From: (John Turmel)
Subject: TURMEL: Who is John The Engineer Turmel?
Date: Tue May 20 02:46:47 1997
     I am an Abolitionist not only because I want the
chains-of-metal slavery abolished but also because I want the chains-
of-debt slavery abolished by using the interest-free LETS software on
the world banking system computers. As The Engineer on the "Global
Abolish Interest Rates" project, I am betting that banks will soon
offer world-wide interest-free LETS Green currency accounts side-by-
side with their national and international interest-bearing currency
     In the 1997, I was inscribed Guinness Book of Records for most
elections contested in the Royalty and Government beside Her Majesty
Queen Elizabeth, the world's longest-reigning queen. In the U.S.
edition, I'm in the section with the world's biggest bagel.
     I submit an article by Montreal Gazette reporter Hubert Bauch in
"The Great Canadian Character Anthology" titled "He also ran... and
ran... and ran.." as very best synopsis of my means, motives and
activities during my first 5 years in the early 1980s on the Abolish
Interest Rates Project.

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