Subject: TURMEL: LETS: 1998 Australia Tour
Date: 30 Nov 1997 23:08:48

TURMEL: LETS: 1998 Australia Tour

     Pauline and I will touring Australia for a few of months in the
new year. Though we will be spending most of our time in Melbourne and
Adelaide, we would be interested in speaking to Social Credit and LETS
groups anywhere in the country on the topic of Australia LETS or Eden
LETS rather than Local LETS hoping to get the Socred numerator
currency reformers to join the bandwagon with the LETS denominator
currency reformers. Of all the countries which might lead the world
into Third Millenium banking, Australia would seem to be the best bet.
If you would be interested in helping arrange some kind of speaking
engagement in your town, please drop me a line.

     The 1998 Guinness Book of Records is in error for my most
elections contested. It left it at 41 even though it was broken not
once but three times last year. I'm stunned they could have missed all

     John Crosbie, considered one of Canada's wittiest Tory
politicians and former Finance Minister is doing the rounds plugging
his new book about his memoirs. I bet he doesn't mention the time I
caught him in public in the early 1980s where he was at Western
University as during a London byelection to support his candidate and
was answering questions. I was first at the mike with the Engineer's
cap asking:
     Turmel: I sent you the equations for inflation and unemployment.
Why didn't you use them?
     Crosbie: I was never very good in mathematics.
     JCT: It got a good laugh and I joined in though I wonder if many
of the others laughing thought the joke was on him or on me.

     I know that my dream of governments opening accounts has happened
in the United Kingdom. At last count, there were 5 councils who had
operating accounts. I can only hope they soon start making full use of
the panoply of opportunities this will provide.
     All discussion about how large systems should govern themselves
when allocating Green contributions to municipal projects and
charities need not take place if such decisions are left to the people
we have already elected to handle those things for us.
     Just because we properly denigrate most politicians who stuck in
the Interest Trap, it is no reason to assume they would be incompetent
once freed from its stupid requirements. Especially in Australia where
more and more larger and larger systems are considering offering
services government can no longer afford to do, once again, there is
no reason for LETS to become a new financial government when giving
the regular LETS financial power leaves government where it's been
elected to reside.
     Yet, I realize that setting up LETS is like pioneering a new land
of abundance and people are so happy with the results, they just don't
want to chance government screwing it up. As a LETS engineer and the
supporter who has sunk more equity in the project than anyone else in
the world, I can only assure that those funds were spent in supporting
the local initiative purely to demonstrate its feasibility as a
national and international one.
     My aim has always been to have credit declared a public service
provided free of charge by government rather than a private service
provided at interest by corporations. My professional duty as a
banking systems engineer compels me to continue this quest until
positive feedback on debts has been eradicated from banking software
everywhere in the world. And of course, this takes no coercion, only a
Green option. Who would borrow money privately at interest when it can
be borrowed interest-free at the cage?
     All I ask is that my Mondex card carry my Canadian account,
American account, British account, Australian account and LETS
account. And pursuant to Gresham's law, I'll use my interest-bearing
accounts last. Except Gresham's got it wrong in the LETS case where
the good money chases out the bad.

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