Subject: NOTICE: Ottawa LETS does not support John Turmel
From: (Dianne Murray)
Date: 23 May 1997 04:29:02 GMT

From: (Terry Cottam)
Subject: Final Letter to the Editor
Date: Tue, 20 May

Ottawa LETS
c/o Centretown Community Health Centre
340 MacLaren Street
Ottawa ON  K2P 0M7
20 May 1997

Ottawa Citizen
Letters to the Editor
Dear Editor:
We would like to bring your attention to the disturbing candidacy
of John Turmel in the riding of Ottawa West.  Mr. Turmel is running on a
platform promoting the Local Employment and Trading System (LETS). However,
as members and managers of Ottawa LETS and HomemakerLETS, we would like to
make it very clear that we in NO way support his candidacy. Mr. Turmel is
not a member of any LETS in our area. In fact, he is considered a
thorn in the side of the whole global LETS movement.
We urge Mr. Turmel to cease immediately his unsolicited, aggressive
promotion of LETS at all-candidates meetings. In particular, we ask
him to publicly apologize to the students at the all-candidates
meeting on May 15th at J.S. Woodsworth high school, where he
advocated LETS as a solution to teenage suicide.
LETS does not need this kind of "hard sell." It is totally against
our values of caring and community.  Unlike Mr. Turmel, we do not
claim LETS is a panacea for all our social ills.  What LETS does
offer is a credible alternative to cash that is much needed during
these hard times, as our social agency partners will attest.
There are now some 1,000 LETSystems worldwide, with government
support in several countries. Mr. Turmel is eager to promote this.
What he doesn't say is that LETS supporters everywhere complain
about his incessant self-promotional postings all over the
Here in Ottawa, his combative public persona is making a mockery of
our democratic process, not to mention discouraging prospective
LETS members.  As committed supporters of the LETS concept, we
believe enough is enough!
Bethany Sutton, Terry Cottam, Katie Davidman, Joeli Reardon --
Ottawa LETS Council (Tel. 236-LETS; "go LETS" on Freenet)
John Hollingsworth, Administrator, HomemakerLETS
Russell McOrmond, founder, Usenet newsgroup

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