Date: Fri Apr 18 04:29:35 1997
Subject: TURMEL: LETS registries and leakage synopsis

Date: Thu Apr 17 04:28:06 1997
From: (Tom Holloway)
Subject: Re: TURMEL: LETS registries and leakage
I would love to know what this message is about. I'm sure it's full of
good arguments and information; but my mailer says it's 744 lines long
and I don't think I need the arguments enough to download and read it.
Sorry JT.  You will have to learn to shorten your messages if you want
to get them across to me... Maybe try answering one thing at a time?
     JCT: I'm not trying to get my messages across to people who can't
handle 10 pages of text. But I am not going make 2 dozen posts for 2
dozen topics.
     Richard Kay and I discussed:
     - Green LETS storehouses which could hold collateral allowing
more members to be in the positive and induce pensioners to join.
     - trade of LETS notes between Austrian and Italian border-town
LETS being inevitable.
     - the perfectibility of accounting systems.
     - unstable systems having their poles in the right hand plane and
LETS having its pole on the origin.
     - relevance of leakage if your pool has a tap.
     - one-to-one backing by hours eliminates issue of trust.
Untrustworthy bankers go to jail.
     - Global banker's public newsgroup provides centralization
without monopoly control.
     - similarities between lets tokens and casino tokens.
     - relevance of human behavior to mechanical token engineering.
     - whether LETS provides perfect framework for imperfect humans.

     Andy Ryrie and I discussed:
     - introduction of complex numbers to LETS engineering debate.
     - Hounslow LETS notes bearing denominations in Cranes AND Hours.
     - all currencies linked to time by wages.
     - inclination to trust LETS notes by outsiders.
     - How my accounts in Canterbury and Auckland LETS could effect
trade between Andy and the New Zealand Greendollar Quarterly Report
with no participation from me.
     - Global LETS is Local from a galactical perspective.
     - Existing banking system does not, as LETS, link currency to
time or collateral one-to-one. .
     - Liberating the mis-employed onto Earth's real problems.
     - instant global upgrade to LETS on existing banking systems as
good as bottom up construction of alternate system.
     - whether professional bankers can be trusted to run LETS on
their existing systems.
     - whether I should spend time on technical problems a Global LETS
might not experience.
     - Why Rothschild and Rockefellers might want to save Earth too.
     - International Bankers' Minutes show plans to eventually install
     - whether better = more productive.
     - leakage to poorer regions natural and tolerable.
     - current leakage concerns restrict trade.
     - Leakage to Third World should be encouraged.
     - Deterring trade with outsiders by not using notes.
     - Third-party Central LETS Banker trading without changing
the essence of any particular LETS branch.
     - Official endorsement of National LETS by UK Green Party.
     - David Williams on raising LETS profile in Labour Party,
launching a new Hillingdon LETS and being appointed to a trustee of
     - Recent election to New Zealand Parliament of pro-LETS M.P.s:
     - Humankind's "Money Madness Era."
     - Expected growth of LETSystems around the world.

     Finally, I invited those who would be interested of the archives
of my debates in sci.econ over the years to join my alias list for
streams on:
- LETS arguments in sci.econ like whether "money really has babies?"
- LETS and Social Credit.
- LETS and Christ's differential Equations.
- Updates from LETS candidates in the upcoming Canadian Federal
General Election.
- Updates on approaches to Muslim governments.
- Updates on the Global Petition for National / Global LETS.
- Updates on LETS items from around the world.
     Since Andy and Richard seem to enjoy in-depth discussions, it's
unfortunate you'll miss out on them because they're too long. I'd
rather keep up the pace with them than slow down the pace for you. But
I hope the above satisfied your curiosity about what you missed.

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