sTURMEL: "Sovereignty" U.S. Resolution 
Date: Wed Jun  2 01:48:29 1999
From: ("Charles Michael")
Subject: [lets] New Anti Usury Legislation in US!
Hi All,
I found a reference to a new proposed law requiring the Federal 
Government to "create" new money to make interest free loans to state 
and local governments.
Check out the website and i encourage all American subscribers to 
write their local officals to lobby for this and then write your own
congressperson. < >
The legislation currently before congress is sponsored by (Rep)Ray 
Lahood of Illinois. Sorry, I do not have an identfying number for 
this house bill. Thanks, charlie
Ken Bohnsack (
Dear Ken: 
     I will be attending the U.S. 1999 Local Currency Conference at 
Congress Plaza Hotel in Chicago on June 11 and 12 and will be speaking 
at 3p.m. on June 11.
See: Currency
Some local currency reviews: 
Ralph Nader: 
     "The serious problems our society faces come from the erosion of 
the economy, of the family and neighbourhood and the Timedollar is a 
currency designed to reward time spent on rebuilding that economy." 
Maggie Deahm M.P. Parliament of Australia:
     "LETS is extremely beneficial. I put on record my praise for and 
thanks to the LETS group for the great work it is doing."
U.K. Liberal Democrat News: 
"Can councils help tackle poverty? Stockport this it can and has 
launched an anti-poverty LETS local currency scheme." 
Islamic Party of Britain:
     "LETS demonstrates clearly that money can be a useful servant to 
rebuild self respect and a sense of community." 
Roman Catholic Sister Dorothy Peart: 
     "This novel LETS idea is worth a try. Perhaps it might also help 
the Third World." 
Edward Goldsmith:
     "LETS and Timedollars are a source of great hope to us all." 
     JCT: Ken. Since you are in Illinois and are a major player in the 
monetary reform movement, I think you should bring some information to 
this conference. I would be glad to share my 2 hour time slot with you 
and I think you might benefit from the idea of using the LETS local 
currency software to allow your > 3000 cities to start your own "do-
it-yourself" municipal currency system. 
     This would be a great merger of two great ideas. 
     Hoping you can attend, I am respectfully yours. 
>Date: Wed Jun  2 01:48:29 1999
>From: ("Charles Michael")
>Subject: [lets] New Anti Usury Legislation in US!
>Hi All,
>I found a reference to a new proposed law requiring the Federal 
>Government to "create" new money to make interest free loans to state 
>and local governments.
>Check out the website and i encourage all American subscribers to 
>write their local officals to lobby for this and then write your own
>congressperson. <>
>Thanks, Charles Michael In Denver
>The legislation currently before congress is sponsored by (Rep)Ray 
>Lahood of Illinois. Sorry, I do not have an identfying number for 
>this house bill. Thanks, charlie
     JCT: Thanks a lot Charlie. I've been doing Internet searches 
for Ken Bohnsack's group for years and you pop up with this just in 
time for me to invite him to the Local Currencies conference in 
Chicago Illinois, his home state. 
     Can you just imagine if Sovereignty started up a municipal LETS 
made up of over 3000 US municipalities all based on Hours of labor. 
I've always been pained that such a large group didn't use the LETS 
do-it-yourself software to do it themselves rather than simply lobby 
for the FED to do it right for them. 
     If something great comes out of this, I'll have you to thank. 
PS: I've updated my list of LETS around the world with over 150 web 
sites at 
     Check it out. It's a heck of a surf. 
LETS & Sovereignty Money Reform #2
>Date: Thu Jun  3 10:37:09 1999
>Subject: Re: TURMEL: LETS & Sovereignty Money Reform
>Your appearance in Chicago for your Currency Conference is great for 
>you and the whole monetary reform movement-but rotten timing for me. 
>My wife and I fly out Thursday, June 10th for Nashville for a close 
>family wedding that weekend and we won't be returning until Monday, 
>June 14. You are most kind to consider sharing time at the podium 
>with me.
     JCT: Bad luck. But I just got wind of you a few days ago. Too bad 
I hadn't been able to let you know much sooner. 
>The exciting news from my end is that the bill I fostered for oh so 
>long has now been introduced -by Congressman Ray LaHood (R-IL) as 
     JCT: That's great news. It's about time someone else used copied 
Abe Lincoln's use of interest-free funding for government projects, 
especially when it's not related to making war. A couple of my 
favorite Lincoln quotes:
>The people can and will be furnished with a currency as safe as their 
>own Government. Money will cease to be master and become the servant 
>of humanity. Democracy will rise superior to the money power.
>The money power preys upon the nation in times of peace and conspires 
>against it in times of adversity. IT is more despotic than monarchy, 
>more insolent than autocracy, more selfish than bureaucracy. It 
>denounces as public enemies all who question its methods or throw 
>light upon its crimes.
     JCT: My all-time favorite hasn't yet been transcribed but it has 
Lincoln saying that government use of interest-free money is its' 
greatest "creative" opportunity. Anyway, I've defended the Sovereignty 
group on the net for years as fulfillment of Lincoln's aspiration and 
I'm thrilled to find out they're now on the net. 
>We already have some neat comments from bankers and economists 
>supporting it. I am up to my ears with establishing a National 
>Coordinating Center for its passage. Letters, faxes, e-mail,talk 
>shows, fund raising etc. You know all about that stuff.  
     JCT: I'd bet none of the slow learners on sci-econ are on your 
list. I hope you publish these endorsements on your web site and I've 
added a link to your site at mine under the Crucial Information 
     Whereas I don't link to Social Credit because they're merely 
theory, and old obsolete theory at that, you guys have a project that 
would really work. Other than LETS, this is the only other project out 
there with with The Engineer's stamp of approval. 
>We both know the necessity of monetary reform and I believe it is 
>good and right that more than one approach is used. The more the 
>public hears the quicker they will realize the tremendous potential 
>of the monetary policy that works FOR THEM.
>My best to you in Chicago and thereafter.
>Ken Bohnsack, Chairman, Sovereignty
     JCT: If the politicians manage to stall or kill your project, 
please consider yourself what you recommend they do for you with the 
LETS software providing the funding for your thousands of 
municipalities. Since it's the municipalities whose assets and labor 
would back up the new money either way, there's no reason to wait for  
them to do it. Besides, perhaps the threat that you will do it for 
yourselves if they don't do it for you might add some weight to your 
>Date: Thu Jun  3 21:31:20 1999
>From: (Charles Michael)
>Subject: [lets] Brilliant Idea,  John!
>Hi John,
>What a rush! That is a great concept to get Ken's group to coordinate 
>these 3000 units of local government to accept a common LETS currency 
>for tax payments. It will be so widespread as to be a second national 
>currency founded at one stroke! 
     JCT: Yes, the idea of a 3,000 municipality LETS is awesome, isn't 
it? Still, it's not much more awesome than an AOL or Microsoft LETS, 
is it? Though I would prefer having government involvement and 
accountability involved from the start. 
>These communities would be able to finance most of their 
>infrastructure via this LETS since they would not have to be 
>"importing" goods and services from "outside" this expanded LETS 
>area which would encompass 3000 cities and 10s of thousands of firms 
>who could supply anything needed for an infrastructure project.  
>As long as all the suppliers know they can pay local taxes and many 
>other of their own suppliers with this mega LETS they would be happy 
>to take all or most of the payments in LETS currency.
     JCT: Yes, Once we can pay our municipal or state taxes in LETS 
timecurrencies, all firms and persons would find LETS Hours a valuable 
medium of exchange. It's really awesome how really close we really are 
to ending the idea of servicing the interest on debt.
>Perhaps Ken could also inform us of the House Bill number for the
>legislation put forward in connection with his ideas on interest free 
>loans from the Feds to local government.
     JCT: That's been done. And I'd suggest that any Americans who 
understand that Ken's group are advocating that the FED run a LETS for 
them should immediately contact their representatives and senators and 
urge them to support this resolution. And be persistent. This is 
the most important resolution since Lincoln's Greenback legislation. 
>Also, I would like to share my source on this breaking story. I got 
>the info on the legislation and the website from the Progressive 
>Review by Sam Smith who is a very independent green who has a monthly 
>newsletter and a free daily email news-gram that I find very valuable 
>as an alternative news source. The web site is at <>
>or you can email him at to subscribe to the newsletter 
>or get the free daily news update. I don't take kickbacks for this, I 
>just value the info Sam provides. Thanks, Charles Michael In Denver
     JCT: Thanks Charlie. This is the kind of great input I prefer on 
the list. It's discussing the solution rather than 
the complexities of the problem. 

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