Denver, Colorado
June 20 to 22, 1997
T.O.E.S. 97
John Turmel and I were blessed with not only the time but the finances 
to attend this years T.O.E.S. Not everyone is familiar with this 
annual event, therefore, I will give a little background information.
The G-7 is  composed of Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the 
United Kingdom and the United States. Despite President Clinton's move 
to formally recognize the participation of Russia by designating the 
Denver Summit as the Summit of Eight, Russia is not yet considered a 
full member of the G-7 and does not attend all of the summit's 
The G-7 was formed in 1975 to provide an informal forum for 
coordination of economic policy among leaders of prominent 
industrialized nations. The G-7 directly influences international 
financial and trade institutions by virtue of its disproportionate 
economic power. The G-7 meetings have been credited with providing 
political will and the momentum needed to ensure the successful 
assistance to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) in developing 
mechanisms to forestall currency crises such as that which afflicted 
the Mexican peso at the end of 1994. (We'll see about this one.)
Also known as the Peoples' Summit  originated in London, England in 
the early 1980s. Each year, wherever the G-7 meet, you will find 
On the day before the TOES officially opened, there was a talk at the 
university where we were staying featuring Ward Morehouse (Chair) of 
(TOES-USA), 777 UN Plaza, Suite 3C, New York City, NY 10017, Fax:(212) 
972-9878 who mentioned LETS. Jean Gore, co-moderator, was excited to 
announce she had just learned that Boulder, Colorado, had an alternate 
currency system. 
The TOES 2-day event is packed with workshops covering all topics that 
affect us today. The opening took place at Tivoli Hall, UC Denver- 
Auraria Campus. It is very well attended by dedicated individuals from 
around the globe who are striving to not only get their message out 
but also to learn how we can work together to speed up the process of 
saving ourselves. I am thrilled to report that at this point the 
overall theme, or a major part of the people's summit this year, 
seemed to have alternate currencies as the buzz word (LETS). 
On the light side, John and I stayed on campus in the dorms at 
University of Colorado with many of the other participants who flew or 
drove in. It is a lovely well-kept university and the students 
themselves take care of the administration of room rentals and did a 
fine job. A large majority of the attendees arrived on the 19th of 
June to get settled in as we did. This was a very hectic summit with 
so much to cover it was totally impossible to hear all the workshops.
Enabling Sustainability and Re-embedding Money
Panel-Moderator Carol Brouillet, Jhym Phoenix, free-lance community 
activist, David Boyle, New Economics Foundation, UK, Michael Linton, 
LETS, Vancouver, Canada, Thomas Greco, Jr., Director, Community 
Information Resource Center and John C. Turmel, B. Eng. LETS Ottawa, 
Carol Brouillet, e-mail: Making Contact web site. 
Carol is a Co-Founder of the International Media Project Making 
Contact, a half hour radio program now heard on 107 stations, 
primarily in the U.S. and Canada. Her paper "Reinventing Money, 
Restoring the Earth, Reweaving the Web of Life" won an honourable 
mention from the Millennium Institute as one of the best ideas for the 
21st Century.  
Jhym Phoenix, a long-time activist who has worked on a broad range of 
issues, is a community organizer with invaluable practical experience 
and insight into the nuts and bolts of getting a local currency off 
the ground, as well as the vision to see where this movement will take 
David Boyle, New Economics Foundation (NEF), Upper Flat, 23 Camden 
Hill Road, Crystal Palace, London, SE19 1NX, U.K.; email: David Boyle. David is Editor of New 
Economics magazine and has been working with the New Economics 
Foundation in London since 1987. He is the author of "Building Futures 
and What is New Economics?" and has written and broadcast widely about 
new kinds of money. He spoke on "Future Money" and the future of 
money, the currency revolution, and so forth. David is also on the 
workshop to Plan TOES 98'-London, England. I suggest our British LETS 
contacts talk to him and prepare to make a presentation or help with 
making a list of possible inexpensive places for our out-of-town 
guests coming in from other countries. We're all good for our Green. 
Perhaps you with homes can list yourselves to put some up. It will be 
a great learning opportunity and John and I also hope to attend so 
save us a bed. 
Thomas H. Greco, Jr., Director, Community Information Resource Centre, 
P.O. Box 42663, Tucson, Arizona 85733; e-mail; web 
site: Author of "New Money for 
Healthy Communities; Bioregional Economics" and "Money and Debt: A 
Solution to the Global Crisis." He mentioned GLobal level LETS. Thank 
you Tom.
This workshop was fast paced, started at 1:30 - 3:00 p.m. Finally we 
had the two engineers who put LETS on the map at the same table. 
Michael Linton on one hand was adamant that governments should not 
have a LETS account while on the other hand John Turmel was adamant 
LETS can only grow stronger and faster with political involvement.
Michael's main arguments were that governments have always made a mess 
of everything they ever get involved with and should be excluded and 
that the L in LETS stands for LOCAL. He, like many others, wishes to 
keep LETS small and neighborly, to build a feeling of community, etc. 
John, on the other hand, had strong argument for governments' 
involvement and pointed out how governments are already getting 
involved in other countries and why this is a good thing. 
Jhym Phoenix had samples of "Idaho Spuds," their own LETS currency 
where each Idaho Potato was worth $1 dollar US., and gave us a little 
history on the design, samples attached.
Having been a speaker at another panel but an attendee of the LETS 
workshop, Luis Lopezllera Mendez, editor: La Otra Bolsa de Valores, 
Mexico, had samples of their alternate currency called AZTECS being 
used in Mexico, sample attached. Luis told us that Mexico LETS has 
been up and running for 1 year.
All throughout the summit Luis took every opportunity to attend every 
LETS presentation and at the end of the event, extended an invitation 
to John and I to go to Mexico to speak. Unfortunately, the timing for 
that to happen on this trip didn't materialize, yet we are certainly 
looking at the future to do a trip to Mexico.
Since the summit, Luis has put out an edition of La Otra Bolsa de 
Valores and has a write-up and photos of that session. Thank you Luis 
for our copy. Though it is all in Spanish, we will soon have it 
Ian Wood from Toronto - publisher of Monetary Reform Magazine- talks 
about the big problem, corrupt money system, social safety net falling 
apart. Subscriptions are $20 within Canada, $24 CDN to the USA, $28 
CDN to overseas from RR#2, Shanty Bay, Ontario, L0L 2L0, Canada. email:
Another wonderful magazine I picked up was call YES. Editor Sarah van 
Gelder. YES! A Journal of Positive Futures. I spent some time with 
Sarah and she is doing a brilliant job educating via the magazine. The 
publisher of Yes, Richard Conlin, has covered a variety of subjects 
but the main theme in the spring 1997 edition is printing your own 
money. I would love to send each and everyone a copy of this mag mag, 
but unfortunately cannot. So the next best thing I can give you is the 
information on how to get it and trust me on this one folks, this one 
should be in every LETser and Monetary Reformer's Library. POSITIVE 
FUTURES NETWORK, P.O. Box 10818, Bainbridge Island, WA 98110-0818 
U.S.A. The edition I am looking at is No. 2-Spring 1997, Individual 
issues are $6.; 206-842-0216 or; Subscriptions: $24/yr. 
     I reproduce some of the following statements I transcribed 
because I found them so relevant: 
"The economic system is deeply flawed and has served to concentrate 
money, land and power in the hands of a few. The concentration of 
economic power and ecological devastation have heralded the collapse 
of many civilizations and empires. At this time in history, humanity 
must choose between the health and well being of our planet, humanity, 
and other life-forms, or the further enrichment of the ruling elite. 
The choice is clear. The Summit of 8's policies serve the short-term 
interest of the rich; the Multilateral Agreement on Investments (MAI) 
blatantly favors the rich over all environmental and human rights 
"Understanding how the monetary system works is the first step towards 
creating a system which serves human needs and recognizes the value 
and importance of the biosphere upon which all our lives depend. The 
local currency movement will reorganize the global system by creating 
healthy local communities that recognize and respect their 
interdependence, and work cooperatively to restore the earth, 
recognize the rights and wisdom of indigenous people and respect the 
rights of all people - regardless of class, gender, age or race. The 
panel and the workshops that took place were to enable people to 
create community currencies at the grassroots level."
"What is real wealth? Western civilization has confused money with 
wealth. Most of the world's money is chasing other money in the cyber- 
casino of the global financial markets oblivious to the devastation 
being wreaked upon the world's ecosystems and people at large. While 
species go extinct, forests are decimated, rivers are poisoned and 
people starve, the money is blindly directed towards greater profits 
destroying the world in the process. The global economy has been 
shaped by military force, money, greed, fear and a massive propaganda 
campaign. Money is a tool of empire, which has served to transfer 
wealth and power from the MANY to the FEW. All monetary systems based 
upon debt have this fatal dynamic. The ancient religious taboos 
against usury were well justified, but have been forgotten."
"The illusion that money is wealth needs to be shattered. Real Wealth 
is a healthy planet and healthy relationships between all life-forms, 
it is inner peace, world peace, balance and harmony," NOT OUR-MONEY", 
in the home, the community, the world. Local currencies are a powerful 
tool towards raising consciousness, building community and 
restructuring our economies in a sustainable direction. Community 
currencies challenge the system by showing how money is backed by our 
belief systems."
"Money can be created by banks or GOVERNMENT to serve their interests 
or it can be created by people in a community to serve their needs. 
Local currencies help communities to recognize their inner strengths, 
the gifts of their members and the value of cooperation. Local 
currencies inspire people to live in accordance with their values, to 
follow their inner passion rather than chase after an obsolete notion 
of "success". They enable people to make a contribution to their 
community and receive what they need or desire in return. They nurture 
relationships and demonstrate how local production for local needs 
benefits the community as well as reducing the stress upon distant 
communities who have been forced into near slavery and starvation to 
provide resources and services to the world's wealthy. Creating 
community currencies encourages participatory democratic processes and 
shows how non hierarchical systems empower people and nurture hope, 
creativity, respect and compassion." 
During an informal welcome party, held on campus, I had the real 
pleasure to meet Romesh Diwan, International Society for Gandhian 
Studies, Economics Department, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, 
N.Y. e-mail: and Kerstin Gollner, Graduate Student of 
the same Polytechnic Institute as that of the Professor of Economics 
who passed out John's Bank Math to his Economics class. Romesh and 
Kerstin were panelists in their own workshop which covered topics such 
as "what works to create healthy local economies given the global 
context?" I unfortunately could not attend for I had so many workshops 
of more direct interest to choose from.
"Breaking the Chains of Debt: Jubilee 2000/USA" really intrigued me: 
"Billions of people in the world's most impoverished countries are 
enslaved by debt - debt which has enriched some leaders but left 
children malnourished, health care needs unattended, education 
neglected and local productive capacity in shambles. The Jubilee 2000 
Movement, comprised of thousands of churches, organizations and 
individuals worldwide, are calling upon the leaders of the richest 
countries, the commercial banks, the International Money Fund the 
World Bank, regional development banks and other international 
financial institutions to write off these debts by the year 2000. They 
call upon these international creditors to do so in a way that 
benefits ordinary people - without conditions that perpetuate or 
deepen poverty or environmental degradation. The start of a new 
millennium should be a time to give hope to people living in poverty. 
The workshop described the movement as it is developing in different 
countries, including the U.S. and they invite participants to join the 
effort. Jubilee 2000 is a campaign launched in Britain whose purpose 
is to persuade the G7 to write off the debts of the poorest countries 
as a way of marking the millennium." Contact: Karen Joyner, 
Information and Research Officer, Debt Crisis Network, e-mail:
Speakers were Marie Dennis(Jubilee 2000/USA) Maryknoll Society Justice 
and Peace Office, Chair, Religious Working Group on the World Bank and 
the IMF; P.O. Box 29132, Washington D.C. 20017, e-mail and Ann Pettifor, Coordinator Jubilee 2000.
John chose: Envisioning a Post-Corporate Society" with four speakers. 
Interestingly, all four recommended LETS! Sarah Van Gelder, editor, 
and David Korten of Yes! magazine, A Journal of Positive Futures, 
featured their latest edition which did an in-depth examination of 
LETS and HOURS local currency systems. Elizabeth Sahtouris, 
Independent Evolutionary Biologist & Futurist; UN Consultant on 
Indigenous People said that Local Currencies should be set up before 
the next Depression. Grace Lee Boggs, Detroit Activist, theoretician, 
writer and speaker for more than 55 years told us about the Great 
Lakes Hours system in Detroit. What dedication. A real warrior for the 
poor. Imagine. Every panelist who gave thought to post-corporate 
society preferred the LETS currency software over the present bank 
Another workshop I attended was titled: Understanding the World Bank: 
A Discussion for Activists. Information was presented and discussed on 
the roles, goals and new developments of the World Bank. Panelists 
discussed ways in which the World Bank uses policy reform to promote 
the interests of multinational corporations, the gender implications 
of the Bank's work and what citizens can do to radically reform the 
One of the panelists Kevin Danaher, author of "Corporations Are Gonna 
Get Your Mama" with foreword by Noam Chomsky did a straight swap with 
me, his book for John's. Later I was able to introduce John and this 
man took delight in shaking the hand of the man that took the Bank of 
Canada to the Supreme Court of Canada charged under genocide and 
gaming house laws.
My final workshop was "What Works for Sustainable Communities? 
Industrial Hemp." Outside the Hall where this workshop was taking 
place a sign continually showing "Hemp for Victory" was an attention 
Former Colorado State Senator, Sen. Lloyd Casey, was Facilitator and 
Moderator. He stood before our group and proudly announced that his 
total attire, from hat to shoes, shirt etc. were all made of hemp. A 
retail hemp store from Colorado Springs had a display of hemp 
products. The panelists discussed the environmental and economic 
benefits of industrial hemp and how sustainable communities could be 
focused around the hemp industry. I truly enjoyed this workshop and it 
only cemented my feelings about the growing of hemp. It could be a 
lifesaver for many reasons. A couple of contacts for those who are 
following this topic to any extent are:
Laura Kriho, University of Colorado, Colorado Hemp Initiative Project, 
P.O. Box 729, Nederland, CO 80466, or
Candi Penn, Secretary, HIA-Hemp Industries Assoc. P.O. Box 1080, 
Occidental, CA 95465, tel:1-500-HIA-HEMP; e-mail; 
web site:
Did you know that NAFTA and GATT treaties recognize industrial hemp as 
a legitimate agricultural crop. A thought, just remember we are 
polluting our world to fatten the rich and greedy and it is not 
necessary. We could have hemp fuel, hemp cloth. Henry Ford tried to 
build a total car of hemp, but it was tabooed for it would have lasted 
too long. Hemp as medicine, hemp as food, the wide range of uses for 
this God-given product goes on and on, but you have to ask yourselves: 
why have our governments taken such a dim view of it when at one point 
every farmer during the war was forced to produce it? This is a wake- 
up call. Russia has the best seeds according to this panel.
On the last day, both Grace Lee Boggs and Luis Lopezllera Mendez were 
speakers at the plenary session. Also on the last day of the Summit, 
Oasis T.V., interviewer Toni DeMarco of Global Dialog, CA, and David 
working the camera did a half hour interview with John on currencies 
and LETS. They had heard about his poetry and had requested he do his 
poem on the plates. This will be part of a documentary on National 
T.V. in the future. 
Valerie Moldovan of a publication called the" Denver Voice" was 
anxiously following to try and get a story. She came to John's poetry 
session and that is where we got to explain and talk at length about 
what LETS can do. Later on in our trip I was able to read a June 97 
edition copy of Valerie's publication Denver Voice. It is geared to 
promoting dialogue and change related to issues affecting homeless 
people. I can only say the articles and the wealth of information 
brought to the homeless via the paper is tremendous, such things as 
freedays, concerts, food, shelter, every type of medical, dental help 
available when and where, voices from the streets write into her. This 
paper is paid for and distributed to homeless by the merchants. I can 
honestly say Val was overwhelmed with our information. We took her to 
the video studio where we got her a tape on Ithaca to study. She is 
the very last person we spent time with and she saw us to our truck. 
We joined hands in a farewell prayer for the road and to give her 
strength and guidance to use her new-found information well. As she 
waved us off, we watched her return to the university, bouncing, arms 
flying as she ran up the stairs. It warmed my heart knowing we had 
armed a new enthusiastic soldier in the fight, one who I know will 
make a difference because she has already proven herself.
The drive through the Rocky Mountains was breathtaking. We stopped 
several times to take photos of wild flowers and scenery, went through 
the continental divide where the rivers stop running east and start 
running west. We saw the source of the mighty Rio Grande and Arkansas 
Rivers, drove through Historic Bad Lands, treacherous to early 
settlers in Navajo country. Our next stop was in Flagstaff, Arizona a 
few days for truck repairs then off to Fort McDowell. I was able to 
get us accommodation in Mesa 20 miles from the Casino. The El Rancho 
Motel was quaint, swimming pool, our dwellings consisted of a kitchen, 
bathroom, seating area and bedroom. $160 a week. Sam and Sunita owners 
of El Rancho graciously invited us back. 
During our stay Paul Brinkley-Rogers of the Arizona Republic came out 
and did a story on John. Paul also told us that he is leaving that 
paper to go to the Miami Herald and if we get down to Florida to be 
sure to look him up and he would do something there for us. Our stay 
in Arizona was very pleasant, even with the 110 degree weather that 
was constant the whole time. Article appended for your bemusement. The 
article even immortalized what John calls our Ford "Bronco from Hell" 
which needed 4 transmissions, a new muffler, radiator, drive-line and 
tune-up that got us less mileage than before it was tuned.  
We then moved into the Crystal City Casino in Los Angeles, California. 
After a week, we managed to track down Bill Condon in Industrial City, 
CA., and immediately moved over to his home. Bill was our Host for the 
next 15 days. It was a wonderful 15 days and he and John would go to 
their prospective casinos to play high-stakes poker. I, on the other 
hand, lazed about the private pool, did a lot of reading and 
sightseeing. On leaving California we drove to Las Vegas, spent the 
day sightseeing and then pushed on. Our first stop on the way home was 
in Nevada, just pass Death Valley where the temperature had reached 
120 when I was driving through. Then I spotted two Casinos in the 
middle of nowhere, the Casablanca and the Oasis, together. We ended up 
staying at the Casablanca, I went from one to the other playing the 
slot machines, both had great bands playing. Dropping my last quarter 
in around 3:30 a.m., I decided to turn in knowing we had to hit the 
road early in the morning.
From Los Angeles to home was 4,300 KM and I drove the whole thing in 
4.5 days, only having to stay in motels 3 nights. I shall never forget 
Interstate 70 Hwy. going through Utah - the canyon state. This is the 
most beautiful scenery that I have ever had the privilege to 
behold. There is no describing this trip in words other than awesome.
On our arrival home we had 2 months of mail to sort. This is where a 
social secretary would come in handy. Much news from Britain, New 
Zealand and U.S.
One exciting package to John was from Peter Selby. Mr. Selby held the 
William Leech Professional Fellowship in Applied Christian Theology at 
Durham University before becoming Bishop of Worcester. Enclosed in his 
package was his new book called Grace and Mortgage, The Language of 
Faith and the Debt of the World. The accompanying letter from Nigel 
Sherlock, Chairman, Dept. of Theology, Abbey House, Palace Green, 
Durham  in his words "You were among those whom he particularly 
mentioned as having been of assistance to him, and the Support Group 
joins him in thanking you most warmly." Inside the book Peter wrote, 
to John "with many thanks for your clear analysis." I have only 
scanned the book but I believe John has read it twice now and seems 
moved each time.
Robin Johannsen sent us his documentary tape on LETS which covered 
part of our trip to Britain. His project was part of his finals and 
earned him a "FIRST" class degree. Congratulations Robin. We 
transferred it to NTSC from PAL format and all who have viewed it are 
thrilled. We will certainly respect your wishes about reproduction and 
will most certainly keep in touch. Hope you enjoyed your vacation in 
France, greetings to your mom and family.
Michelle Goldberg: Official Parliamentary candidate for the Natural 
Law Party, Hackney South & Shoreditch, UK. My last trip to Britain I 
had the pleasure of meeting this young lady at the Mandeer Restaurant 
where she did a presentation of foods for the 21st Century. It came as 
a pleasant surprise that she ran on behalf of the Natural Law Party 
and mentions endorsing LETS in her campaign literature. Bravo 
Michelle, keep up the great work. I have not at this time heard from 
Andrea Langer of Sunrider Herbal 'super foods.' I have had to put this 
to the back of my mind for now. What I did do was send the information 
back to Edmonton, Alberta via two friends who were visiting in Ottawa 
and I do hope they will pursue tracking and learning about the higher 
level foods that nourish the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual 
body. They are young and eager to follow this through for me.
John Thomas: This is big news, John. "Green campaigners set up 
rejuvenation team." I know your dream is to eventually come to Canada 
or to work in the U.S. on your first love, a Rock Concert, but the 
delay has brought you this wonderful opportunity to make sure they 
stay on track with this one. I enclose the article from the British 
paper by Michael Peel where it states: "One of the reasons the forum 
has chosen to come to Calderdale has been the success of the 
pioneering Local Exchange Trading System which involves purchases 
being paid for by "favours" rather than money." I will say when the 
timing is right is when you will get on with the concert project. I 
still tell people of your idea and, as a matter of fact, I attended a 
function recently where I mentioned you and how we could educate via a 
Rock Concert. Charles, an activist, just bellowed out: WOW what a 
great idea, what do we have to do to get this going? So you see John, 
I have yet more people thinking about this for you. Thank you for news 
and love and best wishes to you all.
Wilfrid Price: What a pack of literature, all good stuff. I will 
certainly look into your request re: British Edition of the World Book 
Encyclopedia which states that banks produce credit by lending 
customers deposits. I am so pleased to see you are actively taking 
part in the new publication "The Social Credit International" put out 
by Alan Armstrong, 8 Baileyfield Road, Edinburgh EH15 1DL Scotland. I 
am also reproducing in this report for all to see that you have been 
active in getting the word out via your local paper. Wilfrid has 
managed to get 5 articles printed and in their totality bring light to 
serious problems with money and how it is being produced. 
Also appended is a resolution written up by Gerard Mercier  "Michael 
Journal," 1101 Principale St. Rougemont, Que. Canada J0L 1M0 that was 
sent to every municipality, school board, federal and provincial 
representatives, business associations and news media in Canada. This 
is the first time I have viewed this and feel it worthy of 
reproduction. Thank you Wilfrid and although you are in your late 80's 
and say you are sometimes feeling your age, you are a real soldier and 
I can only give you thanks for your dedication. I hope you don't mind 
me mentioning your age but I just have to let all know we have 
followers who have lived through better and worse times and know their 
Edward Goldsmith: First, I would like to express our sincere 
condolences on the recent loss of Sir James your brother. Thank you 
for your kind words that the work we are doing on LETS is incredibly 
valuable. Encouragement from someone like yourself doesn't go amiss. 
The paper you wrote with aid from Perry Walker, over 5,000 words on 
the subject "New Local Currency Systems" is great and has brought 
light to a lot of new facts I was unaware of. I do hope your busy 
schedule will eventually slow down enough to do something with this 
invaluable information. Please be sure to contact me when you come to 
I have many more letters, but more on a personal level. I hope all 
don't mind the format that I use to answer. Time only allows me to do 
so much and yet I believe that some, if not all, of the news you send 
me on an individual/personal basis is worthy of a read by all out 
there working on this immense project of saving ourselves. I have 
tried to include addresses of some of our latest contacts in the hope 
that some of you can connect. I can only hope that replying openly 
about some of my mail has inspired and served as encouragement, 
LETting you know the army is ever-expanding. God Bless and Love from 
John and I. I will continue to keep you informed on our activities. 
P.S. Watch for John's activities in Usenet newsgroups:,,, can.politics. 

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