. We also had a couple of Councillors from 
Calderdale and Hebdenroyd.
At the end of John's presentation, Calderdale Councillor Ed Waller 
mentioned that his wife used to participate in a kind of LETS by using 
their tokens in a babysitting circle. He's one who doesn't have any 
problem understanding how LETS works. Hebdenroyd Councillor Les 
Siddall mentioned that he had already been thinking of how LETS could 
be applied by the municipality.
Helen Hunt was in attendance from Forum for the Future, the Green 
movement think tank who set up shop to study Calderdale because of the 
success of their LETS. By the way, John recently transcribed and 
posted the article announcing the 200,000 Pound funding for the Forum 
printed in the Halifax Courier.
Our last stop was in Bradford, only 10 miles from Calderdale with an 
excellent train services between Halifax and Bradford. We visited with 
Tariq Shabbeer and his wife Nighat "Nicki", plus family and friends. 
Nicki has already been a Green candidate in a recent election and is 
ready to try again.
The next day we met with Tariq again in his office where he introduced 
us to the six other members of their economic development team. Within 
the Bradford Council Building it was so uplifting to see a whole unit 
working on LETS, posters and maps on walls indicated where members 
were plus lots of LETS information.
One poster in particular caught our eye:
Bradford's residents will come together at the Bradford Festival to 
promote and celebrate two community finance initiatives from Friday 
June 26th to Sunday June 28th, 1998. The initiatives are local credit 
unions and LETS, they allow people to buy goods and services with 
little or no money.
The event "LETS GIVE OURSELVES CREDIT" is part of the Bradford 
festival and will be in Centenary Square from 11:30 a.m. to 10 p.m. 
each day.
Bradford LETS allows communities to exchange goods and services with 
each other through local currency systems with credits equivalent to 
the pound. No interest is charged or paid on LETS accounts and there 
is no penalty for going "overdrawn".
Explains Councillor Tony Cairns, Chair of the Economic Strategy 
Subcommittee, LETS fosters trust-building and self-esteem in 
Added Councillor Ralph Berry, Chair of the Community Development 
committee, "The LETS system is effective because everyone can 
participate. Examples of things people can offer include local lifts, 
tuition, food, childminding, ironing and joinery. As long as it's 
legal you can trade it through LETS. Since everyone receives an 
immediate 50 credits, credit can take place straight away."
For more information call Tariq Shabeer or Anthony Barzey.
Attached are the actual documents that can be filled in to obtain a 
government grant to set up a lets in your community. The form is 
called "Revenue Business Support Measures and R & D Application for 
Assistance. While we were actually sitting is Tariq's office, another 
officer handed over an item on LETS that he'd just received from a UK 
government bulletin and which Tariq has already noted on econ-lets:
UK Department of the Environment, Transport and the Regions.
Community-Based Regeneration Initiatives A Working Paper
Annex A: Examples of community-based regeneration activities
1) Credit Unions
3)Community loan funds
4) Local Exchange Trading Systems (LETS)
5) Community Enterprise
6) Development Trusts
7) Managed workspace
8) Community shops and pubs
4) Local Exchange Trading Systems (LETS)
LETS allows members to trade goods or services without conventional 
money using a local credit or "currency". LETS tend to provide a 
directory with brief descriptions of offers and needs, cheque books, 
an accounting system and statements to members.
At Stroud in Gloucestershire, nearly 500 of the 15,000 residents are 
members of a LETS scheme. Transactions are settled with a printed 
chequebook dealing in the Stroud Pound and completed cheques are added 
to or subtracted from a members' account. Members often pay partly in 
cash, usually to cover raw materials that cannot be bought through the 
systems. Members of the scheme include local restauranteurs, 
architects, babysitters, gardeners and seamstresses.
Ithica USA runs a highly successful LETS. The Ithica Hour is sold as 
currency exchangeable for services by barter of labor or goods 
reckoned by the hour. Where the Ithica LET differs from the other LETS 
is in its issue of its own currency and loans. In five years, the 
5,000 units of paper money issued by the scheme, accepted by more 
than 300 businesses have changed hands to the value of $2 million."
Tariq then treated us to lunch at Bradford University restaurant run 
by the students that also took 50% payment in Brads. We picked up the 
sterling, Tariq picked up the Brads. It was wonderful health food 
Tariq then took us around to meet Shirley Quinn, arguably Bradford's 
most famous LETer. Shirley gave me a one week old two page spread from 
"Take a Break" National Newsmagazine for Women, on May 21st, 1998 by 
Julie Akhurst. I will include this article in report titled "Death to 
Money". Though Shirley spends her Brads every chance she gets, she's 
still earned a large positive balance and what she said she wanted 
most was to use her Green for accommodations so she can take on travel 
she could never afford on Sterling. She was pleased to hear about 
Holiday LETS. She attended John's presentation at the Bradford 
Council, after he had explained that if the mayor accepted Tariq's 
offer to take 10% of his pay in Green and everyone in town started 
taking his Green too, they would accept the the Green Shirley earned 
too. "Shirley the active LETS middle income-pensioner, shouted 
jubilantly. "And I'll be rich."
Special mention for Francis and Susan Scheuer. Francis attended one of 
John's meetings at Dusty Miller Pub and loaned up a copy of a book 
called LETS WORK ISBN1-899233-008 by Peter Lang of UK Malvern LETS. 
John rated it highly. The following day, Frances brought Susan around 
to meet us. Susan is a natural healer-councellor and gave me a Reiki 
session targeting my head, neck and shoulders, it was a wonderful 
experience and felt very healing. We received your most welcomed 
letter and photo. Again, thank you Frances and Susan.
Again, all I can say to each and every participant in our 1998 mission 
that made it such a success: Bless you all, keep strong and well and 
keep pushing forward. It is happening and you are all a part of 
history in the making.
Pauline Morrissette

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