Proof that LETS Timecurrency is inflation-free!
>Subject: Re: TURMEL: Windsor Byelection #4 LETS Candidate Report                               
>From: Excalibur < 
>Date: 1999/04/01                       
>Forum: uk.politics.misc                        
>I was in Brazil in 1993 when the inflation rate was around 1% per 
>day. Taxi rates were calculated in "Taxi Units" and Taxi meters 
>clocked up TUs. A table was printed each day, and posted in all taxis 
>showing the conversion between Cruzeiros and Taxi Units.
>A year later, the table had run out of room for zeros for the 
>Cruzeiros, but the Taxi units for a particular trip hadn't changed.
>I suggested to someone that they adopt Taxi units as the currency and 
>the inflation "problem" would be solved overnight, but no-one took up 
>my suggestion........
     JCT: Good suggestion. I know how you feel. Just as Time in 
a taxi remains inflation-free even though the federal currency it may 
not be related to inflates wildly, Time in human labor would remain 
inflation in the very same way. No one has yet taken up my suggestion 
to use Time at labor in the same way. 

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