Date: Mon Apr 14 07:18:04 1997
Subject: TURMEL: LETS engineers were Greens

Date: Fri Apr 11 16:46:14 1997
From: (Bengt Griborn)
Subject: Question about LETS

BG: I am going to write a essay about LETS, how it work's in a quarter
of a city in Gothenburg (Sweden), and I'm very interested to know why
LETS also is called "green dollars". is there a connection with
environmental movement history or is it only money? If you know,
please let me know very soon, I have got so much time left. Thank you.
Bengt Griborn
     JCT: In 1981, I was running politically with a LETS software for
National use called "Greenbacks" in honor of Abraham Lincoln who was
shot for instituting an interest-free LETS "Greenback" system to pay
for the American civil war. Interest-free U.S. Notes issued by the
Treasury rather than the private Federal Reserve banking cartel are
still available. I have several notes which I put side by side with
FED bank notes so I can wonder why the US government chooses to borrow
from the private banks and tax citizens to pay interest when Lincoln
borrowed notes from the Treasury and paid no interest.
     Yet, the name Greendollar was coined by Michael Linton and I
would assume that since we were both members of the Green Party of
Canada at the time, I would assume that LETS qualified as a "Green"
     Though I was expelled from the party in 1985 for advocating LETS
without central party authorizati