>Date: Sun Dec 27 14:30:29 1998
>From: rbrown14@mail.orion.org (Rachel and Johnny Brown)
>Subject: No Usury
>To: johnturmel@yahoo.com
>Dear Mr. Turmel,
>After seeing your post on SNP's Digest, I was compelled to thank you 
>for making such a true stand against violation of God's moral law.  
>Usury is the destroyer of nations, and your voice against it shall 
>echo until it is finished. Then shall the righteous shine forth as the 
>sun in the kingdom of their Father. Many blessings,
>In the service of the Rightful Heir to David's throne,
     JCT: Yes, usury has all nations in its death-grip mort-gage. But 
the growth of LETS around the world portends a new usury-free era. 
>Date: Sun Dec 27 14:48:38 1998
>From: rbrown14@mail.orion.org (Rachel and Johnny Brown)
>Subject: [snp] Re: Digest Number 21
>To: snp@onelist.com
>What this man (John C. Turmel) speaks of is the ultimate healing of 
>the nations by the celto-saxon countries (purveyors of civilization) 
>returning to the implementation of God's Commandments, Statutes, and 
>Judgments as found in the Penteteuch.
     JCT: Actually, all nations of the world will soon be returning to 
the implementation of God's commands whether they be discovered by the 
Buddhists, Christians, Muslims or Jews. 
>It is that law that judges between men and men, not the mere men 
>themselves. I find it a miracle and quite providencial that there is 
>such a voice among our kinsmen in the SNP's associates. And, I hope 
>and pray that such a Jubilee is so which will cause the inheritance 
>of our fathers to actually pass to us eventually.
>Brethren, be ready, brace yourselves and your families for the final 
>battle. And pray that we'll know what to do when it's over.
>Jonathan David von Blucher-Brown (Lamont/Logan)
     JCT: Upon reading some of my past correspondence on LETS, I find 
that there is already much movement in Scotland as well as the whole 
United Kingdom: 
>Date: Mon May 25 23:32:27 1998
>From: circ@azstarnet.com (Thomas Greco)
>Subject: Re: Scotland?
>It's not exactly a LETS. It's more like the WIR and is called SOCS 
>for Scottish Organizational Currency System. 
>It was announced in a Report prepared by Rural Forum and released 
>last Novemeber during a conference which I attended there. I wrote 
>a brief description which follows.
>You can also contact them directly for details:
>ruth anderson <ruth@gate.cali.co.uk>
>SOCS -Scottish Organizational Currency System
>1. SOCS is modelled primarily after the WIR system in Switzerland, 
>which has been in operation for more than 60 years.
>2. Membership is restricted to organizations, including businesses, 
>governmental agencies and non-profit organizations.
     JCT: While most Local Employment-Trading Systems do not yet 
include goverment, it is a move I have been suggesting for years. It 
is only a matter of time until the people in LETS and the 
organisations in SOCS see that they can intertrade and there will be 
an explosion of activity. 
>3. SOCS operates as a mutual credit clearing system.
>4. Each member has access to an interest-free (unsecured) line of 
>5. Credit limits on each account are determined by a formula based 
>on trading volume, number of trading partners and average balance.
>6. Provision is made for additional credit to be granted to a member 
>organization on the basis of guarantees made by supporters of that 
>7. Transfers of credit are made using credit checks, but other 
>instruments may be used in the future.
>8. The system maintains a reserve account for bad debts, the funds 
>for which come from quarterly charges to mmbers' accounts for 
>administrative services. 
>9. A SOCS directory of members' offers and requests is maintained on 
>the world wide web, and is printed periodically.
>Concerns about the design features
>1. Exclusion of some organizations could be a divisive factor. The 
>rules of participation should be, as much as possible, inclusive, 
>while at the same time defined as to prevent domination of the system 
>by large organizations or those inimical to the purpose of the SOCS 
>program. (Sec 17.3, p.62)
>3. The use of "brokers" to promote trade between SOCS and LETSystems 
>may be adequate to start but the eventual implementation of more 
>facilitative methods should be planned on. Regards, Tom Greco
     JCT: I'm sure that it is inevitable. I know that almost all UK 
political parties have already stated support for LETS. Last June, the 
UK government did so officially. See my post at:
     I don't know whether the Scottish National Party has endorsed LET 
yet but it may do so soon. The best thing they could do is start a 
LETS for all the members on their database to experience all the 
benefits without waiting to achieve power. Of course, I'm sure such a 
large LETS database would immediately draw many new members. 
     JCT: John, perhaps you could lead the charge? 

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