John C. Turmel, B. Eng.,
Ralph Nader, 
Consumer Watch,
Dear Ralph:
     We met at your talk at the University of Mississippi. I hope you 
had the chance to scan my book, The Adventures of John The Engineer 
Turmel. As you publish a newsletter for bankers, I hope you noted my 
anti-bank activities. If so, you're aware that my funding of LETS 
timecurrencies was just one tactic added to legal and political 
challenges I pursued on a pauper's resources. I do believe I was the 
first person to bring the unsafe engineering design of money to your 
attention and have often since then pointed to your endorsement of 1/s 
interest-free currency systems to bolster my arguments. 
     At your Mississippi meeting, your presentation would have been 
pure doom and gloom had you not, in answer to my prompt on a question 
about a US National LETS, perked up the audience with the success 
story of the quadriplegic on the Phil Donohue show who explained how 
he paid for his rides with Hours earned organizing their library. 
Instead of people people leaving the meeting with a feeling of 
hopeless dread at corporate control, they left with a feeling of hope 
at employment liberation. You could have capitalized on it.
     Having been the engineer to derive the equation and then fund the 
Local Employment-Trading System software and the politician to run in 
47 elections telling Greendollar, Timedollar, and Hour stories, I know 
what crowd-pleasers those success stories can be. It took but this one 
successful Employment-Trading story to change the tone of your meeting 
from dread to hope. 
     Your subsequent reference to Brooklyn Greenbacks, Ithaca and El 
Paso Hours cinched the upbeat tone so that Pauline Morrissette noted 
28 names on your LETS info sheet. I think any other politician who 
could walk into a meeting of 100 people and end up with 28 signatures 
to join a database would consider that quite a score. I doubt your 
other interest sheets scored so well. 
     And you weren't even trying. Imagine how many names you could 
have had on a Nader LETS financial database if you were trying to sign 
them up. Using only everyone's business cards, you could broker a 
hypothetical circle of trades and then point out the possible "fait 
accomplit" if they simply all sign up and make their promises binding. 
Posting each business card on a board in Occupational order as trades 
are brokered shows them what their ad would look like in the 
Directory. And they could contribute Green to purchase resources to 
your campaign right then and there. 
     In 1993, I ran for Canadian Prime Minister as head of my 80 
candidate Abolitionist Party slate to promote National LETS. In 1996, 
you ran for President with LETS less prominently in your party 
program. I asked for your endorsement of a US National LETS and though 
you got good mileage with some local models, you didn't respond to the 
national question. Green parties around the world have been endorsing 
LETS for a decade, though never prominently. I've  always joked that 
LETS is a rocket engine and the Green's have got it installed in their 
     LETS is now being endorsed by more and more religions and 
political parties. I've got endorsements from Catholics, Protestants, 
Muslims and Jews. Green parties, Liberal parties, Socialist parties, 
Capitalist parties, leading to the conclusion that an interest-free 
time-trading barter system is on the verge of sweeping the world. Once 
my Mondex card includes a LETS Green account with all my other 
accounts, I know what currency I'm going to be using 100% of the time. 
     Politicians world-wide are hailing the LETS solution. Check out 
my web site for recent endorsements by the UK government. But you were 
the first American to champion the cause. 
     Since a National LETS Hourdollar System needs a political 
champion in the United States, who better deserves the votes of many 
databases of happy US LETS users who might support you if you 
championed their upbeat success stories more prominently. Every LETS 
you talk them into helping themselves with becomes a database of votes 
for you in your quest for national LETS. 
1999 Chicago Local Currencies Conference 
     I will be speaking at this year's Chicago Local Currencies 
conference. Many advocates including Edgar Cahn will be there. Is 
there any chance you could be there? I'm sure you could get on several 
panels and your presence would certainly generate the attention this 
worthy poor people's conference deserves. 
     I picked up 9 new books at TOES97 which mentioned that using LETS 
Timedollars is a prerequisite to a sustainable society. If there is 
LETS reform being touted anywhere internationally, this is it. You 
should come and get your name prominently associated with the LETS 
     I know that my world record for political persistence now gets 
the interest of media which permits me to inject the more serious LETS 
information in with the more flamboyant activities. That a 
professional gambling winner would be the world's biggest political 
loser provides too much of a paradox for them to ignore. All I know is 
that I bet on LETS from the start and that's the bet I'm going to want 
to be talking about. 
     Would you be interested in joining us in discussions of linking 
all America's local currencies under the Hour standard of value and 
making it an issue in your upcoming national elections? If so, I would 
pleased to have you attend my presentation on July 11, 3p.m. 
     Hoping you see the same potential in national LETS that I do, I 
am, yours truly, 

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