Date: Tue Apr 29 03:50:10 1997
From: (John Turmel)
Subject: TURMEL: Prodding politicians about LETS is fun
From: (Sabine Kurjo-McNeill)
Subject: Reports of Actions as Snippets of Communication
SM: Hi!
I shall keep you amused / informed / entertained as I move along
     JCT: I am amused, informed entertained as I'm sure you are
finding your own adventures amusing, informative and entertaining.
Keeping and publishing a journal of those LETS adventures is actually
a lot of fun and other people just might find it amusing, informative
and entertaining to get politically active too.
     The Canadian election has just been called and there's going to
be a lot of Internet action as I work on a political party LETS
coalition greater than the 5 of 13 candidates from the last federal
     Your work in Wirral South has given us the endorsement of one of
the Natural Law candidates which will be of great benefit in my
approach to them during this election.
     The fact the Liberals in Britain have 2 policy papers on LETS
might help with with our Liberals.
     The fact Labour has a LETS candidate in Uxbridge might help us
with our NDP.
     Of course, the former leader of the Green Party of Canada was one
of the candidates who signed the Canada LETS petition so there should
be no trouble getting their endorsement once again given the hearty
BIG YES from the UK Greens.
     There is a good chance that the Christian Heritage party which
signed the petition the last time will sign it again.
     The Canada Action Party of Canada are advocating using the Bank
of Canada to take over 50% of the financing interest-free and only
letting the banks loanshark the other 50%. It's step in the right
direction since they'll need LETS to run the Bank of Canada's computer
for the interest-free 50%.
     Even Communists should like LETS. Today's capitalism is not all
good. Communism is not all bad. LETS is the synthesis where everyone
gets to be a capitalist. Communistic capitalism or Capitalistic
     My task in this election will be to pin down all the parties even
if it involves "guerrilla politics" to do it.
     I think I'll make the theme of this campaign:
     "Are you desperate enough to try National LETS yet?"
     I'm also going to put pressure on Canada's religious communities.
I would note from one of the exhibits in Pauline's second report which
didn't make it to econ-lets titled "An excerpt from Sister Dorothy's
LETS talk money," a little cartoon booklet explaining money and LETS:
There is a Local Exchange Trading system, from now on referred to as
LETS, which is becoming popular in Australia, New Zealand and Britain.
Many people think that it can never be more than a swap shop.
The Bible and the Qur'an forbid the practice of interest.
     JCT: She went on explaining how LETS checks worked and it's safe
to say we can use her pamphlet to prod the Roman Catholics along.
     And of course, there is the official sanction of LETS by the
Islamic Party of Great Britain. I cannot imagine any Muslim not voting
for LETS once he realizes that LETS has been deemed "halal" and will
put the "haram" banking system out of business.
     A Sikh told me that usury, "beaje," was also frowned upon in his
religion and has promised to have his "granti" (priest) give me a call
with actual citations.
     Add in Buddha who inspired Christ and many saints of Judaism and
the movement of the world's religions towards LETS is happening. There
aren't too many things all the major religions can agree on but
abolishing interest is one of them. That feature of LETS which
abolishes interest in its transactions has to appeal to all sound
religions. It is the basis for a religion I'd rush to join.
     I predict the Old World Debt-Slavery system is in its final days.
I sense the Year of Debt Jubilee will usher in the new millennium. I
think LETS is part of a most fascinating of liberation movements ever
recorded and I find it sad that many don't see it taking place.
     I finally get the feeling we're playing on offence for a change.
With more and more religions and political parties joining the net,
they won't be able to hide from The Question:
Yes or No to National / Global LETS?

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