Subject: TURMEL: LETS Update 19980328
Date: 24 Mar 1998 09:35:44

TURMEL: LETS Update 19980324

     Due to the size of several of the items, I've posted the
following articles to the Usenet and

by Edward Goldsmith and Perry Walker
     JCT: After his meeting with Pauline, he sent her his essay which
I think is one of the most inspiring I have ever read. I hope Mr.
Goldsmith and Walker get it published soon and I'll be on the buyer's
list to find out what else they are writing about. And my response.

by Paul Brinkley-Rogers in The Arizona Republic
     JCT: Too bad it only mentions LETS promotion as the purpose for
my activities but doesn't get into details. He cites for a Kook-of-the-Month award for
arguing the equation for LETS is one of Christ's differential

by Ken Fink on the front page of The Biloxi Sun Herald
     JCT: A third of the article is on LETS banking system's
engineering reform and he chose to cite


It will include Ralph Nader signing up 28 people interested in
starting up specifically mentioning "Ithaca Hours," "Brooklyn
Greenbacks," "El Paso Hours" as rays of success after a very somber
speech to a public meeting in Gulfport, Mississippi, USA. As we were
having our pictures taken, he told me he remembered the time we'd met
at another public meeting almosttwo decades before.

They're still paying lawyers to exchange correspondence and sending me

ARTICLE ON BOOK: Jesus, Builder and Master,
by Giovani Magnani arguing that Greek scriptures refer to Joseph and
Jesus as master builders, "tektons" implying a high level of
professional training and craftsmanship.
     JCT: I always figured that with all the gold the Magi gave him,
he could afford to take systems engineering rather than carpentry. I'd
always accorded him that status once I saw his LETS and USURY
differential equations. And when I quizzed the entire Internet
Scientific World asking for the Differential Equation in Matt.13:12,
Matt.25:29, Luke19:26, Luke8:18, only one physics student from a Texas
University came up with dB/dt = iB where B=Balance, i=usury-rate,
t=time. One other who sees the LETS and USURY Differential equations
in the same verses that I do is enough for me. Christ was a tekton
with a lot of gold whose Roman Execution Order certified him a King of
the Jews. If the scribes weren't joking around with The Emperor's
paperswork, the Bible may have been an even more epic story if it was
not a Poor Carpenter's Son taking on the USURY establishment but a
bona fide Rich Crown Prince. If I were a Hollywood scriptwriter, I'd
think that his turning out to be a Rich Crown Prince will make a much
better movie.

     I'll report on an invitation to attend the Proceedings of the 7th
Congress of the Communist Party of Canada (Marxist-Leninist) Party of
Canada where I will be given the chance to raise LETS in the
discussion session and I hope to let the Communist politicians of the
World know that they don't have to let the Capitalist World be alone
in endorsing the LETS banking software upgrade. I'm sure Marx and
Lenin would both endorse LETS too.
     So far, LETS only have the endorsement of one Canadian Marxist-
Leninist candidate during my last federal election. I'm happy to think
the breakthrough on the Communist Politicians of the World might be a
first LETS endorsement out of Canada. I think I'll try. After all,
added to Nader's Greens and British Commonwealth party sypporters and
others everywhere, no political party can afford to duck using LETS
for long. Waiting to start employment-trading kills. "Why did the wait
once they had found out?" The numbers can be computed. Let's see if
Communists and Capitalists political establishment can free up one arm
from the weaponry to do LETS trade and see if everyone soon doesn't
want both arms working at LETS trade.
     Finally I'd point out that with the addition of a prominent
Jewish writer/publisher's opinions on LETS to Catholic Sister
Dorothy's "LETS Talk Money" booklet and the Anglican Bishop Peter
Selby plugging the LETS equation in his new book "Grace and Mortgage"
added to David Pidcock, the Leader of the Islamic Party of Great
Britain, endorsing LETS in Internet Newsgroups, it seems usury-free
LETS is the one positive thing going on in the world that all wise
religions are coming to agree on as conforming to basic Human Rights
to share in the world's abundance.
     And all it takes is just one big banking network or Internet
Service Provider (AOL or MICROSOFT) to offer LETS accounts on the Hour
standard OF Human Labor to millions at once and we can put our world
to work saving ourselves from real-world problems.
     Usury-free credits cards saving people all around the world. I
see a LETS Debt-Growth Jubilee in 2000 and though the light's popping
on in in more and more people's minds around the world, its
implementation will still take 99% of the world's population by
heavenly surprise.
     Happy promotions to all LETS promoters, I am,
     Sincerely yours.

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