Pauline Morrissette's U.K. LETS Trip Report
A heartfelt thank you to all who made our British-Scottish mission 
a success.
Ottawa's First Nations Travel - Consultant David Bonk at 222 Rideau 
Street, expedited our travel arrangements to leave on December 21, 
Over the Internet we had several messages: 
From: 100607.2431@CompuServe.COM (Garry Stafford)
Subject: The HRH won't be there.
Have been reading your poems/papers & plans on Econ-LETs for some 
time & want you to know how helpful they are. I am part of a team 
of people helping LETs grow in Kent England (Kent is known as the 
'Garden of England' so LETs should present no propogation problems.)
If you get stuck for places to stay Andy Ryrie (INTERNET:10064102165) 
who is the energy behind starting our system will be at Buckingham 
Palace on Christmas day & is opening his house in Canterbury to any 
one who wants to come. What about a similar publicity exercise on 
the Archbishop of Canterbury & his 'flock' on Christmas Eve?
You may already know by now that 'Lizzy' 'Phil the Greek' & those 
family members still 'accepted' (as opposed to those who are less 
likely to get in than you!) will be at Sandringham in Norfolk for 
Christmas (about 150miles North of London)
You will be pleased to know that by the time you arrive in the UK 
we will have you down as a member of our System in Canterbury.
Thanks on behalf of all people who have benefitted from your efforts.
Garry Stafford 
From: (Richard KAY)
John, You're very welcome to stay with me in Coventry England during 
your visit up till the 28th December. It's about 90 miles from Buck 
house. I'm afraid I won't be able to picket with you due to family 
commitments but wish you all the best with it in any event. Best wishes 
for Christmas and the New Year.
From: (Andy Ryrie)
Subject: Will the Archbishop be in?
I would be delighted to welcome you to my humble abode. My phone number 
(from within the UK) is 01227 700771. My house is called LETS House. 
I'm about three miles from two railway stations. Canterbury East & 
West both of which have trains from London and which take an hour 
and a bit if they're in a good mood.
I can collect you from Canterbury in my magnificent bright yellow 
'Vote Banana' campaign bus. 
I am increasingly tempted by your invitation to Buck house or wherever 
the action is to be had on christmas day and you pitching up here 
the day before & in need of a lift, could be just what I need to persuade 
me. I suppose I'm a bit personally trepidated about attracting the 
glare of publicity as I think the current smokescreen quite is not 
inconvenient at the moment. 
Andy Ryrie
Plans were being made to accommodate and move us around Britain. The 
excitement was building.
After spending our first night at a Bed and Breakfast in London, we 
proceeded to Canterbury. Andy Ryrie came in his bright yellow "Vote 
Banana" campaign bus. On our arrival at LETS House, Andy had a hardy 
vegetarian stew waiting with all the trimmings. We retired to a warm 
fire in the living room and afterwards talked into the wee hours about 
the progress of LETS in Canterbury and Kent. Andy has produced at 
his expense LETS cheque signing books, samples attached.
The following day Andy had made arrangements for us to have a meeting 
with Garry Stafford who is actively promoting LETS in Kent. We picked 
up a friend on the way, Nicholas (Nick) Peachey. Nick, a colorful 
character, is an artist in many ways, musically and we later learned, 
an artist on canvass. In his home, we viewed an exhibition of drawings 
and paintings made whilst he worked in the Mental Health industry. 
Networking was done during the evening. Angela Stafford, Gary's wife, 
active in LETS is also a school teacher and saw an opportunity to 
introduce Nick's type of music into the classroom, Nick seemed delighted 
and fully agreed to participate. John and Nick, both playing accordions, 
harmonized and learned new music from each other. We had the pleasure 
of meeting sons David and Tom. Angela had baked homemade mincemeat 
tarts, my absolute favourite. Just ask my mother about the Christmas 
I sat under the kitchen table, while everyone was in bed, with all 
the pies just out of oven cooling on top . I believe I ate l4 before 
I was caught in the act with tin plates all around and dad videoing 
it on camera. Again, we had a pleasant and productive night getting 
a lot of insight from Garry. 
Dec. 23. had a much needed sleep in. The afternoon brought a delightful 
walk through fields, forest, down winding lanes, hedged with holly 
and ivy, to an authentic English pub "The Three Horseshoes." Owner-Operator 
Derritt Williams is a retired movie producer who worked on a film 
with Orson Wells attested to by pictures around the pub. Derritt is 
one of the very few, if not the only pub operator who can perform 
a wedding ceremony and have a reception all under the same roof. He 
kept us entertained with his many stories while we enjoyed the roaring 
fire, drinking Winter Warmer Ale, enjoying pleasant company of the 
locals and the warmth of the establishment in general. Derritt is 
also well known for his summer JAZZ Festivals, bringing in talent 
from around the globe. 
We walked back to LETS House to enjoy a wonderful meal of Linda McCartney's, 
vegetarian "Deep Country Pies", which I recommend. I thought I was 
eating a hardy steak and kidney pie with not an ounce of meat within 
and again, with all the trimmings. Well done Andy. We retired to the 
warmth of a fire and Sue Nyirenda (LETS Member) friend and associate 
of Andy's, joined us for music and laughter. John on accordion, Andy 
on guitar, Sue playing a huge pea pod rattle and myself on bongo drums. 
A great time was had by all.
The following morning it was an early departure to London. Nick Peachey 
joined us, plans were to picket Buckingham Palace. But due to the 
holiday season, everything was deserted, all shops shut down, and 
not a telephone book in sight. Streets empty except for homeless elderly 
ladies sleeping in boxes, youths huddled up in sleeping bags, rubbish 
scattered and blowing in the streets of this once beautiful city. 
A sad sight to behold. Andy and Nick did a bit of sightseeing with 
us, then they were off to do their holiday visits. We took lodgings 
at Arden House B & B, 12 St. George's Drive, 2 blocks from rail and 
coach stations.
26th Dec. We had a hardy English breakfast then headed for Coventry 
where Richard Kay would be our Host for the next couple of days. Richard 
communicated over the net that he had done a lot of work on Multi-Registry 
Systems. He has programmed a working prototype which you can talk 
to, see appended printout of his message. On arrival in Coventry, 
Richard took us to a wonderful Tandoori restaurant where you purchase 
your alcoholic beverages off the premises and bring them with you. 
We were treated to some delectable curried dishes and honey almond 
The following day, I had the real pleasure of having the company of 
Rosemary (Rosie) age 6, Andrew, age 8 and Stephen age 10. While John 
and Richard proceeded with arrangements, Internet work and calls, 
I went for a walk with these 3 different and very talented young people. 
I found as we walked and explored, took photos, that all were very 
interested in the environment. We all agreed that the park was in 
somewhat of a shambles with garbage. So home for garbage bags. We 
went back to park, but had agreed we would only collect aluminum cans 
because Stephen's school recycles them for funding. After the morning 
flew by, lunch, then it was down to the drawing board. Our mission, 
to form a committee to discuss and design a clean-up truck for park 
areas, sidewalks, etc. It was a wonderful experience to watch as names 
flashed forward for this special vehicle, "The Muck Truck" from Rosie, 
"The Trashmobile" and "The Green Machine." Then the intricate designing 
to handle bottles, cans, paper and doggy doo was a major concern, 
but, nothing was too complicated for these 3 little engineers on the 
job. After dinner, gifted Andrew gave us a tune or two on the piano 
which enchanted us. Then it was photo opp time and some good old fashioned 
romping around on the floor. I believe John took the worst beating.
28th Dec. Said our goodbyes to the Kay family. Heading to Burnley, 
Lancashire where I was born to say hi to some family members. We arrived 
around at 6p.m. after literally making bus connections in minutes. 
Having to change several times, running to a bank machine in Manchester 
and making the Burnley bus by 5 minutes. At Burnley town centre, I 
hopped in a cab and went to see Uncle Vincent and Aunt Irene. They 
were dressed up waiting for Allan to take them to the club. They actually 
thought I was him. Allan took them to the Miners Club then got John 
and I established at the Travel Inn, brand new, on Queen Victoria 
Rd. then dropped us off at the Miners Club where we had a fine time 
listening to a great band with story telling and bingo in between 
sets. The following day, Allan and his lovely wife Christine picked 
us up for yet another evening out. I last saw Allan when he was 15 
and Uncle Vincent reminded me of the time he took us down the mine's 
448 stairs.
John and Allan got along famously for a first meeting as I did with 
Christine. At one point she exclaimed, "this is like being at the 
movies." Allan being a professor of auto mechanics and dealing with 
databases kept up with John, I feel Allan will be coming on board 
one way or another. The following day Allan was anxious that I meet 
his son Scott who attends Liverpool University and would be down for 
a New Year's Celebration. We spent a night at their home with sons' 
Steven and Scott, we watched a Monarchy film called "PALLAS"/DALLAS, 
a comedy that would crack the straightest face, boy did we laugh, 
sure would like to get a copy of that for mom. To all the Andertons, 
it was especially great to see you all. It made my Christmas Holiday 
special too.
Ken Palmerton of Hebden Bridge was our next contact. He collected 
us about noon to take us to his home. Took us through the scenic high 
roads of Yorkshire. As we hit the top, all we could see were these 
100 foot high wind generators. In the valley below we looked, we saw 
top-bottom housing, a unique housing design which, although built 
on the side of cliffs, allows each front door to face a road, whether 
on the top or the bottom. This was a quaint, rustic, village type 
atmosphere with little bridges and streams everywhere adding to the 
breathtaking scenery. My mother has informed me that at the age of 
3, I had lived in Hebden Bridge which might account for the great 
energy I felt there.
Kathleen, Ken's wife, had a wonderful hearty stew and dumplings for 
our dinner. The Leader of the Islamic Party of Great Britain, David 
Pidcock, joined us. John, David and Ken talked into the wee hours 
about LETS and how the Islamic Party could aid the cause. David, a 
very warm and witty individual, shared a couple of jokes during dinner. 
My favorite: 
Three men apply for a job at the local police station. The chief says 
my test is simple. He interviews the first and asks him "Who killed 
Jesus Christ?" He replied "Pontius Pilate." "You pass. Go in the locker 
room and put on a uniform." The second comes in, also answers "Pontius 
Pilate" and is told to go in the locker room and put on a uniform. 
The third guy couldn't answer who killed Jesus Christ so he was told 
"Go into the locker room to think about it for awhile but don't put 
on a uniform." The other two saw him and asked "Why aren't you putting 
on a uniform?" He answered, "Don't tell anyone but I'm already working 
on a murder case undercover."
The following day John had the privilege of sitting and talking with 
86 year old Wilfrid Price, an old Social Credit Greenshirt who fought 
interest rates since the Great Depression. Attached is just one of 
the many wonderful articles that Wilfrid has written over his many 
years titled Pollution of Body and Mind. Wilfrid also writes poetry. 
That evening David Pidcock, Kevin Donnelly, yet another wonderful 
poet and Labour party supporter, Rupert, Ken and John had another 
meeting of minds laying the foundation for our meetings in London 
to follow later.
I was busy in Hebden Bridge town center doing shopping for the tea 
and accidentally ran into yet two more active members of the Calderdale 
LETS- Amanda Jane Lees of Stoke-On-Trent and Jean Kessler of Hebden 
Bridge. They were pleased to hear how we were talking to the politicians 
about adopting a National Lets.
A hearty thank you to Kenneth and Kathleen. Although Kathleen suffers 
from a breathing disability, she coped very nicely with the extra 
meals and especially with all the extra company in her home, a real 
Jan. 6, the day we were leaving for Scotland, a full page article 
appeared in the UK Guardian titled "Election Battleground/Local currencies 
gain ground in era of globalisation" "Creating more than a token revolution." 
(appended). Ken drove us to the Manchester bus station to connect 
with bus to Glasgow. As we sat in the coffee shop, a young man named 
Scott, who was also heading for Glasgow, gave me a Scottish Teddy 
bear. He lived in Drumchapel, the place named in the Guardian article!
In Glasgow we made our way to the Rennie MacIntosh B & B, 220 Renfrew 
St., where we settled in to make some phone calls. Eventually we made 
contact with James Gibb Stuart, also a writer and publisher. We had 
no idea at the time of booking into the MacIntosh that our Glasgow 
connection was only a couple of blocks away from us. Mr. Stuart called 
us and we went to meet him. He is another gentleman who has been working 
hard over the past years on bringing out the message of Monetary Reform 
via his publications and he gave us a few of his different books: 
"The Money Bomb" and "Economics of the Green Renaissance." We spent 
some quality time with his staff Gary, Katie, Cliff Morrison who runs 
the Internet web site for Mr. Stuart. Mr. Stuart then took us to his 
home in Bridge of Weir where his wife Nancy greeted us with a meal 
then some relaxing conversation.
Next morning it was back on the bus to Coventry, Richard Kay again 
picked us up, we had a meal then hit the phones making connections 
in London with Sabine McNeill.
Meeting Sabine McNeill turned out to be the Grand Finale of our journey. 
She enthusiastically pulled together speaking engagements for John, 
arranging locations and moving forces into action. She coordinated 
everything for us and made us feel like most-welcomed guests in her 
home. If you ever need an event coordinated be it a wedding or a political 
rally, I feel no task would be too small or too large for this astonishing 
lady. Our first meeting was at the Mandeer Restaurant, Mandeer meaning 
Temple. Our Host, owner of Mandeer, Mr. Ramesh Patel, charmed us with 
conversation, fed us, allowed us to view his kitchen and the makings 
of special delicacies whilst we awaited the arrival of Sabine and 
the other guests invited to speak.
The Head table consisted of Sabine as Hostess, John Turmel, Leader 
of the Abolitionist Party of Canada as guest speaker, host Ramesh 
Patel, Mary Fee - LETSLINK London, Sahib Mustaqim Bleher - General 
Secretary, Islamic Party of Britain, Kaleem Mohammad Alloyne-Islamic 
Party, London Representative, Dr. Vidya Anand - National Education 
Committee, Labour. We were also fortunate to have the presence of 
Robin Johannsen and his mother Francoise. Robin is a student at Farnborough 
College of Technology and is doing a documentary on LETS. Robin was 
with us throughout these two days, videoing everything including the 
picket of Buckingham Palace, the Bank of England and the Bank of Canada. 
We owe much to this young man who has documented history in the making 
of such a news worthy event.
Later it was off to the Global Cafe where John again made a presentation 
on a National LETS. Nigel Foster, the owner, then took David Edmond, 
Sabine, myself and John for a meal. Thank you Nigel.
The following day it was back to the Global Cafe after our picketing 
sessions. That was a lot of fun with many people honking horns and 
giving us the thumbs up sign. The signs read "Bankers are crooks" 
and "Abolish Interest Rates." A bobbie told us at the Bank of England 
that we had to get rid of "bankers are crooks" sign because it is 
prohibited to insult the Bank of England but we could remain with 
the "Abolish Interest Rates" sign. We were told we could use both 
down the street at the Royal Bank of Canada though. 
At the Global Cafe, we met with David Williams, the first officer 
ever employed by a local council to promote LETS, who is standing 
for Labour MP. Mary Fee was also in attendance, Nigel, Sabine, David 
and myself. David produced a bill currency in Standard minutes and 
Hours. (copy appended).
That evening it was back to the Mandeer Restaurant for yet another 
meeting. Head table: Dr.Anand, his two associates Dr. Vasant Raval, 
Professor on Management, Krishna B. Gamre, candidate for Referendum 
Party in forthcoming election, Mr. Abdul Hamid Gazi, Founder, Chairman 
Federal Party of Europe, Andrew Lockwood, Rainbow Centre, Martin Kavanagh, 
Rainbow centre. Robin Johannsen on video. Sabine McNeill moderator. 
Ramesh Patel again fed us all and gifted me with book no. 228, a book 
he did in 8 languages, of poetry to his wife for the event of his 
25th wedding anniversary.
We owe a lot to Sabine McNeill, especially for putting together on 
such short notice these meetings of fine minds. Sabine also gifted 
me with a book she wrote "The Art and Technology of NETWORKING", for 
personal and Global Transformation. 
On our return flight home, I counted the names of all that we had 
come in contact with, it totalled 76. So, if I have left someone out 
or forgotten to mention an event, don't be surprised.
Again, I have to thank Sabine for coming to my aid. She has eloquently 
recapped in her communication  of Friday, Jan. 17 our hectic last 
two days, which I append. Thank you Sabine this will finish off my 
synopsis of the trip nicely:

Date: Fri Jan 17 03:25:55 1997
From: (Sabine Kurjo McNeill)
To:, (David Williams), 
Hi, I'm sorry I've been a 'lurker', but better a reader than a non-participant, 
I suppose. I am now speaking up and out for the following reasons:
1. I put John Turmel and his wonderful lady Pauline up for two days 
and spent time introducing them to people. As a consequence, my LETS 
thinking has changed quite fundamentally. The last time this happened 
was when I met Margrit Kennedy, author of "Interest and Inflation-free 
Money", who gave me five little booklets in German by Japanese Y. 
Otani on capitalism, democracy, the land question, the money problem 
and marxism. The volume that should accompany such an eye opening 
sequence would be on Mass Media and the Internet... 
2. To make use of the UK election or not to make use of the election, 
that is the question. And if yes, how - that is the politically deeper 
question. John, as the world's expert on losing elections (41 of them), 
is also one of the best media stunt men I've ever come across (he 
LOVES picketing). The fact that he is bold enough to dare to make 
a fool of himself is in my eyes a great asset. The amazing thing is 
that his stunts are for the right causes and that he puts his money 
where his mouth is. And a court case against the Bank of Canada is 
not only a stunt, it is an intellectual exercise. John is one of the 
brightest people on this planet. Otherwise he would not win at gambling. 
And he opened my eyes to the mathematics of interest which I had seen 
from a completely different angle before. 
3. In 1989 I bought the LETS software for some $100 from Michael Linton. 
In 1997 I learn that John Turmel financed him by $20,000 and there 
is NO acknowledgment anywhere except in John's own documentation.
4. One of the major beauty aspects of LETS is the possibility for 
acknowledgment. So here I want to acknowledge John, but also Michael 
and Liz Shephard in England and everybody else who has ever put efforts 
into LETS. For whoever does it, surely does it for as best as they 
can. If we knew better, we would do better. 
5. If we can't do better, it is because "the system" that has educated 
our thinking and that is running out there is sooo wrong on sooo many 
levels that it simply takes time and people and communication and 
conversations and reading to eventually get a glimpse of the whole 
picture. Once we think we have that, what do we do? Where do we put 
our energies? I for one have now decided as follows:
** I have benefitted from John's visit by feeling re-energised about 
LETS and the GREEN MONEY NETWORK that I have been trying to make happen 
in Central London around Mandeer (Sanskrit for temple) the vegetarian 
restaurant with its most wonderful owner Ramesh Patel with experience 
with commercial barter in the US
** Ramesh has introduced me to a wonderful Dr. Vidha Anand who has 
stood for elections before and who is advising me in my political 
thinking in this British situation. His company monitors radio and 
TV for major clients
** I have talked to a most powerful PR consultant who has given me 
a number of suggestions for high level political and economic approaches
** I have submitted a book proposal to a publisher
** I have submitted "Winning and Losing with Exponential Growth or 
The Mathematics of Money" to a TV producer who calls himself a 'recreational 
** I have contacted the author of the website on UK Politics who is 
willing to help
** After having introduced him to John, I have encouraged David Williams, 
the first officer to have been employed by a Council and Labour candidate 
for Uxbridge to join econ-lets as he is the most prominent British 
LETS spokesperson who will continue the LETS course that I set up 
at Richmond College. He has obtained the money to set up West London 
LIFT for interest-free trading among businesses and is admirable in 
his ability to think locally for community and politically for LETS 
** I have composed the attached file "Why LETS" as my one-page analysis 
of "the whole picture"
** I have composed a letter to politicians which we shall discuss 
tonight as a follow-up from John's visit. For the moment, we call 
ourselves "MoneyPeace" with "Peaceful Political Pressure through Constructive 
Economic Education" and "Peace through Money is Peace through Equality 
and Economic Democracy" as subtitles on the letterhead. I believe 
that GreenPeace is better known than LETS and hence the associations 
are more obvious. EVERYBODY needs stages of education: economists, 
bankers, politicians, people like you and I. As GreenPeace educates 
about environmental issues in media-dramatic ways, maybe we can use 
the Internet media- effectively as well as cameras for John-style 
picket posters.
** I plan to organise presentations and a computer conference for 
politicians at GLOBAL CAFE, the latest bestest Internet Cafe near 
Piccadilly tube which brilliant Nigel Foster, ex-IBM, has put in 3 
locations in Switzerland and 3 in Malaysia before opening opposite 
Saatchi & Saatchi (biggest PR company who promoted Mrs Thatcher) in 
** I am working with computer communicators from NetReach to make 
a "Green Money Voice Bank" happen as a bulletin board and a tool for 
recording transactions over the phone
** I plan to write not only to all politicians but also to all banks 
once the group is together, once I am truly not alone any more. At 
the time I thought I'd campaign for "Economic Democracy" with "Young 
Women for Democracy" in Amsterdam - lots of them from the East - now 
let's do it with econ-lets for the UK election! If not you who? If 
not now when?
Thank you John, for being who you are. You will become even more effective 
when you practise the ZEN of COMMUNICATION and the TAO of MEDITATION. 
And thank you Richard for making econ-lets possible and putting John 
in touch with me. And thank you Michael for putting LETS on the map 
before Liz did in Britain. January 23 is a major unusual planetary 
constellation where the project GAIAMIND ( invites 
people to meditate at 17.30 GMT. 
Greenwich - the centre of the world for measuring time. Near London's 
City - the centre of the world for measuring the power of money with 
indices that are based on illusory mathematics... 
Off the Internet, we again received the Islamic's Party support for 
LETS candidates in the upcoming UK general election:
From: (Islamic Party of Britain)
Newsgroups: uk.religion.islam
Subject: Islamic Party joins Canadian abolitionists
Date: Fri Jan 10 16:03:51 1997
In a meeting in London with John Turmel, leader of the Canadian abolitionist 
party, the Islamic Party of Britain representatives re-affirmed their 
intention to join forces with anybody willing to fight the evil of 
interest which is most strongly condemned in Islam (the Qur'an contains 
a declaration of war from Allah and His messenger against usury), 
as it is prohibited in Islam's monotheistic precedessors, Judaism 
and Christianity, in their unadulterated message.
The eloquent Canadian who argues for the introduction of a government-backed 
LETS (Local Exchange Trading System), a free and green alternative 
to interest-based debt-finance, is picketing Buckingham Palace today 
to petition the Queen to support the scheme. He has offered her free 
credit from the tens of thousands of LETS supporters already in the 
UK, some of whom are local councils using the scheme to alleviate 
the hardships of the money drought which results in unemployment and 
poverty in spite of people's ability to be productive.
He has promised to return for the British general election expected 
in the spring to run a joined campaign to form a coalition promising 
support for any candidate willing to support this issue.
The Islamic Party of Britain has made the fight against an interest-based 
monetary system is key issue since it fought the Bradford bye-election 
in 1990 against "Satanic Purses". The party hopes that the issue can 
be effectively raised in the forth- coming general elections, and 
is willing to support any candidate or pressure group joining the 
John and I wish to thank you all for your hospitality and hard work 
on the cause, your dedication shines through. When facing a difficult 
task, act as though it is impossible to fail. If you are going after 
Moby Dick, take along lots of tartar sauce. 
Please note in Sabine's message of Jan. 17th, you are invited on JANUARY 
23rd at 17:30 GMT to meditate. AMEN   
P.S. We didn't get to see the Queen, but she was aware of us being 
in the United Kingdom: 
Mr. J. Turmel,
Abolitionist Party of Canada,
Box 111, Ottawa, Canada, K2C 3L4.
6th January, 1997.
Dear Mr. Turmel,
I am commanded by The Queen to thank you for your letter of 11th December 
with which you forwarded your book on your Abolish Interest Rates 
Her Majesty appreciated your thoughtfulness in writing to her as you 
about your project. The Queen does not, however, wish to take up your 
offer to open an account as part of the LETSystem Scheme, though she 
was interested to know of your efforts in establishing it. 
Thank you for writing as you did, and I hope that you enjoyed your 
recent visit to this country.
Yours sincerely, 
Simon Gimson
Thank you, your Majesty. Our trip was wonderful. 
Pauline Morrissette and John C. Turmel. 

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