Pauline Morrissette's UK LETS Mission #2 Report
April 3,1997
Pauline, Sabine and the Queen
Yes or No to National LETS?
Wirral South By-election
A Wirral Wind of a trip.
Once again, thanks to Ottawa's First Nations Travel-Consultant David 
Bonk, at 222 Rideau Street, for my travel arrangements to leave on 
February 18th, 1997.
My strategy upon arriving in London was to first find out when and 
where the all-candidates' meetings would be hosted. I was given the 
name of Jo Pemberton in Wirral South who was working the campaign 
office for Flo Clucas, candidate for the Liberal Democrat Party. On 
calling Jo, I was alerted to the fact that there would be no all- 
candidates' meetings, the policy being that if one of the main three 
parties pulled out of attending a meeting, then the meeting is cancelled. 
This caused a dilemma, I felt I must get down into Wirral South to 
approach the candidates on a one-to-one level. Only having the minimum 
financing, I felt if I could get hold of a true LETSer and plead my 
case, perhaps my accommodations could be handled that way.
I contacted Liz Sheppard of LetsLink U.K. to plead my case, I needed 
contact numbers of the closest LETsystem to Wirral South, unfortunately 
this turned out to be a dead end as well. I should have gone with 
my initial thoughts about going directly to Wirral South but those 
plans had been scuttled by forces not within my control.
I then contacted the Electoral Office to get Fax numbers for each 
of the candidates, again to no avail. Eventually what I did get was 
phone numbers and mailing addresses of the homes and campaign offices 
for each. This was my start at least.
Sabine and I prepared and planned our information package to these 
12 candidates. To assure that we had an attractive package which looked 
professional, we needed to reproduce the computer diskette with the 
LETS logo. Sabine was unable to do this on her computer so at 11 P.M. 
we drove over to Kay and Jeff Hyman's home who graciously welcomed 
us in and were more than happy to assist in the cause. We now had 
everything we needed including the article from the Guardian by Sarah 
Ryle, published in our last UK report. The mail system in Britain 
is very good and it only took one day turn-around to get those packages 
into the homes and offices of the candidates.   
I then proceeded with follow-up phone calls. Some of the candidates 
had as many as five calls from me, each time leaving a message to 
contact me, each time only to be told that they were busy on the campaign 
trail, going door to door, as no meetings were scheduled or even allowed 
at this point. I was feeling a little sick. 
Finally, calls were being returned. Yet, I could tell these people 
were exhausted and their minds were not open to any new ideas, especially 
from a Canuck who has just jumped in on the scene. I confidently explained 
the reasons for my mission. First, I needed to know if they had heard 
of LETS prior to receiving my information package. If their constituents 
wanted them to quickly set up a LETSystem, would they? Would they 
support a National LETS? Would they work towards legislation to secure 
DSS benefits for LETS members such as the Maggie Deahm Amendment to 
the Social Security Act passed in the Australian Parliament in 1995? 
Ms. Deahm pointed out that LETS benefits the unemployed and the underemployed 
by keeping their skills upgraded while they wait for jobs.
I do believe the chronicles Sabine and I were posting to econ-lets 
so the folks at home could see how things were progressing started 
a flurry of discussion, especially on DSS benefits. Helen Barnes and 
Andy Ryrie have started brain-storming on this issue and as I perused 
their discussions. I can only say: "keep up the good work."
I was very pleased when Geoffrey Mead, the Natural Law Party candidate 
called me. I explained that I had run against Neil Patterson, the 
Leader of the Natural Law Party in Canada, and had a good rapport 
with him. I very much like the Natural Law attitudes towards health, 
relaxation, meditation, etc. but I also told Geoffrey Mead what I 
had said to Neil Patterson during that election, that it is very difficult 
to empty your mind enough to float when you have this bear trap around 
your ankle, i.e. the money problem. He was aware of LETS and had attended 
meetings to do with LETS and would definitely encourage it. 
Tony Samuelson, an Independent candidate, replied that he would encourage 
anything that would give dignity and employment to people. 
Colin Palmer, 21st Century Independent Foresters, was very enthused 
since he himself had already made headlines with a large cardboard 
penny as a symbol for another currency. Colin faxed over news articles 
to attest to this. We spoke after I received his material and he said 
that the issue now on the political agenda in Wirral South is the 
lack of media coverage for the minor candidates. We spoke about how 
John fought for right of political candidates to speak in Canada and 
Colin seemed to be delighted that he was on track with this problem. 
Colin was going to try and meet up with me in Crewe at the conference 
but, unfortunately, that conference began the day after the by- election 
and I have no doubt Colin was exhausted. During our conversations, 
Colin mentioned Maundy money. On the Thursday before Easter, known 
as Maundy Thursday, the Queen gives out "Maundy money" to the poor. 
This 600-year-old custom is a gesture of humility, recalling Jesus' 
washing the apostles' feet. Information of this old tradition excited 
me. I needed to know exactly when this would happen this year. A fast 
call to Buckingham Palace, Christopher Williams in the Palace, informed 
us that "Maundy Money" was on the Calendar to be handed out on March 
27th, 11 a.m. at Bradford Cathedral. I wasn't sure yet what to do 
with this information but I knew it would be useful knowledge at some 
Interspersed with LETS and political activities was LETS and social 
activities. The morning I arrived in London, Sabine had our day planned 
out. It was directly off to The London Arts Conference, a half day 
forum for practitioners who work with young people in the Arts/Media 
Training sectors. This was held in Haverstock Hill, London at the 
Hampstead Town Hall which is now being used by Youth Clubs, Art and 
Media schools and the Community. 
Key Speakers: Virginia Bottomley MP, Secretary of State for National 
Heritage, Sir David Puttnam CBE, Film-maker and commentator on the 
importance of arts and media training and the place of the cultural 
industries in the Capital city.
This once undoubtedly-beautiful Town Hall was in a shambles. Paint 
peeling, in bad need of refurbishing, it is one thing to turn over 
a building for a great cause but unless work is done soon, everything 
will have been in vain. Enter stage right: Sabine; enter stage left: 
Pauline; to work our magic around the place putting the New Word Order 
in everyone's ear: LETS and how to use it.
We witnessed young people playing their instruments, dance troupes 
doing the latest in street-dancing and a soloist, one young girl in 
particular that I recall saying to myself: Watch out Whitney Houston, 
this young lady will no doubt reach the top if she continues on this 
I had spoken to David Pidcock, Leader of the Islamic Party of Great 
Britain, to let him know I was back and why. David was busy getting 
ready for his trip to Malaysia and yet amongst all his activities, 
he was willing to meet with Sabine and I to discuss what role the 
Islamic Party could play in all this. He graciously sat with us and 
agreed that the Islamic Party would say yes to a National LETS. He 
told us that he informed Sahib Bleher, the secretary, to aid us in 
any news releases etc. You may quote: 
"The Islamic Party of Britain, not having a candidate standing in 
the Wirral by-election, encourages all its supporters and all Muslims 
in the constituency to vote for the candidate advocating the introduction 
of a LETS scheme, as this is a policy directed against the evils of 
an interest-based economy, and therefore, an issue that has our full- 
hearted support. We will also make it a criteria of our support in 
the forth-coming general election whether a candidate's policies promise 
to do something about the greatest injustice of our times, the exploitation 
of our people by a fraudulent interest-based  meysystem."  
I thank you David for taking time out from your busy schedule. It 
was a learning experience and I hope your Malaysian mission is successful. 
I would like to hear about it some time.
Back at the Sabine's flat, we received a faxed invitation to an Agepower 
Celebration and Cerebration, a cocktail reception from 5:30 on (The 
Jailhouse Rock Party) at 12 Grosvenor Place, London, SW1X 7HH. Bernice 
Weston founder of Weight Watchers was now to embark on her new project 
Agepower and this was somewhat of a launch for it. It had attractive 
20ft. ceilings, balconied and charmingly decorated offices that afforded 
an excellent view of the gardens of Buckingham Palace and the Queen's 
private tennis court.  
Bernice had just recently been wrongfully arrested and spent the night 
in jail. Now she plans to sue the police. Yet, with all this, it was 
a wonderful party and Bernice was a most charming Hostess. I got to 
mingle and talk with some very delightful characters. The elegant  Alesia, 
daughter of Bernice, was one. John Casson - 87 years young was another. 
This dynamic gentleman told me about his part in the war, first 20 
years in the navy, then a pilot captured by the Germans and a prisoner 
of war in Germany for 5 years. His mother was a famous actress Cybil 
Ike Thorne, buried in Westminster Abbey. He later started training 
business men how to act. I found this all very interesting. Christopher 
Day, Director of Adams and Associates was just as funny and colorful 
as his Mickey Mouse tie. I could go on.
February 21 - I had the real pleasure of meeting Princess Helene Moutafian 
from Russia. We drove her over to the Pure Balance Mind and Body Centre 
where we waited for her while she had her treatment. During our wait, 
Lynn Georgiou, the receptionist, who has studied spiritual healing 
etc. was most curious to see and feel the 12,000 Greendollars in notes 
I was to deliver to the Queen. She followed along as we explained 
the LETS and how it could be applied even to the Pure Balance Centre. 
When she eventually held the 12,000 LETS dollars in her hands, she 
couldn't say anything, only "it's hot energy." Princess Helene then 
insisted on taking Sabine and I to Louis', a very quaint tea room 
with magnificent pastries baked on the premises by, yes, Louis himself. 
He came out from his work to say hello to the Princess and she reminded 
him that she had been patronizing his establishment for over 30 some 
years. Not only did we have a delightful lunch, but Helene insisted 
on buying us yet another beautiful cheese cake to take home. We left 
Helene with the promise to join her for tea on Sunday at her home.
February 22 = We took the cheese cake with us the next day to the 
Global Cafe for the demonstration of LOIS (LETS Office Integration 
System) presented by Jerry Vahrman of Bristol and assisted by David 
Edmond who is always busying himself around the cafe. David Payne 
and Christopher Sagajllo, two of the attendees, were finally convinced 
to take the risk and attend the Buckingham Palace outing with me. 
I needed three people to pull off the picture-taking of the Abolitionist 
Party of Canada banner. You are not allowed to do this sort of thing 
without permission from the Lord Chamberlain but time certainly did 
not allow for such action so we would take the gamble and timing was 
to be crucial if we did not want to get arrested. We practiced our 
motions at the cafe on how we would pull this off. Adrenalin was rushing 
as we entered the grounds of Buckingham Palace. 
Robin Johannsen, the student doing a documentary on LETS who kept 
company with John and I on our last mission to Britain, was also along 
for the ride. On arrival, I tried to get the envelope with the G$12,000 
Greendollar notes into the Palace via the Police at the receiving 
desk but they would have no part of it and suggested I put it in the 
Post. Which is what I did later on in the day at Trafalgar Square's 
main Post Office in London. I was told she would receive it in two 
days. Not bad. The photo opp at the Palace turned out well and it 
must have amused many tourists to see this banner go up and down to 
the rhythm of the Bobbies heads turning away from watching us. I thank 
David, Christopher and Robin for taking that chance to help me with 
my Birthday present to John.
Back at the global cafe we indulged in the cheese cake and tea and 
talked in general about the LOIS software. This is his ad: 
@12PTC = (LETS Office Integration System)
LOIS is a powerful new Windows-based PC software package which has 
been designed for quick and easy LETS scheme administration. Further 
development of the system will take place taking particular account 
of the feedback received from users of the software. LOIS is available 
to help with all your LETS scheme administration functions including:
- Members
- Services
- Member Services
- Transactions
- Accounts
- Reports
Look and Feel:
LOIS is an intuitive menu-driven application. From the main menu, 
you can easily access all functions. Even first time computer users 
will find LOIS extremely easy to use and it comes complete with on- 
line help facilities. 
Information can be stored on all the members on the scheme including 
name, address, phone numbers, current balance, joining and renewal 
details, etc. 
The Services section contains information about all the services that 
are offered or wanted by members of the scheme. A hierarchical system 
has been implemented whereby all offers and wants are divided into 
groups, categories and services to allow easy entry and analysis of 
information. The system has been designed to accommodate over 700 
Member Services:
The member services section provides an easy point of entry to edit 
the wants and offers of each member. Search facilities are provided 
to find the most appropriate group, category and service for each 
All transactions that are carried out by the members can be entered 
and stored within the system. The transactions screen has been designed 
to make it as easy as possible to look up information about members 
and services. 
It is possible to view the trading details for each member of the 
scheme. This screen has been based on the bank statement format that  most 
people will be familiar with. 
A range of reports has been included to allow information stored within 
the system to be output to the screen, a printer of exported to a 
file. This includes the production of a directory containing all the 
services offered by each member. 
Training and Consultancy
In addition to supplying the software, training and consultancy can 
be provided at a reasonable cost to assist in all aspects of LETS 
software and computer systems. 
@12PTC = ***** Special Offer *****
The cost of the software will be #125 but until the end of March, 
1997, it is available at the special introductory price of #100. For 
more information, contact:
@10PTB = Jerry Vahrman, LOIS Software
@10PTB = 10 Filton Ave., Horfield, Bristol, BS7 0AG, 
@10PTB = Tel: (0117) 951-3971, Email:
Jerry has already sold 6 LOIS software packages, one to David Williams, 
the councillor mentioned in our last report who set up the Hounslow 
LETS. David will use the new LOIS software to set up LIFT which is 
for the business sector. Good luck David and we wish you success in 
the upcoming election when you run for Labour in the Uxbridge constituency. 
Jerry also has sold LOIS to a LETS in Australia.
One young man who I had left out of my last report, a Global Cafe 
employee Joel Hammond, on this trip I learned that he was indeed an 
artist and I would go so far to state, a great one. As I roamed the 
cafe, I saw his works upstairs and downstairs, very modern, but the 
detail was awesome. Some of his pieces were very large and I spoke 
to him about how long it would take to create some of these pieces. 
This young man works to paint, this is his life. Now if only he could 
be discovered and his works displayed properly.  
Sabine has also set up the first Web Conference on LETS at the Global 
Cafe. David Edmond along with Sabine are having to learn more about 
the management of that conference to link LETS with Agenda 21 (the 
document signed by all governments in Rio in 1992) as paragraph 33 
asks for INNOVATIVE FINANCIAL MECHANISMS. LETS is clearly the best 
banking mechanism invented as it is interest-free.
Sunday with Princess Helene, a delightful 3-hour get together and 
lunch. Helene had us explain what LETS could do for her and her beautiful 
home. At a fast glance of the room that around us, I said that she 
could possibly list this room as a meeting place for people willing 
to trade for LETS to entertain clients and she could be the Hostess 
of such meetings, something she really enjoys and does so very well. 
In exchange she could receive gardening, painting, repairs all of 
which were going on at the time of this meeting. I also, must mention 
at this time that Helene also is a wonderful artist. In her sitting 
room, her many paintings captured my heart. I sat and focused on them 
and they moved me. This extraordinary lady charmed me and as I listened 
to the good work she is involved in, I urge her to continue and send 
my blessings.
The following day we met with Diana Schumacher, extremely well-known 
as an avid networker in the environmental movement, who has developed 
the concept of Local Trading Bonds to regenerate the business community. 
In her capacity as an international public lecturer, she uses every 
opportunity to promote LETS as the way for local communities to organize 
themselves. The name of Diana's firm is Work Structuring Limited - 
Leaders in Organizational Transformation. Work Structuring operates 
in the area of business and institutional re- organization and development. 
It seeks to help clients improve their organization at the "total 
systems" as well as at the "component" level.
Starting with a set of sound organizational and people-centered principles, 
WSL uses a powerful methodology that can turn your strategic vision 
into an operational reality.
WSL shows how to align all the elements of an organization around 
its essential purpose thereby creating a more streamlined business 
process as well as greater job satisfaction and commitment from all.
WSL is the only systems-level approach that combines a thorough analysis 
of business processes and structures with clear insights into motivation 
and people development.
Diana is very dedicated to her work and was en route to another assignment 
when she took time out of her busy schedule to meet with us. Thank 
you Diana it was an enlightening and pleasurable meeting.
Diana was the one who pointed out that PASSING THE TORCH, will be 
a major event organized by the Fabian Society and The Guardian Newspaper 
for the 'Centre-Left' this Saturday. The decision was made at this 
point that it would be beneficial for Sabine to join their sessions 
on 'strengthening communities' and 'creating unities of interest between 
the poor and the rest' after the plenary with Tony Blair, John Gray 
and Lord Jenkins. We split forces at this point and I traveled down 
to the conference in Crewe.
The Christian Council on Monetary Justice was hosting a conference 
within the Crewe Conference titled "Struggle & Survival in the World 
of Mammon, a conference organized by Shrewsbury Justice and Peace 
Commission with the support of CAFOD, Christian Aid, Chester Diocese 
Justice and Development Education Committee and the Justice and Peace 
Commission of Liverpool Archdiocese and the Faith and Justice Commission 
of Lancaster Diocese.
This conference was held at St. Thomas More High School, Danebank 
Avenue, Crewe, a short walk from the Wistasten Hall Monastery where 
CCMJ attendees would stay for the next 3 days. Father Murphy and Father 
Matts saw to our every need, meals, rooms, chapel-spiritual needs, 
meeting rooms, everything that we could possibly need was pointed 
out to us on our arrival, including house rules.
This was a wonderful retreat where one could meditate and that is 
exactly what we were there for, a think tank, a meeting of like minds 
and how to press forth to educate and bring this awareness to others. 
It was a wonderful blend of characters: Val Curtis, Tony Mason, Frank 
McManus, Mike Coldham, Patricia Knox, Sister Dorothy Peart, Sister 
Magdalen Fogarty, Deidre Manifold, Kenneth Allchin, Kevin Donnelly, 
Richard Kay and myself. All had brought props, booklets, leaflets, 
literature or important information that many had themselves published. 
Sister Dorothy, in her wisdom, has chosen to educate via visual demonstrations 
that she has applied in book form titled: "Lets Understand our Money" 
story which mentions: What money is, how it started and Let's start 
again. Gold Tokens, Snags & Benefits. Usury to Blame. Who should create 
the money supply? Dorothy also had the Money story done out on long 
paper banners that were laid out on the floor. Talk about rolling 
out the red carpet. We had Sister Dorothy's cartoons rolled out for 
us. This lady is really on track and I warmed to her tender voice 
as she would assist in chapel leaving me feeling calm and confident 
to go on, in this usury fight. Sister Dorothy noted: "John Turmel 
may be God's Engineer???)
Deidre Manifold joined us from Ireland. This petite, fired-up lady 
gifted me with books - "Fatima & The Great Conspiracy" which mentions 
an extraordinary story of how the international conspiracy to achieve 
a materialist world dictatorship is being pursued. The facade of ideologies 
and parliamentary politics is unerringly penetrated, to reveal the 
hidden mechanisms of world power politics, in all their Machiavellian 
Deirdre, a Galway housewife, made it her study over a lifetime to 
unravel the peculiar and unique connections of this conspiracy, its 
roots in the sixteenth century, its present-day extent, with tentacles 
both in the Kremlin and in Wall Street. Deirdre added a lot of pointers, 
but one in particular hit my eye: Joseph Kennedy asked his son John:"Do 
you realize what you are doing? This year they can make you President, 
next year they would kill you if you dared stand in their way."
Concluding my allotted time as a Guest Speaker, I read these words 
of encouragement given to me during our New Zealand Mission by Allan 
Efford who also works selflessly to promote the good word. Since all 
were also impressed, as promised, I include these great words for 
you to ponder and pass along to those who waver and feel despair at 
times in this ongoing battle.
"Let no one be discouraged by the belief that there is nothing that 
one man, or one woman, can do against the enormous array of the world's 
ills; against the misery and ignorance, injustice and violence.
Few will have the greatness to bend history itself, but each of us 
can work to change a small portion of the events and in the total 
of all those acts will be written the history of their generation. 
It is from  numberless, diverse acts of courage and belief that human 
history is shaped.
Each time a man stands up for an ideal, or acts to improve the lot 
of others or strikes out against injustice, he sends forth a tiny 
ripple of hope, and crossing each other from a million different centers 
of energy and bearing, those ripples build a current which can SWEEP 
Richard Kay contributed a pamphlet titled"What is the Parable of the 
Talents Really About? Sub Headings: Jubilee principles, The parable 
of the talents examined, Mammon's system exposed and his fate made 
clear, Nehemiah's definition of usury and the subversion of common 
law, Mammon's money worshipping economic theory, God's abundant provision 
and buying without money. Richard also elaborated on LETS registries 
for those who weren't up to speed on that issue.
Back to the Struggle and Survival Conference. There were 15 different 
work-shops to choose from. I had already been registered to attend 
"LETS - The End of Mammon's Money Monopoly?" presented by Angus Soutar. 
As the money system of the Middle Ages struggles to support us in 
the new Age of Information, there are several new initiatives which 
could reduce our need for conventional money. One of the most practical 
of these is LETS, which supports trade and exchange within a community 
while reducing the need for cash. This is a reflective, yet light- 
hearted, workshop led by Angus Soutar who has six years of experience 
in developing LETS and using them to trade. Angus is a member of a 
world-wide network developing LETSystems. This was a well attended 
workshop and Angus was gracious enough to allow me time to speak with 
the participants on how LETS should be put on the Political Agenda. 
Thank-you Angus and the Mrs.. Keep up your good work.
This conference was packed out, standing room only, I was told 300-400 
annually attended, but I would guesstimate that it was well over that 
number. So many great topics were being covered , one could only wish 
that more time could have been allotted.
Ken Palmerton and John Thomas arrived in the afternoon and then returned 
to join us at the Monastery. Arrangements were immediately made to 
accommodate them for tea. More sessions and movies by Kevin Donnelly 
were presented, a break allowed me to firm up some plans with John 
Thomas who resides in Halifax, Yorkshire. Sabine McNeill arrived from 
London, disappointed with the results of the Fabian Society function. 
But she was able to unwind now and meet the delightful group of people 
I had been spending time with.  I feel my greatest contribution to 
the Crewe conference was making the connection of Sabine to the CCMJ 
group, I am sure she will be more than instrumental in aiding them 
in more ways than one. But, remember folks, Sabine also has a large 
task of her own to ignite, that being the LETS Coalition. If you can 
aid her in anyway, this would be great that the two groups work together.
When Patricia Knox outlined what direction she will now take to educate 
and place pressure and mentioned it was because of me that she can 
now do this, I felt great pride and I am only grateful that I was 
able to bring some clarity to some issues. Patricia has a farm and 
is presently feeding 50 families with produce that she grows and is 
hoping to provide even more families this year.
Kevin Donnelly provided a wonderful backdrop for the meeting room 
by taking my Buckingham Palace shot of John with his Abolish Interest 
Rates sign and blowing it up, adding a large Bradbury Bill and other 
pieces of interest, was not well during the conference. I have just 
learned that Kevin will have to spend a fortnight in hospital. Kevin 
my prayers go out to you for a speedy recovery, God Bless.
After the Crewe conference it was up to Hebden Bridge to stay with 
Ken Palmerton and his wife Kathleen. Ken picked me up at the bus depot 
and at the home, his daughter Flora and two children were just ready 
to depart from their visit. We exchanged hellos and good-byes. Kathleen 
ushered me into the kitchen to have a cup of tea until Ken got back 
from driving Flora and the children home. In the kitchen the table 
was like a banquet for a Queen. I said she shouldn't have gone to 
all that bother. Kathleen said it was their 34th Wedding Anniversary 
and that she always did something special so I got to also benefit 
from the occasion. 
It was like being home. Kathleen and Ken, gracious Host and Hostess 
that they are, saw me to my room in the great Library and I had a 
most delightful night's sleep. The following day Ken took me around 
to see some of the Calderdale LETS folk. We stopped at the home of 
Jonathan and Angie Simms, administration officers for the Calderdale 
LETS system. Jonathan had been following Sabine and I on econ-lets 
and seemed honestly pleased to meet me in person. We shared views 
and progress reports.
The following day, Ken drove me to Halifax to rendezvous with John 
Thomas. John is keen to put together a rock opera using money as the 
theme and more to use John Turmel's life, fighting the system as his 
story line.  John Thomas lives over the top of a NAT/WEST bank and 
as we spoke of his experience with the banking system which prompted 
him to go to Columbia in search of Emeralds, hence his book "Emerald 
Mountain", telling how this all came about. He is passionate in his 
fight to educate as well and what better way via a rock opera. He 
has great musical talent and many great ideas. Now all we need is 
to hook him up with people in the industry and make this a reality. 
After hours of listening to his music and story telling, his lady 
friend Kath Briggs, who has 4 delightful children, joined us. John, 
a true vegetarian, made a wonderful meal of pasta, vegetables and 
soya balls marinated and deep fried, blended together which was delectable. 
The following day, when John returned I had read a good portion of 
his book and could understand the driving force behind this man. 
Kath, John and I then took a drive up to see Wilfrid Price, 86 years 
young, who John had the privilege of meeting on our last trip. Wilfrid 
told me the Duke of Bedford gave him a book on Social Credit at the 
age of 20 and that launched him on the road to Monetary Reform. Wilfrid 
is the author of "Big Banks Create Money Out of Nothing- Then they 
lend it to us at interest - An Unpayable & Fraudulent Debt." This 
is just one of the many wonderful articles that Wilfrid has written. 
Wilfrid lives in the charming Hard Castle Crags, Kath, John and I 
took some time to roam the country side, taking in the magnificent 
beauty of streams and wooded areas. 
When we returned to Halifax, I went with Kath to pick up sons Jonathan 
and Michael from her parents home. On entering, there was her dad 
playing music on the piano to the children who were quietly sitting 
on the floor playing. Andrew, the youngest, was very content in this 
atmosphere and this 2 year old made it known to us that he wanted 
to stay. Back at Kath's house, while Kath and John put together a 
meal, I was entertained by Jonathan and Michael, identical twins, 
one left handed and one right handed. These two work their magic on 
canvass, most projects done together and for 11 year-olds, I was amazed 
at the caliber of art they would produce. 
We had a wonderful evening with only David, Kath's 7 year-old,  who 
is very musically inclined and is learning from John Thomas how to 
play the keyboard was off at a party. 
During the night Vivienne Smith, candidate for the Green Party in 
the upcoming election came over to get John to typeset some literature 
pamphlets for her campaign. I left John with an article I found on 
Ithaca done in the British papers and explained how this should be 
handed out at all-candidates meetings. Vivienne had the concerns and 
the answers and this would be her great sample of how things could 
get done.
Kath and John offered to get me up to Burnley, Lancashire, so it was 
a fast drive over to Ken and Kathleen, where we had tea, then off 
to Burnley. I did not want everyone disappointed if for some reason 
I couldn't make it, so I decided the surprise tactic was the best. 
Allan and Christine, sons Scott and Steven, again made me feel more 
than welcome. Allan had to go out but Christine and Steven and I spent 
a great evening chatting and laughing.
The following night it was off to the Miners Club where I met up with 
Uncle Vincent and Aunt Irene again, I just love the atmosphere of 
the Club, the entertainment is of high caliber and it is wonderful 
to see everyone participating in a sing song. You can feel the positive 
energy level. One of the highlights of the night was when Uncle Vincent 
gave me his tickets to watch for the draw. Well, the first number 
drawn was mine.  I had to go to the front and put my hand in a bag 
that contained many keys, I was so excited I wasn't sure what I was 
doing, but I was told to pull a key out and try and open the box in 
front of me. Well, I opened the box but it was empty, I had a sinking 
feeling until I was told that I had won. I said won what the box is 
empty. They said they would bring the money to me, that it was too 
much to do in the public forum.  When they finally counted it out 
I had 271 pounds. Since it was Uncle Vincent's ticket I immediately 
handed over the loot to them. What a wonderful hello, goodbye gift. 
It was just as fast as that because the next day I was expected back 
in London for an important interview with Sarah Ryle of the Guardian 
Newspaper. Again Thanks to all the Andertons for a  pleasurable reunion.
Ken Palmerton again to the rescue. He picked me up in Burnley and 
was prepared to drive me to Crewe since I had purchased a return ticket 
to London from Crewe.  I felt bad about taking Ken away but he assured 
me that it was all right. We had a delightful day weather wise and 
the country side was something to behold. It was truly spring, crocuses, 
daffodils, blossoming shrubs everywhere.
The meeting in London, Global Cafe with Sarah Ryle went very well 
and I believe this young lady will be influential in her writings 
to come. We seemed to pique a lot of interest from her. Thank you 
Sarah for picking up the tab for lunch.
I would like to send special salutations to Jane Vukovich for a brief 
meeting. Jane was heading to Nova Scotia Canada to lecture on reflexology. 
Jane stopped by to bring me a delightful book to read on the British 
way of life. It was lovely Jane.
Mr. Edward (Teddy) Goldsmith, on my Birthday, treated Sabine and I 
to a wonderful meal including Champagne at the Richmond Harvest Vegetarian 
Restaurant. What delightful company and what a treat.
Michelle Goldberg-Taoist Secrets of Health and Longevity, Super Foods 
of the 21st Century Foods that nourish the 'whole' body and each systems 
and functions of the body according to the Chinese system of FIVE 
ELEMENT NUTRITION. Michelle put on a super demonstration with great 
props and samples at the Mandeer Restaurant. This very pleasant young 
lady kept me intrigued with her every word. The information given 
to us was new, enlightening and well backed-up with facts. When time 
allows I will certainly be following up on the Canadian Contact that 
Michelle gave me in Alberta (Andrea Langer) 403-242-5543. Well done 
Michelle a wonderful demonstration.
We met Jean Whitehead from the Co-operative Party, New Economic Foundation-building 
a just and sustainable economy. Jean, Sabine and I all brainstorming 
at the innovative Global Cafe was an afternoon well spent. The final 
outcome of that meeting: Sabine will organize an introduction of LETS 
at the end of May for Economic Democracy to Members of Parliament 
and possibly a few celebrities to take place at the innovative Global 
Cafe, at 15 Golden Square, just off Piccadilly Circus. She will also 
work towards a LETS Coalition of which the seeds have already been 
scattered. Just before leaving, a letter arrived from Hampshire County 
Council, Members Room, The Castle Winchester- Mr. Mike Roberts -"As 
an organizer for the developing Rushmoor Lets, can you send me details 
of the Coalition?" dated March 2, 1997. A seed has sprouted? Jean 
thank you so much for taking time out from your busy schedule.
Denis Edmondson-Denis brought me literature on Fluoridation. He continues 
his ongoing fight to stop fluoride from entering the British water 
system. One article was a Press Release by John Yiamouyiannis, an 
internationally recognized expert on the Biological effects of Fluoride 
on the aging process. He offered a $100,000 reward to end fluoride 
controversy. If interested in this topic, you can write to "The Safe 
Water Foundation,(A subsidiary of Health Action), 6439 Taggart Road, 
Delaware, Ohio 43015 U.S.A.
I visited Michael Booking, Sabine's friend and associate, in his home 
and his business "Pure Balance Mind & Body Centre". 
Andie Ryrie- again thank you. The side trip to deliver the books was 
very much appreciated.
On my return to Canada, the Queen had already answered. She sent back 
John's $12,000 in Greendollar notes saying she doesn't accept unsolicited 
gifts. I don't think they realize it was not a gift. It was a loan. 
And John's package to Prince Charles was also returned. It seems His 
Royal Highness does not accept mail. 
We are in a Cultural Shift going from individual to collective, from 
spectator to activist, from personal to holistic and from God the 
Father to God the Spirit. We are ONE WORLD-ONE FAMILY. So LETS get 
with the program, stand up for your rights and rights of the children 
to follow, do it now, or the children will have no future. WE, meaning 
everyone mentioned in this news letter are part of a LIFE SYSTEM of 
the Earth, we must work together to save it. Again, thank you all 
for making my mission possible and for your contributions.
What I could do for the May Election:
With knowledge of all the LETS groups around Britain, I would pull 
the names of all the Administration Officers and:
1) Either contact them by phone or letter to ask if they would support 
National LETS/An Interest Free Banking System?
2) Would they contact their local MP to ask that question?
3) Would they call an urgent meeting of all LETSERs to impress upon 
them the URGENCY of applying pressure to MPs via a letter writing 
campaign, where it would only take each LETS member a piece of paper 
an envelope and a stamp to get the message to their MP, that they 
want a National LETS. FLOOD Mail. Make it a good old fashion campaign 
rally working together, have a Pot Luck, call out all members, spend 
an evening discussing strategy as a group, a picket perhaps around 
your town hall, just a suggestion we do it.
4) I would urge all LETSers to attend all-candidates meetings and 
apply pressure from the floor and ask the question: Yes or No to National 
It is time this versatile group of individuals make themselves heard. 
Yes, we have our safety boat, our individual LETS group, but it is 
now time for us, as educators, to get out and educate others who haven't 
been enlightened to LETS. The politicians are just some to mention 
but via the politicians and the election, consider this "YOUR" soap 
box, that you can stand on and bellow out to all to hear: "LETS can 
be your life boat too." And as beautifully said in an Australian news 
report: "If the economy is the Titanic, LETS is one of the life- boats." 
And these life-boats plans came out of Canada. Yes, as Michael Linton, 
John Turmel and the many other Canadians who have worked for so long 
and so hard towards a Global LETS, I am proud to say I am Canadian. 
But, I was British born and I feel that gives me the right to step 
into British Territory to pose The Question. Besides HRH is also my 
Queen. I have the right to converse with her. As do all her Loyal 
If John Turmel "The Banking Systems Engineer" can pose the question 
to the Queen, then we, her loyal subjects, also have that right to 
pose the question to the politicians. Do not forget who puts them 
in their job. You the voter. So tell them what you want from them, 
what you insist they do to get your vote. Stop being led to the slaughter. 
You are PEOPLE not SHEEPLE. 
I know many have been knocked so far down that it is almost an effort 
to even get out of bed in the morning because you're facing the same 
old thing. But now is the time to let your imaginations soar like 
the eagles. What better place you could be living in if everyone were 
working and socializing, loving and caring, for their neighbour. Yes, 
it is now in the palm of your hand, you can choose to throw it in 
the air or let it drop to the ground.
We are being guided from above. Recently John purchased a newspaper, 
one which we seldom buy, yet in this particular newspaper was a complete 
list of all the British Political Parties and their E-mail addresses. 
With this new information we were able to apply pressure from this 
side of the world, still the same questions. I am pleased to say that 
already we have one reply from the GREEN PARTY office, short but sweet, 
simply, "A BIG YES" to National LETS. I will be certain to keep you 
all up to date as the replies come in, especially Sabine, as it will 
be up to her then to follow through with contacts and invite key people 
from these political parties to the Global Cafe to educate them.  
So, I say to you LETSERs: Get out of bed, take a good shot of Vitamin 
C, get the glad rags on and get out there and be heard. We can all 
proudly say we are all engineering this project. You will also be 
proud one day when you can say to your kin: "I was part of that LETS 
war that went on for so many years which eventually brought the establishment 
back to reality." You are doing it now. You belong to LETS. Proudly 
hold up your head and go into battle for your kin, your loved ones.  

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