From: (John Turmel)
Subject: TURMEL: Hollingsworth's exclusion of LETS supporters?
Date: Tue May  6 06:07:10 1997

Date: Tue Apr 29 11:48:59 1997
From: (John Hollingsworth)
Subject: Re: TURMEL: Prodding politicians about LETS is fun
JH: At 03:50 AM 29/04/97 -0400, John Turmel wrote:
JCT: Your work in Wirral South has given us the endorsement of one
of the Natural Law candidates which will be of great benefit in my
approach to them during this election.
JH: I guess that if we want to weaken the credibility of LETS further,
we could encourage the yogic flyers to promote LETS in their campaign
     JCT: Every Natural Law candidate I ever ran against was a clean
cut health-conscious Green-minded individual with a super-spiritual
bent. I don't know where their spirits visit when they're oscillating
two feet off the ground and I choose not to doubt what they feel. They
have always stated that they are for using the best technology for
every problem but I could never pin any Canadian candidates down to a
public endorsement of LETS like this first UK Natural Law candidate
has done.
     I find adding another political party to the Global LETS
coalition a happy occurrence for LETS if we can get the support of the
Maharesh Yogi, an engineer, behind us and continue to be amazed at how
your attitude towards other peaceful membership databases continues to
disgust me. It's typical of the Ottawa LETS Inquisition looking into
who LETSers should not want to associate with. Are there any other
religions out there you would like to have excluded from using LETS
life-boats? Are there any other trades?

JCT: The fact the Liberals in Britain have 2 policy papers on LETS
might help with with our Liberals. The fact Labour has a LETS
candidate in Uxbridge might help us with our NDP. Of course, the
former leader of the Green Party of Canada was one of the candidates
who signed the Canada LETS petition so there should be no trouble
getting their endorsement once again given the hearty BIG YES from the
UK Greens.
JH: I'm not sure that the Libs and the NDP will be warm to a policy
from the margins that finds a welcome home with the Natural Law Party
or the CHP.
     JCT: I don't think he gets it. I just published a message today
from Rob Follett in:
TURMEL: LETS by email soon; more LETS politicians elected
which points out:
RF: The newly elected MP (Labour) for the Falmouth & Camborne
constituency here in Cornwall is a member of Falmouth LETS - the
previous incumbent, on seeing our group's stall at a YMCA sale, went
out of his way to avoid any contact with us whatsoever, so this must
surely be a great improvement!
     JCT: This a recently elected member of the new Government in
Labour. Labour MPs will be canvassed to find out how many other Labour
MPs in the government are as smart as this one.

RF: The new MP for St.Ives in Cornwall (Lib-Dem) has done a great deal
of work in the past for local community groups as leader of the County
Rural Community Council, and has also attended meetings of our county
development group (Cornwall LETS Forum).
     JCT: And as my previous paragraph pointed out, the new MP for St.
Ives in Cornwall has two pro-LETS Liberal Democrat policy papers to
show any other Liberal Democrats in the third largest party.
     I would bet that there are some LETS supporters in the Tory party
and when I've gotten all the labour MPs to admit that the Labour
candidates for Uxbridge and Falmouth Camborne were right in endorsing
LETS, I wonder how long it will take, with the backing of the Liberal
Democrats, the Greens, the Islamic Party, the Natural Law Party, the
21st Century Independent Foresters, for the Labour Government not to
deliver National LETS.
     I myself find this exhilarating. To think that there are Labour
MPs in Government who are already using LETS as an anti-poverty
machine in their ridings taking this knowledge to Parliament. Surely
many will see the bigger picture when it's presented in front of their

JCT: There is a good chance that the Christian Heritage party which
signed the petition the last time will sign it again.
JH: That's a shame, given how reactionary and fascistic the CHP is.
     JCT: How horrible to tag a peaceful Christian group of anti-
abortion Bible thumpers with such a fascistic tag. I have ran against
Christian Heritage party candidates for years and every single one of
them was a pleasant, family-oriented person.
     Actually, in all my years of running in elections, I have never
met a candidate not serious about something or other than needed
correcting. Even our Rhinocerous Party, the equivalent of Screaming
Lord Sutch's Monster Raving Loony Party, hit home with the message
that even clowns couldn't do any worse than the circuses that keep
getting elected.
     So, again, while I've always found Natural Law and Christian
Heritage to share a large subset of family and health values, I've
never found where they differ to be a problem and warmly welcome their
support of LETS for all.

JH: As I can tell from my current vantage point as a LETS sysadmin,
the religious right is becoming a bit of a problem for us here in
Ottawa of late.
     JCT: The religious right is becoming a problem to the token
cashiers. This I'd like to hear.

JH: The last thing I want to see is the Gawd-and-women-in-the-home
bible belters expounding LETS.
     JCT: No. You don't want anti-abortion activists expounding LETS.
I've met none who as you suggest would be as backward as to not have
accepted equality with their women-folk long ago. But still, here's
another group who should be excluded from using LETS according to John
Hollingsworth, High Priest of the Ottawa LETS Inquisition.

JH: Especially as a number of CHPers who are critical of the "money
system" tend to view it in terms of an international conspiracy of
     JCT: I'd note that you're the second to make an anti-semitic
allegation against someone for liking LETS. Actually, I
used to joke that the Christian Heritage Party were in favor of usury
because that was the last word I got out of one of their earlier
leaders. Only last year, in 1996, did I manage to convince my first
Christian Heritage candidate about the importance of LETS monetary
reform. Tristan Emmanuel was the first ever and his support was based
on liking LETS and not on who or who might not be running the present
killer system.
     By the way, I do believe in clandestine communications between
the world's top millionaires to manipulate the money system to their
advantage. That anyone would be so foolish to think that that it is
the exclusive monopoly of race when it's the exclusive monopoly of a
profession, bankers, all bankers, Jewish ones, Chinese ones, Muslim
ones, African ones, they run the world to their advantage. But they're
losing the monopoly on the creation of credit upon which based is
their advantage.
     Finally, I keep stressing that it's okay for all Nazis and Jews
and Muslims and Presbyterians to all like and use LETS together. I
will oppose the exclusion from LETS life-boats of anyone for any

JH: This is not to take away from the important work that some are
doing promoting LETS among more mainstream and tolerant religious
     JCT: Back-pedal a couple of paces after a mouthful of fascist and
anti-semitic innuendoes. Not good enough.

JCT: Even Communists should like LETS. Today's capitalism is not all
good. Communism is not all bad. LETS is the synthesis where everyone
gets to be a capitalist. Communistic capitalism or Capitalistic
JH: Some people describe MLM schemes in the same way, i.e. "where
everyone gets to be a capitalist".
     JCT: I don't know too many people to stupid to see the difference
between LETS, a token system, and MLM, a system user. Since I already
explained the difference between tokens and users in previous posts, I
wonder if I should spend more time with John in the remedial class.

JH: Although the CPC is not a player in the federal election, I can't
see them endorsing "communistic capitalism" or "capitalistic
communism" (whatever that is).
     JCT: And I'll bet that communists will see the inherent fairness
in the LETS economic system and claim it as the fulfillment of their
own design. Only with a freer bent.

John Hollingsworth                              (613) 234-1237
Ottawa, CANADA                        1-333 James St.  K1R 5M8
Institute of Political Economy             Carleton University

     JCT: You have have to be one of the most pessimistic, obnoxious,
ignorant and erroneous people I've ever met. Fortunately, unlike your
buddy McOrmond, you haven't lied. This is really how you think. I'm
sad for you. You must lead a miserable life. Every time Pauline and I
read about new membership databases starting sprout LETS supporters,
Pauline and I jump for joy. This guy spends his time thinking of how
to not associate with them. Could this be the attitude of the
Institute of Political Economy at my alma mater, Carleton University?
     Of course, I was in the Engineering Building and never learned to
think like John. I think I'd rather jump for joy rather than slander
the goy. Jews have no reason for worry about the Christian Heritage
people I've ever met.
     I bet John Hollingsworth's nasty allegation is false.

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