How to get debt down faster?
>Date: Thu Feb 25 23:23:13 1999
>From: ("Annette Rochon")
>Subject: [1helpwithdebt] (no subject)
>Hi My name is Annette and I have a big debt problem... I am trying to 
>get it under control and have applied for a consolidation loan at a 
>financial institute because the banks won't give us a loan... How do 
>you get your debt down faster if you are living paycheck to paycheck 
>and sometimes are short on money just for the groceries???? Any help 
>would be of great help...  Annette
>Date: Mon Mar  1 12:41:07 1999
>Subject: [1helpwithdebt] Just want some info.
>I was just interest in getting some information on cleaning up my
     JCT: Nothing's better than getting more money. But since this is 
not an option for most people, the next best way is to join your 
nearest barter system. 
     Let's say that you take home $500 a week at $26,000 a year and 
find a way to earn another $100 a week in Green. If you don't change 
your consumption pattern but manage to pay for part of it with the 
$100 in Green you earned by buying from the network, that leaves $100 
a week in your federal bank account. Sure, your taxable income will 
have risen to $31,000 a year and you'll owe extra federal tax on that 
extra $5,000 you earned in Green but you can use the extra federal 
cash in your account to pay that $1,000 or $2,000 in federal taxes 
leaving you $3,000 to $4,000 to pay down your debt. 
     People keep thinking that joining a barter system is a way to 
cheat the income tax people but what it really allows you to do is 
save federal cash by replacing it with barter cash in expenditures. 
Pay down of debts is a standard result for people who make use of 
their barter connections. The more you work at barter, the more of 
your federal income you don't have to spend even if you do have to use 
some of your cash savings to pay more federal income tax. 
     So far from costing government tax revenues, barterers actually 
manage to increase the government's revenues.
     I don't know where you live but there's a good chance you can 
find a LETS, Hours, or Timedollars system near you. If not, you can 
easily start one in your own neighborhood. 
     An internet search will find hundreds of sites by successful 
LETSystems who would be able to answer any more of your questions. 
     I invite you to join our listserv at where we 
discuss the growth of LETS interest-free banking around the world. 
Just send any email to:
     You will receive notification with a password which you can 
change if you visit the User Center at 
     Or simply visit and join up at:
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