LETS: Upcoming Reports and Activities
Date: Mon Aug 25 06:07:12 1997

     Greetings to all LETS supporters after two months on the road.
I'm back to participate in another Ontario provincial byelection,
Ottawa West, to try to make LETS the Number 1 issue. Pauline and I
have lots of interesting news from mail relating to the Petition for
National/Global LETS, reports on LETS at the TOES97 People's Summit
and other LETS goings-on. Over the next two weeks, I will be

1. LETS Ottawa West Candidate reports

     During the last June 1997 Canadian federal general election, John
Turmel was the only federal candidate in Canada who mentioned National
LETS on National Television. Of course, I had to gate-crash the
televised debate for five of my 7 Ottawa West opponents to get my
lawful "equitable" share of the broadcast time.
     I am running for 43rd time in the Sept. 4 1997 Ontario Provincial
byelection in Ottawa West as an Abolitionist Independent candidate and
intend to continue to make LETS the major issue of the campaign.
     My aim is to achieve the consensus of all the candidates to
install a province-wide Greendollar LETS "Local Employment-Trading
System" at all Ontario banks in parallel with our Canadian and US
money accounts.
     In Hamilton East 1996, Abolitionist, Green, Christian Heritage,
Christian Freedom and one independent candidates out of thirteen
signed the pro-LETS petition (38.5%).
     In Ottawa West 1997, Abolitionist, Green, NDP, Marxist-Leninist,
Natural Law out of eight candidates candidates signed (62.5%). Only
the Liberal, Conservative and Reform did not.
     So we know that:
- Bhuddists liked LETS first;
- Jews like LETS;
- Christians like LETS;
- Muslims like LETS;
- Abolitionists members like LETS;
- Greens members like LETS;
- Christian Freedom members like LETS;
- Christian Heritage members like LETS;
- Natural Law members like LETS;
- New Democrat members like LETS;
- Marxist-Leninists members like LETS.

     This time in Ottawa West, there are only the Abolitionist, Green,
Liberal, Tory, and New Democrat candidates. I think the Liberal and
Tory are going to spend this election explaining why Liberals and
Conservatives do not. My Candidate Reports will deal mostly with
gaining that consensus from the negatives and questions dealing with
LETS as an anti-poverty solution and posted to politics-related

     I also hope to start a slate of pro-LETS candidates to run in the
upcoming municipal elections.

     At the TOES 97 People's Summit in Denver, Michael Linton, the
LETS project engineer, and I, the LETS consulting engineer, were
speakers at the LETS workshop and had to clash over government using
LETS currency too. Just goes to show that it's possible for engineers
to collaborate on the technical even while holding philosophical
disagreements. I will post a TOES97 Report with transcript of our
debate with my commentary to LETS related newsgroups and TOES mailing

3. LETS Book Reports
      I'll be doing some reports on books I found at the TOES
conference and since. I found 10 books I never owned before which all
offer LETS 1/s currency as an anti-poverty solution:

Money and Debt: A solution to the global crisis
ISBN 0-9625208-1-0: Thomas H. Greco (1990)

Future Wealth: A new Economics for the 21st century
ISBN 0-942850-25-4: James Robertson (1990)

Paradigms in Progress: Life Beyond Economics
ISBN 0-941705-21-8: Hazel Henderson (1991)

New Money for Healthy Communities
ISBN 0-9625208-2-9 Thomas Greco Jr. (1994)

Invested in the Common Good
ISBN 1-55092-243-2: Susan Meeker-Lowry (1995)

Whole in Life Economics: Revaluing Daily Life
ISBN 0-86571-266-2: Barbara Brandt (1995)

Towards a Sustainable Economy: The need for fundamental change
ISBN 1-897766-14-9: Ted Trainer (1996)

Eco-City: Healthy Communities, Healthy Planet
ISBN 0-86571-353-7: Mark Roseland (1997)

A World that Works: Building Blocks for a Just and Sustainable Society
ISBN 0-942850-38-6: Trent Schroyer (1997)

Grace and Mortgage: The Language of Faith and the Debt in the World
ISBN 0-232-52170-0: Peter Selby (1997)
     Peter Selby who held the William Leech Professorial Fellowship
in Applied Christian Theology at Durham University before becoming
Bishop of Worcester cited my Banking Systems Engineering Analysis to
prove John Kenneth Galbraith wrong on whether inflation is the direct
or the indirect function of the interest rate, what I call the Big Lie
of Economics. The Bishop saw the lie.

     For any interested in all the LETS activities in the Municipal,
Provincial, National and Global political arenas, I've decided to
cross-post everything to "own.eco.lets." For those who can't receive
it, try "alt.fan.john-turmel" which, as an "alt" class newsgroup,
should be available to all.
     The campaign is only two weeks and then we'll be into the next
municipal elections for November. LETS is making inroads everywhere
and I could use some help in promoting it to every candidate we see.

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