Subject: TURMEL: TOES: Turmel's Other Economic Summit
Date: 12 May 1998 20:33:28

     We're soon off the TOES 98 in Birmingham, England. I always feel
it a great honor to visit the land of King Henry the First and Best
King England ever had. King Henry's invention of government "tally-
money" ushered in an era of interest-free stability which permitted
Europe to not only provide employment for all but enough leisure to
build the greatest cathedrals and have the most holidays. Of course,
with LETS Tallies, the Queen could do the same.

     I'm sad to report that there might be no mention of LETS on the
official TOES 98 agenda. You'll remember last month when I posted the
information from Sara Murphy at on TOES
and my two requests for time and space to make a presentation on the
Petition for National LETS. Several weeks later, I had still received
no response and wrote again.
     sara.murphy@neweconomics has been disconnected.
     Luckily, Sabine telephoned Sarah who said she had informed me
that there was no more room in the workshop for my presentation.
     Last year had 5 speakers on LETS. I'm quite ashamed there weren't
even more let alone no LETS presentations on this year's agenda. I
think it's a mighty public slap that this year there's no room at the
local currency panel for the engineer who derived the 1/s local
currency equation.
     Fortunately, any unoccupied room will do and was easily found for
my second last-minute presentation last year and can be again. So I'll
guess we'll have to tag on a session called TOES "Turmel's Other
Economic Summit" for those interested in the only public discussion of
LETS which the other two Economic Summits seem to have missed. I'm
betting the Petition for National LETS might still make LETS the talk
of both the TOES and the G8 Summits.
     After visiting as many LETS as we can, I'm sure we'll have many
stories to tell when we get back.
     Stay tuned to G8 demonstration stories and you might see the
"Abolish Interest Rates" "with National LETS" placard of the most
losing and persistent Anti-Debt-Slavery Abolitionist politician in the

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