Dec. 11, 1996


The day I got my 1997 Guinness Book,
Of Worldly Records, for my name, Turmel, I had to look.
I noted on same page, Elizabeth, Your Majesty,
Holds record among ruling Queens for Your longevity.
Perhaps P.M. of India, Morarji "wise" Desai,
Who holds a record on next page for age at work most high,
Imparted to Your Majesty the secret of his youth,
A secret I have verified as nature's greatest truth.

Your Majesty may not recall that during '50s tour,
In Hamilton, a child on father's shoulder, waving sure.
Your Majesty may not recall on Parliament's front yard,
On Canada's Centennial, a Cameron in Your Guard.
But Majesty should not forget in 1983,
At patriation of our constitution meeting me,
My soldier's bonnet now a hard-hat for "The Engineer,"
My rifle now a pauper's picket sign with message clear:

"Abolish Interest," reporters saw on Regal lips,
Which made well worth the effort of nine different picket trips.
I bring you joyful news of abolition in your realm,
Of usury but soon we'll need Your guidance at the helm.
Within Your Commonwealth have risen systems LETS of hope,
So paupers of Your Commonwealth with unemployment cope.
Parliamentary member in Australia, Maggie Deahm,
Said LETS is helping needy trade employment like a dream.

Four hundred branches serving fifty thousand Brits to date,
With branches new developing with funding from the State!
Two hundred in Australia where legislation passed,
Exempted needy from the tax on income LETS amassed.
With Councils offered Green, there is no need for funds to hunt,
Laws passed allowing councils to accept Green tax up front.
Within New Zealand are a hundred LETS to save the day,
With dozens more in Canada to pave the better way.

At end of 1994, six hundred LETS around,
At end of 1995, twelve hundred LETS abound.
Two thousand and five hundred at the end of '96,
It's doubling yearly exponentially, the world to fix.
Your subjets who have joined the barter LETS make accolade:
"The trade of goods and services more easily is made.
The program that is used to track our "trading work" accounts,
Is known around the world as LETS. To barter it amounts.

"Local Employment Trading System" is the name it got,
To run the banks' computers right, a way once vainly sought.
Greendollars are the currency used in a LETS account,
Without the interest that forces growth of due amount.
A member who is spending may go negative at will,
A positive goes to the one who makes use of his skill.
And though we use no money, we have found a way to trade,
A giant step in the reform of money has been made.

A butcher bought some pastry at the bakery one day,
And called the LETS exchange recorder. He was heard to say:
"Please debit 20 dollars Green from my account for cake.
A credit to account of baker, you, in Green, should make.
The baker took his family to the restaurant one night,
And called the LETS exchange recorder and was heard to cite:
"Please debit 20 dollars Green from my account for meal,
And credit the account of restauranteur in this deal."

The restauranteur, needing meat, had Green with which to buy,
And called the LETS exchange recorder to so testify:
"Please debit 20 dollars Green from my account for meat.
And credit the account of butcher. Circle's now complete!"
Some didn't like to call for every deal they wished to make,
So each agreed all other's checks in Green they all would take.
The butcher went to bakery to buy some loaves of bread,
And used a check on which "Worth 20 dollars Green" it said.

The baker took his family out to dine and eat their fill,
And used the butcher's $20 check to pay the bill.
The restauranteur paid for time he spent in dentist's chair,
The dentist used the $20 check for car repair.
The check from the mechanic paid for caring of a nurse,
Her plumber gladly nodded when she took it from her purse.
The plumber's children's music teacher for the check was keen,
Because she knew her seamstress happily took all her Green.

To her account the check was duly credited at last,
And 20 dollar debit to the butcher was amassed.
But had she spent it at the butcher shop, we'd get to see,
Completion of the circle meant the trades were all for free."
A mayor faced with rising costs and shrinking revenues,
To study any proposition, he would not refuse.
"So many think the job of being mayor is such a snap,
But the decisions that I'm faced with are an ugly trap.

With tools, materials and trades that cover total range,
Yet one ingredient is lacking, money to exchange.
If snowstorm hits the city and there are no funds to pay,
What does my council have to do to clear the snow away?
We pledge a million dollar bond to banks to get the cash,
With which we pay the skillful men who clear snow in a flash.
The merchants gladly take the funds for soon they have to pay,
The taxes for the snow removal that was done that day.

But though a million principle was spent, we must request,
That citizens be taxed for principle and interest.
To budget who gets scarce resources isn't ever fun,
But interest on city's debt is always number one.
Whatever rate the bankers set is due amount I pay,
Unhappily, which projects live or die's my only say.
But if it's true Greendollars serve as well as Locals tell:
Why shouldn't government be one to try it out as well?

When another snowstorm hits without the funds to pay,
We'll test to see if LETS Greendollars are a better way.
This time we pledge the million bond to Treasury instead,
And see if use of Green will get us very much ahead.
The merchant should accept Greendollars as another way,
His taxes needed for the snow removal, he can pay.
Again we'll spend a million but the tax to be assessed,
Including only principle without the interest.

Before the budget allocations are completely spent,
Could LETS Greendollars help reverse project abandonment?
If council members for their tax took part of pay in Green,
We'd have some cash left over which is something rarely seen.
If civil service took some Green at least for taxes due,
The extra cash would guarantee that extra jobs ensue.
We'd offer Green to fix a pothole to a company,
Wishing to pay their tax with unemployed capacity.

With Green we'd pay for road repairs and all would gladly take,
Greendollars from the working men so payment all could make;
And we could build our hospitals and all would take as pay,
Greendollars to buy medicine and service they purvey.
Today, in our society, where money clearly lacks,
Who could refuse some paper anyone may use for tax?
Greendollar paychecks could be earned by all desiring work,
The opportunity to pull their weight so few would shirk.

With Green the unemployed around the world will save the day,
Without it they will idly sit and die their lives away.
And best of all we'd have the Green to save environment,
A way to pay to save our lives and make us affluent.
The only question left is how the tax should be assessed,
For goods and services? A simple formula to test.
For services, we'd levy tax at end of every year.
For assets, tax to pay depreciation. It's so clear.

The government that spent the most and had the highest tax,
Would be the government providing citizens the max.
We're told that government finance is only for the sage,
Too hard for Mr. Average, its study to engage.
But does it have to be well understood by only few?
Or can the problem be explained for Mr. Average too?
A closer look at how our governments spend revenue,
Might let us know what's gone amiss and what we have to do.

When you were little, did you ever dream of printing cash?
Of filling up your wallet with some money in a flash?
Creating money accurately means TO HAVE THE PLATES,
The stamping of some paper into notes best demonstrates;
Or stamping metal into coins; or blips computerized,
Into your bank account deposits, checks now authorized.
So whether paper, metal, volts of electricity,
TO HAVE THE PLATES is printing money absolutely free.

Now if you printed to spend, the others would bewail,
They'd call it counterfeiting and send you off to jail.
But what if Crown would let you merely print it up to lend?
With only what you could collect in interest to spend?
If you could print and lend a thousand out at ten percent,
You'd make a hundred interest on printing that you lent.
But if you could print up and lend a million out you'd get,
An extra hundred thousand dollars for your fee on debt!

If Crown stops using its own money plates and comes to you,
A billion printed nets a hundred million revenue!!
With everybody being taxed to pay you interest,
Of all the scams in history, TO HAVE THE PLATES is best!!!
Though never spending, only lending, riches do await,
To all who with the plates become the loan-sharks to the state.
And though to join the few who thusly profit, one might dream,
Wake up to see we're all the victims of their greedy scheme.

While Crowns of old had ruled that "Treasury run money plates,"
Without the interest to middle-men at rip-off rates,
Today most governments to banking industry have lost,
Control of money plates so interest is now a cost.
To service debt in ninety four, Canada's request,
A hundred'n eighty billion dollars paid in interest.
We're taxed over five hundred dollars each per month to pay,
For interest to holders of our plates they gave away!!!

We now see the unjustly cost that makes our tax inflate,
And only usury is what we must eliminate.
We Abolitionists would get the plates back from the banks,
Have Treasury create the money for printing charge and thanks.
The interest we save could be split up I recommend,
For each to get five hundred dollars monthly dividend,
As if you owned a share in the incorporated state,
An income guaranteed for life, no question, no debate.

And though retired residents do often feel dismay,
They shouldn't fear if we should take their interest away.
All those who live on saving bonds to furnish what they spend,
Could buy some stocks, create some jobs and get a dividend.
Does Majesty agree control of plates by banks should end,
With no more tax for interest on money bankers lend?
The most successful Royal LETS was in the British Isle,
Where "Tallies," sticks of money, left King Henry I with smile.

Accountants in the Treasury would split the stick in two,
One half would be the money and the other half its due.
A Tally worth a pound of gold to pay the King's expense,
The other half amounted to taxation that makes sense.
The tax collectors through the land all had an easy way,
Since people had their tallies and enough the tax to pay.
The tallies funded projects and could pay for everything,
With tallies matching tax, a hero, Henry I, their King.

For over 700 years, the tallies were in use,
But having lost control of money now is Crown excuse.
By opening, Your Majesty, GreenTally LETS account,
You'd find some 50,000 Loyal Subjects by your mount,
Who will accept Your tax for people's time at useful toil,
Though taxing us for money's time will always make us boil.
The LETS can grant you love of subjects only Henry knew,
As easy as a switch of disk by Say of Royal You.

May Engineer bring Majesty in audience to date?
On how a Royal LETS of Tallies might avail Your State.
For Hour's work, a Royal Tally, would, with Christmas soon,
Be hailed by all your loyal subjects as a Regal boon.
No need to go to loansharks anymore, we think You're good,
For any tallies that you spend in metal, scrip or wood.
Fifty thousand LETSers give to Crown Your credit due,
Without the bankers' hoop of usury you always knew.

I'll pay Your tax for army and police to handle strife;
I'll pay Your tax for doctors, nurses who protect my life;
I'll pay Your tax for all engaged repairing road and sewer,
I'll pay Your tax for social servants helping out the poor;
I'll even pay Your tax for bureaucrats with no regret;
But I'll resist Your tax for any interest on debt.
"Abolish Interest" is the Petition of our Right,
As loyal subjects pray out loud for show of Regal might.

It's time to slay the dragon of our debt to foreign hands,
I'm sure the Sword of LETS will satisfy Regal demands.
In Matthew chapter 6 verse 9, Christ taught us how to pray:
"When you are praying to your Regent, here is what you say:
"Our Noble Queen, Elizabeth, honored be Thy Name,
Thy Queendom come, Thy Will be done on earth as heaven, the same.
Give us now our daily bread, forgive us all our debts,
As we forgive our debtors all their debts by using LETS.

And to temptation, lead us not, don't put us to the test,
Deliver us with Tallies from their wicked interest." "

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