Going to Britain to visit the Queen
     Putting a Pauper under the Royalty and Government section of 
the Guinness book of records has much unique potential. Having a Pauper 
on the same page as Emperor Bokassa with his most expensive coronation 
in history is a good example. You can imagine him riding into town 
on his Eagle jet. You can imagine me riding into town on my Greyhound 
bus. You can imagine him in his limousine off to his palace. You can 
imagine me hoofing it off to the YMCA. There's a picture of him on 
his throne of gold while I have to share my throne with everyone on 
my floor and and the only gold I might get to see is down in the bowl. 
Talk about the Joker in the Deck. Putting the Pauper King of the Fringers 
on the same page as the Rich Kings is the grist for a thousand punch 
lines. And there are other sensational angles for bringing global 
attention to LETS to come. 
     Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth is also on the same page with me 
as the longest serving Queen. So I've posted a Petition of Right urging 
Her Majesty open a Greentally account and join her other tens of thousands 
of subjects across Her Commonwealth in one big LETSystem. I've always 
argued that direct connection to the Crown was financial salvation 
and now I'm going to attempt to get me one. And get you all one with 
     I'm coming to Great Britain for two reasons. I am coming to get 
in and see the Queen or picket Buckingham Palace with a "We want a 
Royal LETS" sign. And I am coming to place a bet. Hopefully, Bookmakers 
William Hill will be willing to book The Gambler's World's Biggest 
Bet. But that's a whole other story. I'll also try out the Poker casinos 
in London for a report to the rec.gambling.poker newsgroup.But back 
to winning the biggest public boon rather than winning the biggest 
private bet. 
     I have been picketing for years and one cannot imagine just how 
effective it really is given the dismal results of major protests 
around the world. Of course, a large crowd of people chanting "Do 
something" never gets anywhere because they don't really know where 
they really want to go. 
     Yet, one or two chanting "Do this" can do more than the millions 
amongst whom they've sown ignorance and discord. They should know 
what they want before they start screaming for change or the change 
they get is always the change that makes it worse. 
     I can't imagine what kind of an impact it might have to have 
all 50,000 UK LETS members in front of Buckingham Palace with their 
families and friends chanting "Your Majesty's Green credit is good 
with us if you join our Green credit system" and "We want Royal LETS 
now." Fifty thousand LETS account inviting the regent to join them 
in their lifeboat while she happens to be drowning in debt would be 
much harder to ignore than millions with no life-boat blueprints in 
and telling the regent to "do something." 
     Of course, people laugh that it's impossible to rouse a large 
demonstration on short notice and they're probably right as only a 
small percentage of today's LETSers have yet seen the national and 
international visions. 
     But one wonders at what point the number of demonstrators gets 
the Queen's attention? Would it take 10,000 LETSers in public support 
of Her Majesty's national Tally system, or even 100 with the media 
covering us because we're the only Christmas demonstration going on, 
what's the cut point?
     I think we're all agreed that things could move fast if all 
Commonwealth  LETSers brought all their families and friends to 
demonstrate to Her  Majesty that they will save her resorting to 
loansharks to finance  the upkeep of Her Realm by accepting the Royal 
Tallies she creates  interest-free. Yes, I think couple of hundred 
thousand subjects demanding  the Queen open a LETS account as her 
gift to her subjects and their  gift of credit to her, would be an 
irresistible pressure.  
     Then again, LETSers could simply open an account in her name 
anyway, levy an agreed upon tax, and if she doesn't want to come to 
the community to put those funds to work for a communal purpose, you 
can always elect someone else to do her job for her. You've been calling 
the pooling of funds for common good "Capital LETS" so there's no 
reason anyone should have any trouble with the idea of Royal LETS.
     Anyway, I'm going to Britain to see what one man shouting "Use 
LETS" can do. I was first to put the words "Abolish Interest" on Her 
Majesty's lips and I'd love to be first to put "Use LETS Green Tallies" 
on her lips as well. 
     If any UK LETSers who dream big want to join me in urging Her 
Majesty to consider joining us in our LETS life-boats and fusing them 
into one big Royal Battleship, get a computer diskette, add a label 
which says LET$ and wear it proudly on your lapel wherever you go. 
     I can use my Guinness record to throw the Public Relations spotlight 
on LETS when I visit before Christmas but I need those of you who 
share the vision of the biggest possible LETS to provide the grass-roots 
pressure. Otherwise, I and my mate might find ourselves picketing 
Buckingham Palace alone on Christmas day as the Queen delivers her 
speech and we see this year's best opportunity for a Commonwealth-wide 
LETS settle on a back-burner. 
     I'd also like to invite any LETSers to ready a presentation for 
the Queen. The story will be the readiness of the presentation, not 
whether it gets made or not.  
     So join The Pauper Engineer on the job picketing outside, if 
not inside, Buckingham Palace during the Queen's Christmas speech 
where we will relay a united prayer that she grant her subjects' wish 
for one big Commonwealth-wide LETS by Christmas morning. 
     If you do come to our peaceful party in front of Buckingham Palace, 
I won't consider you'll have earned the honor to be on that front 
line if you have not added to the pressure on Her Majesty and Her 
Government with letters, calls, anything you can do to raise the awareness 
that a national Local Employment Trading System could be set up by 
Christmas day. 
     It's time to do more than preach. You've all seen LETS work on 
small databases. There is no logical reason it won't fly on one large 
one. Only the clamor of all the paupers among us can guarantee Her 
Majesty's attention. I won't consider myself truly liberated from 
the financial middlemen until I have direct access to the Queen's 
account and I will settle for nothing less. 
     To finance my European adventure, I just published a 1000 limited 
8.5"x11" edition of "The Adventures of John "The Engineer" Turmel," 
which includes my copyrighted "Poker Power Tools" one of which I sent 
to the Queen and five of which were filed in the Supreme Court of 
Canada. I'm certifying each one personally. This is the index to topics 
and adventures.
INTRODUCTION                                           1
CHAPTER I: POKER ENGINEERING                           6
Power Tool #1: Pot Odds System                         8
Power Tool #2: Hand Valuation System                   8
Power Tool #3: Bet Counting System                     9
Power Tool #4. A Priori Probabilities System           12
Power Tool #5. Card Memory System                      13
Power Tool #6. Optimal Betting System                  13
Power Tool #7. A Priori Hands System for n opponents    14
Power Tool #8. Standard Deviation System               15
Ottawa Riverboat gambling                              19
Ottawa's gambling crusader                             20
Talisman Hotel Raid                                    21
Tomorrow's Restaurant Raid #1                          23
Ottawa Regional Holdem Poker Tournaments               26
Bayshore Hotel Raid and Acquittal                      28
Casino Turmel in Hull Quebec                           29
Baxter Road Casino Turmel                              34
Topaz Casino Turmel                                    35
Topaz Casino Turmel Raid                               40
Autrefois Acquit Poetic Affidavit                       43
Found-ins Affidavit                                    50
Topaz Casino Turmel Trial                              52
Law Times article                                      58
Court of Appeal Reasons                                59
Memorandum                                             68
Introduction                                           76
Banking mathematics                                    77
Great Canadian Character                               86
Election 1979 Ottawa West Federal                      90
Election 1980 Ottawa Centre Federal                    92
Election 1980 Hamilton West Federal                    93
Bank of Canada Supreme Court Gaming House              96
Bank of Canada Supreme Court Genocide                  98
Election 1981 Ottawa Centre Provincial                 100
Picketing Bank of Canada                               102
Election 1981 Spadina Federal                          103
Socred Credit Party of Canada                          106
Picket Queen's Park                                    108
Bob Rae Slander Suit                                   109
Picket Bank of Canada Branches Tour                    110
Election 1982 Hamilton West Provincial                 114
Clog courts strategy blocked                           115
Stiff the Bank Kit Instructions                        116
Bela Deverseri Bank Foreclosure Battle                 118
Picket World Bank                                      119
Christian Credit Bond program                          120
Bonds Program in Argentina and China                   121
Gauvin Mayoral candidate arrest                        122
Jean Metcalfe Bank Foreclosure Battle                  128
Election 1983 Central Nova Federal                     144
Nancy Wilson Libel and Slander Suit                    146
LETS Greendollars                                      147
Green Party of Canada                                  150
Equal Time Suits                                       153
Max Keeping Libel Picket Suit                          160
Money Mart Battle                                      161
Election 1986 Trois Riviere Arrest                     162
Equal Time Suits                                       163
Election 1988 Ottawa Centre Arrest                     167
LETS Australia                                         170
LETS Toronto                                           172
Woodhouse Stiff the Bank Foreclosure Battle            174
Abolitionist Party of Canada                           176
Election 1995 Ottawa Vanier meeting disruption         180
Election 1995 Ottawa Centre arrest                     181
Election 1996 Hamilton East: Super loser fails again    182
LETS Hamilton                                          183
Ballad of the Banking Systems Engineer                 184
Walter Stewart, Serge Girard R.I.P.                    206
     I know that it sounds like a pot-pourri of oddities and extras, 
and it is. Maybe that's why, in the US edition of Guinness Record 
Book, I was not listed with the Royalty page but shared the "Extra 
Extra" section on the back pages with the Biggest Bagel in the world. 
Could they also apply for the Biggest Bagel Hole? Like me, they also 
hold a second unheralded but related record. As they mention I ran 
the most races but not that I lost the most races, they mentioned 
their Largest Bagel but not their Largest Bagel Hole.
     I'll also soon be applying for several more Guinness World Records. 
The obvious one is for the most elections lost as well as most elections 
run. I'm also thinking of most appearances in a nation's highest court 
a) by a non-lawyer, 5 so far, soon maybe 6 if my latest case is accepted 
for hearing; b) by a pauper, 2 so far, soon maybe 3; c) for the first 
use of a videotaped memorandum in Supreme Court, 1984, d) for the 
first indictment of usury as genocide, 1981, e) most bank pickets, 
f) biggest gaming house raid, (27 tables 122 employees), etc. After 
an initial listing, I'm up to submitting for 34 odd firsts, lasts, 
mosts, or leasts in the world. Working on the Global Abolish Interest 
Rates Project for 18 years has given me the opportunity to do many 
very unusual things. 
     Considering I might hold a record for most electoral debates 
as well as most debates excluded from in a supposedly "democratic" 
nation, I'd be interested in any putting the speeches I've learned 
to use in any speaking engagements which would include accommodations 
for two. Remember, the Pauper's coming to visit on a shoe-string but 
I'll get there if the deal includes helping paddle the canoe. 
     Hey, Maureen Mallinson, when your New Zealand Greendollar National 
Meeting invited the Pauper Engineer to speak to you, didn't I manage 
to get there on my own? Sure, you may have met my flight from Honolulu 
at Auckland Airport but nobody saw me and Pauline in Honolulu parking 
our canoe from Vancouver. 
     Remember, I've been an officially broke pauper owing Revenue 
Canada $300,000 since the big Topaz gaming house raid 1993. If I had 
kept any money, I'd be sitting in jail for up to 10 years. Becoming 
a pauper again saved me from that threat. Yet, it's funny how God 
always seems to provide as long as you're faithfully on His Job. 
     Who knows, maybe Pauline's little book company will thrive and 
my trips talking LETS become a "business expense." 
     So, the dice are cast. My next week is spent at the Poker tables 
raising the funds for our airline tickets. Though Pauline was born 
near Manchester, she stays home if I don't have a really good week 
at the game. So watch out if you're sitting down in a Poker game with 
me this week because I really bet God wants me working on Christmas 
day this year. And it isn't the usual playing accordion in hospitals. 
Or maybe it will be? Who knows what adventures I'll have with accordion 
and my picket sign in Great Britain, especially if bartering my book 
gets me some Green to spend while I'm there. 
POSTED ON NEWSGROUP: can.politics  and ncf.ca.lets
Dec. 11, 1996
Date: Dec. 20 1996
From: johnturmel@yahoo.com
Subject: TURMEL: Too much great news too fast
     Garry Stafford wrote to say:
*If you get stuck for places to stay Andy Ryrie 
*(INTERNET:10064102165) who is the energy behind starting our 
*system will be at Buckingham Palace on Christmas day & is 
*opening his house in Canterbury to any one who wants to come. 
     So the picket line is starting to form. And I'm sure it will 
grow larger. Last week, I read that the Queen's auto had been 
pelted with eggs by students recently pauperized by funding cuts 
to their life support. If they're ready to pelt Her Majesty with 
eggs, maybe they'll be ready to petition Her Majesty for LETS 
*Date: Wed Dec 18 16:28:34 1996
*From: 100607.2431@compuserve.com (Garry Stafford)
*Subject: John 'the engineer' Turmel's visit to the U K
*To: econ-lets@mailbase.ac.uk (Econ-lets)
*The idea of taking the argument for Letsystems to people such a 
*the Queen & the possibility of something 'newsworthy' happening 
*on Christmas day other than power cuts & low gas pressure, 
*surely must be appealing for those involved in LETS or poverty 
*from in and around London?   
     This is not one of the many demonstrations against the 
"problem." It's a first demonstration for the "solution." On the 
day I mailed my Petition to the Queen, I watched on the news as 
she inspected the paupers' quarters at the New Salvation Army 
Hostel near her palace. Maybe after LETS is explained to a few of 
those "now-high-profile" paupers at the Sally who she couldn't 
help, they would like the chance to petition Her Majesty for 
Greentally jobs with us. If I can get an accordion, I'll give the 
paupers at the Sally Ann a night of entertainment they'll never 
forget. Adding in an explanation of what a Royal LETS could do 
for their lives should produce the necessary support from the 
Sally Ann. We could set up a LETSystem for them so they can 
offer, like Capital LETS, their credits to Her Majesty which they 
will redeem with work in their neighborhoods. 
*We in KENT  have suggested that maybe John would like to make a 
*50 mile detour & come to Canterbury, & use his skills to persuade 
*the Archbishop of Canterbury what LETsystems could do for his 
*'flock'not to mention his crumbling 'infrastructure.'
     As my trip to New Zealand last year turned into one long 
string of pickets and media and personal appearances to talk LETS 
all around the country, I'd expect my trip to your islands might 
end up the same with visits to perhaps France (I am half French-
     Since the Royal Family will be away from Buckingham Palace, 
I'm thinking of having a small motorcade from the Palace up to 
Sandringham. So, something in Canterbury before Christmas would 
surely bring extra attention to the two demos the next day at 
Buckingham Palace and Sandringham, wouldn't it? And I've invited 
the Islamic Party to find an imam to go see the Archbishop with 
     And with two-and-a-half weeks left in my stay, who knows if 
I won't manage to picket Her Majesty a total of 9 times like I 
did when she visited Ottawa. I have been called a "political 
gadfly" which I had taken as an insult until the dictionary 
indicated a "large fly that bites cattle." And yes, I have 
managed to get their attention. . 
     Though I now owe $300,000 to Her Majesty's Revenue Canada 
which condemns me to be one of Her Majesty's paupers for the rest 
of my life, I don't intend to let Her Majesty allow them do keep 
me a pauper quietly. Soon to celebrate my 30th anniversary of 
being a Cameron Highlander in Her Parliament Hill Honour Guard at 
Canada's 1967 Centennial celebrations and now a pauper on a 
picket line. What irony for out times. 
     I'm coming to see if the biggest gadfly of them all can Her 
Majesty's attention for LETS. I wouldn't mind being being Her 
Majesty's Royal Gadfly with my "Abolish Interest with LETS" sign 
for a few weeks. Are there any bets against Her Majesty seeing my 
LETS Petition whether in public, in the papers on the radio or 
television? If she has enough public appearances, we might two-
step it right across the country. I am willing to do anything 
"quixotic" to accomplish my objectives. The strategy is to leave 
a smile on Her Lips if not a LETS imprint on her brain and 
somehow, Her Majesty is going to join me in any spotlight I 
     It's time be a LETSystem gadfly trying to get attention of 
the head. You've all been killing the Beast whenever 
you help someone avoid interest by using your Green tokens. But 
you've been killing the Beast like 2,500 gadflies, a little at a 
time. It's time to go for the head. 
     And don't think The City won't get my attention. I didn't 
picket every Bank of Canada across most of Canada to miss the 
chance to stretch my record with a few big ones overseas. I've 
got nothing better to do than picket loanshark establishments and 
their Regal victims. 
     These kinds of three-week PR picket projects are always a 
lot of fun but they can also turn into bonanzas, even if 
accomplished by paupers. It doesn't take much work. It just takes 
pressing the right buttons at the right times. Even 100 Sally Ann 
paupers with LETS diskette badges on their lapels can have a 
staggering media impact, especially when they were just on the 
telly last week with their impotent Queen. I don't need 50,000 
LETSers on the picket line with me. I need those 100 Sally Ann 
paupers coming back at Her Majesty with the solution they found 
to the problem she couldn't solve. And I'll entertain the troops 
on the front lines at Buck House. It would be sad if I whipped up 
more Sally Ann paupers demonstrating for LETS than LETSers 
demonstrating for LETS.
*John suggested that accounts be opened for him in systems in the 
*UK & around the world. His account number in the Canterbury 
*Letsystem is 275. Anyone else wanting to give a very useful Xmas 
*present to John could do likewise.
     That pretty well guarantees Pauline and I will be spending 
some time and Green in Kent. I have a $3,000 Green credit in 
the Toronto LETS worth 300 hours labor for the cash I put in when 
they needed a laser printer for their newsletter in 1993 and 
Pauline has earned over $300 Greendollars in the Ottawa LETS. Is 
there anyone who will take a promissory check on my Canadian 
Green cashable the day our LETSystems connect? 
     Don't forget, when the Global Abolish Interest Rates Project 
is complete, I, as I'm sure Michael Linton, will be submitting a 
statement of account to the Global LETS bank for our professional 
engineering efforts and doubt the Global members would decide our 
expenses on the job of "banking systems engineer" should not be 
honored. So I won't mind spending Green even if I go negative. 
Though I'm happy to say I have plenty of positive. It seems to be 
the one asset the police were never intent on seizing. I always 
knew this was a project with a lot of thank-yous at the end of 
the rainbow and it's been my privilege to have been given the 
opportunity to lead the attack in so many unheard of ways on the 
Beast of Exponential Debt. I will be free of my debt slavery even 
if I have to free everyone else to do it. 
     I do hope to join as many LETS as I can. I have a reason for 
wanting an account in every LETS. If the Global LETS can't 
organize a time-based clearinghouse to allow trading between 
branches, it can be done through me if I have an account in all 
branches. It shouldn't have to come to that when it really should 
be done by the Crown. If I can manage to get an account in every 
LETS in her realm, I can prove to her that what economic activity 
I can engender with that credit power, she could engender with 
that same credit power. But if she won't do the only job worthy 
of the Crown, then maybe it's a job worthy of a Pauper. 
     But don't forget Her Majesty's account. 
     Richard Kay, as one of Britain's foremost LETSers, could you 
join me in honestly assuring Her Majesty that British LETSers 
could unite to operate a national LETS Greentally system with one 
tally worth one hour's work for eventual compatibility with 
Timedollar systems? It's crucial that tallies be linked to 
manpower over time and not to pounds of anything. 
     We know how quickly the banking system which handles 
American currency or German of French as well as British could 
handle the Queen's Green. Do you think those who engineered 
Australia's network of LETSystems would shirk at helping install 
a national one there? 
     But it would mean LETS organizers around the world would be 
giving up control of their little gardens of eden to the larger, 
more efficient, already-wired database handlers, the banks. With 
only a thanks for having started up and championed the Local 
prototypes which convinced the world that the Global design was 
optimal, I can understand resistance to the Queen taking over our 
LETSystems and running our branches for us but I'm sure she 
wouldn't mind hiring most of the current operators to keep 
running those systems smoothly for her at a much more reliable 
     We need a fait accomplit. LETSystems opening an account in 
her name would also be quite a reciprocal gift. It all starts 
with Her Majesty's account as Number #1. Whether she uses it for 
the region's good or whether your council uses it or whether you 
use it for the good, who won't mind chipping in their share of 
Time currency for their region's good. So call account #1 "the 
Queen" and start funding things whether she's there or not. 
     There might be 1,000 of the 2,500 LETSystems in the world in 
the Commonwealth. Opening up 1000 ready sources of interest-free 
funding for Her Majesty's upkeep of the realm would be a fait-
accomplit she could not fail to take notice of. My goal for 1997 
is to convince every LETSystem in the Commonwealth to open up Her 
Majesty's account. And inform Her of her new no-limit interest-
free line of Tally credit in your LETS community. Send her your 
list of goods and services and invite her to come see how LETS 
helps you cope. 
     We need as many Commonwealth LETSystems to open an account 
in Her Majesty's name within the next few days - preferably 
System Account #1 - and inform Her Majesty of that fact. Before 
Christmas. By telegram if possible. And requesting Her Majesty 
grant me with my entourage of LETSers and political allies an 
     Amplify the power of my offer. I've said that she should 
open a Greendollar account. Do it for her. Let Her Majesty face a 
fait accomplit. All other LETSystems will soon to follow. 
     Making news is never simply having or expressing good ideas. 
It's doing good ideas whether they win or not. Remember, I'll be 
laughed at the 10/11 times I lose when I draw to a 1/11 inside 
straight but I'll be doing the laughing when I pull in a pot with 
12, 13, 14 or more bets that 1/11 times. 
     It's up to you to get the word out to Britain's paupers and 
LETSer semi-paupers that national financial salvation is only one 
regal LETSystem member away. 
*I am very encouraged by the econ-lets working philosophy, in 
*particular the idea of 'Openmindedness:
*Be aware that no theory or insight is complete or perfect;(1)
*Be open to constructive criticism and prepared to revise 
*beliefs in the light of evidence and experience;  
*Question our own assumptions and presuppositions;  
*Cultivate humility, honesty and humour. '
     I agree with the exception that some theories and insights 
are perfect. Game theory provides us with optimal perfect strategy. 
With respect to running something as trivial as a token system, 
optimal strategy is defined and unimprovable. 
*He will need some help when he comes 
*to the UK, I hope whoever can will give it. 
     Yes. Most LETSers aren't used to exerting "political 
pressure" but it's past the time to sign up a steady one or two 
new members a week when we can shoot for the whole Commonwealth 
in one shot. I can bring along the spotlight but they have to 
bring along the show. It's time to be bold and dare to aim high. 
     Here are things that will need to be done:
     - Can a London LETSer find Pauline and me accommodations for 
Canadian Green? 
     - Can a London LETSer find us transportation for Canadian 
     - Can a London LETSer find me a large 120-bass accordion for 
Canadian Green? 
     - Can a London LETSer find us a restaurant where the owner 
won't mind our meeting at the back? 
     - Are there any London LETSers prepared to make a 
presentation to the political parties who attend the Dec 23 
meeting. I don't have the UK data nor the overall number of 
politicians now in favor. 
     - Can our Internet LETSers build a list of pro-LETS 
politicians in the UK? I know you've been working on the 
politicians lately and having a list of the positives could be an 
invaluable asset at the right time. 
     - Can LETSers contact those politicians and ask them to 
telegraph their support to Her Majesty. With still 5 days to 
Christmas, any significant number of coherent messages pro-LETS 
would be noticed. 
     - Richard Kay. The Islamic Party is prepared to meet with me 
to discuss a presentation to the Crown and a Liberal Democratic 
monetary reformer is keen to come along. As a long-time Liberal 
Democrat yourself, could you see if there's any chance that the 
Liberal Democrat leader could also attend? Would he be available 
for a conference call? We'll need people who can think fast and 
take unilateral action they're ready to stand behind on an 
instant's notice and party leaders are most likely to take such a 
stand. I know there are many UK politicians who now favor LETS. 
They must be found and convinced to add their voices, right now 
by telegram to Her Majesty, for a Royal LETS. 
     - Are there any LETS Green Party members out there who would 
commit to inviting their party to our Dec 23 meeting. Michael 
Linton. We met when we were both Green Party of Canada members in 
1984. After expelling me for advocating LETS without central 
authorization, the Green Party of Canada have since added LETS to 
their platform though they always fail to explain the LETS part 
of their program to the electorate which leaves it to our 
Abolitionist Party candidates. Don't think that wasn't funny, 
having our candidates point out the benefits of LETS while noting 
that one of our opponents also has it on their program but don't 
understand it's potential enough to talk about it. It's like 
having a rocket engine but the Greens have it hooked up to their 
lawn-mower. But Wendy Priesnitz, a Canadian Green Party 
leadership candidate signed the petition on her own initiative to 
use it like a rocket-engine for a Canada-wide LETS. With the New 
Zealand Green leader being a member of a LETS, the Greens must be 
invited to join this LETS Alliance. So, Maureen Mallinson. She's 
a LETS member. Spend the nickel and give her a call and ask her 
if she'll join the Canadian LETSer she met last year in urging 
Her Majesty to join LETS. 
     - Are there any Social Crediters out there who would like to 
attend? Though the bureaucrats in the Social Credit Secretariat 
don't see the social nature of Greendollar credits, the New 
Zealand Social Crediter leader, John Wright, have endorsed LETS 
and I'm sure many rank and file will see it too. Can a LETSer in 
Christchurch give John Wright a call. 
     - Ms. Lee of the Maori party who seemed pre-disposed to 
     - Also, Australian Greens and any who know Maggie Deahms. 
Here's a lady who has led the fight to LETS. Surely she'll add a 
telegram urging Her Majesty enjoy the benefits of a LETS account 
too.  I don't know if there's a social credit party with 
influence but they're always likely to like LETS. 
     - The only way to get the Crown's serious attention at this 
point is with telegrams. If you're a LETSer and you can spare the 
two bucks, I call on you to add your wire for a Crown LETS now. 
     - Call or fax your Member of Parliament that you want him to 
telegram his support for a a Commonwealth LETS. 
     - A deluge of the palace with faxes or telegrams that you 
will serve Her Majesty for her own interest-free LETS Green 
Tallies would be nice. 
     - Once the time and place of the meeting has been determined 
and posted, I'd ask you to fax that to your local media who will 
inform the national media that they're looking for the story. 
     - Prepare a LETS media FAX network. Find LETSers with email 
and computer fax capability to build up a database of media 
numbers for their area. When a email LETS press release or news 
item on LETS comes through for fax transmission, it can be 
relayed toll-free to the media in that area. My goal will be to 
leave every LETSystem I visit committed to joining the LETS FAX 
     - Can we build a list of LETSers prepared to give 
presentations to any politicians in their area I can persuade to 
listen? A sort of LETS Speaker's Bureau.  
     - Does anyone know of any Greendollar events I can attend 
before Jan 11. I know how to generate the media that will go with 
those visits. When the "Turmel Tornado" hit New Zealand, it made 
lots of news. And I have several other interesting public 
relations stunts up my sleeve including "The Gambler's" world's 
biggest bet with a British Bookie. On LETS too. 
     - Can any LETSer get a list of public appearances of Her 
Majesty and Prince Charles where they might notice our placard 
petitions for a Royal LETS. Picketing techniques like coordinated 
drawls at comfortable intervals overwhelm all noise. One large 
repetitive coherent waveform calmly wins everyone's attention. 
The coherent protest chant of a dozen comes across clearly amid 
the din of cheering and applause from hundreds. Trust me, our 
"LETS TO WORK" chant will be transmitted by the media. 
     - LETSers need a LET$ badge made up of a labelled diskette. 
You must start wearing one openly. Throngs of people will ask 
about the program and they'll be coming to you rather than you 
having to go to them. 
     - Can any London LETSer find someone to be video-cameraman 
so the Queen gets to hear our case whether we get in or not. Then 
some of our signs can read: "Watch the LETS videotape" from afar.
     - Post any results to both econ-lets and own.eco.lets for 
our Project Royal LETS. Things like any kind of progress with 
anyone would lend an atmosphere of action, progress, vibrancy on 
a project of immediate consequence that catches on. Building the 
Abolitionist Party and fielding 80 candidates, more than the 
Green Party's 79, in only three weeks was the height of 
excitement. A small team of workers making a few calls a day and 
reporting on results sounds like an army in action. We did this 
on the first nation-wide teleconference and tapes of those 
evenings' reports are still riveting. 
     The convergence of opportunities to put pressure on the 
Crown, Islam, Christianity, Judaism to endorse LETS now by making 
LETS a global issue now should not be missed. You don't want to 
miss this bandwagon. And with my accordion, my four Guinness 
records - I recently submitted 3 more - and with my biggest bet 
ever booked on the power of LETS by an official pauper, trust me, 
the media won't be able to ignore this LETS carnival. This is a 
chance for LETSers to push some buttons with Commonwealth-wide 
     You have no idea of the political power inherent in your 
financial organization. If LETSers decided to back the Green or 
Islamic party - or an Alliance like in New Zealand between Greens 
and Democrats - or if LETSers decided to form their own "LETS 
Party" - catchy phrase and true - their network, like any network 
of organizations could be switched to a political purpose in an 
instant's notice. 
     Consider at the debtors' revolution Mexico against "El 
Barzon," "The Yoke" of 40% Debt Slavery. El Barzon have 800,000 
members fighting the banks and certainly ready to become a large 
LETSystem on a moment's notice. 1997 should be a very good year 
for LETS large database installation. Someone please send them a 
note to check up on LETS. Think big. Are there any other large 
databases out there that could be switched on? 
     Too many people the world over are in mortal misery and we 
know from experience that a Commonwealth-wide LETSystem life-boat 
could offer everyone much hope. LETS funding solves so many 
problems that to not help in the earliest effort to install the 
software on the largest database is an error in judgment of 
colossal proportion. How many think I was wrong when I argued to 
the Supreme Court of Canada:
I pointed out they had the might to instantaneously,
Effect repair on our industrial capacity.
It's just like a conveyer belt with people in a line,
Who fall into abyss of Luciferian design.
If you could press a button and cut power to the beast,
The belt would have momentum but you'd lose the very least.
With the production maximized of butter, not of guns,
We still could not get there in time for all the weakest ones.
So there would be a finite loss of souls until the day,
When all may access credit and for life support may pay.
But if you'd waited for a while before you used your might,
You'd lose some extra souls for failing to so expedite.
And if you had refused to press the button to this day,
It would, on you, the blame for every fallen soul we'd lay.
With simple mathematics we can count the number who,
Have perished by inaction of the men with power few.
The number of souls perishing, all due to the delay,
Is equal to the number who do perish on that day.
With 40,000 children dying every single day,
Responsibility belongs to those who had the say.
Since all the judges had the power to compel the banks,
To fix the killer program so they don't deserve our thanks.
The number they must answer for which day to day does climb,
Is equal to the number who have perished since that time.
     That's why in my latest application to the Supreme Court of 
Canada, I pointed out that since the last time they ignored me on 
the question of usury, their K-slabs had grown to over 200 
million dead babies. That's right. I told the Supreme Court that 
if they had abolished interest and restricted the banks' 
computers to a LETS service charge back in 1981, the whole world 
would have followed in short order and the interest-free credit 
would have saved those 200 million savable but now dead babies. 
     If you've read my Supreme Court cases against usury posted 
in our "own.eco.lets" newsgroup, you know I  wasn't kidding when 
I indicted usury as genocide of the paupers 5 times in the 
Supreme Court of Canada. If providing credit to the paupers saves 
the paupers, the denying them that credit for life-support is 
what's killing them. 
     That's why Mohammed would make war and kill the usurers 
while I only break them with a deck of cards. To raise funds for 
the Global Abolish Interest Rates project, I made war with a deck 
of cards resulting in many victims and much pain. If their 
families had had their own interest-free credit lines, I'd have 
been able to beat up on daddy without the sadness in my heart as 
I inexorably and heartlessly broke every friend who sat at the 
gaming tables with me. I see a future world where busting out 
daddy at the tables is not cause of suffering to anyone but the 
loser at the tables and how much can he suffer when junior can 
use junior's own Green credit card to buy daddy supper when daddy 
gets busted out by Turmel. 
     Fortunately, I prefer breaking banks which resulted in my 
being barred from the Blackjack tables at the Hilton and Sands 
Casinos in Las Vegas. And someday, I hope to hold the record for 
having broken the biggest banking cartel, though invisible, in 
history. And without letting one banker be shot as God told 
Habbakuk usually happens when their debtors slip their yokes of 
debt slavery. 
     I've always said that the solution to world financial 
problems could take place in the twinkling of an eye.      This 
is no joke. We're hearing possibilities of direct access to the 
Crown Prince who strikes me as another square peg in a round hole 
who might be up to the task of moving fast. All He has to do is 
join LETS and I'll be ready to work for him as my monarch. But if 
we don't get a LETS as a Christmas present, it could always be a 
New Year's present or next year's Christmas present. What if we 
win? What if Prince Charles finds LETS as bright as we think it 
is and he'd rather have a LETS account than deal with the 
loansharks he'll inherit with the Crown from his mother. 
     We're fighting the Beast of Exponential Debt and you've been 
invited in on the kill. It's an assault you won't want to miss. 

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