From: (John Turmel)
Date: Thu Apr 10 06:54:19 1997
Subject: TURMEL: Yes or No to National / Global LETS?
     During all recent debates, I've assumed that there are some
LETSers out there who see the same Global LETS picture that I see.
Then there are those who insist that the Local in LETS means that
they have to stay small.
     I think the issue of my G$3,000 in the Toronto LETS is a case in
point. Back in 1993, when the Toronto LETS needed a laser printer to
publish their newsletter, Sat Khalsa persuaded me to fund the laser
printer and I persuaded him to credit my Greendollar account. But, I
live in Ottawa and don't have any needs in Toronto. When I ask the
experts when I'm going to be able to spend my Toronto Greendollars in
Ottawa, I told never. I'm going to have to find a third party Ottawa
member who wants something from a Toronto member so that I can pay the
man in Toronto and get paid by the man in Ottawa. Since I can do this
with legwork myself, the question begs why the system can't do it for
us all? I think it's silly to think there are significant benefits in
being small which those LETS benefits would exist whether it's small
or big.
     As for the eternal question of leakage between LETSystems, you
don't call it leaking when it's all within one system. It's called
trade. In the same way that leakage disappears in a Global LETS,
myriads of problems encountered with the Local incomplete population
model just do not exist in the Global whole population model.
     I've been promoting the Global model for 18 years and I only
funded Michael's Local model as a demonstration prototype. If you
ignore the problems caused by the smallness of the demonstration
models, there are none. It is a perfect accounting system.
     What most people don't realize is that Game Theory, the
science of the winningest professional gamblers, is used to determine
"optimal strategy." As the former Teaching Assistant of the
Mathematics of Gambling Course at Carleton University for 4 years,
there aren't too many people in the world who are so adept at working
out optimal strategy as I am. And Local is not optimal, Global is.
     So Global LETS is inevitable. Any who laugh when I say Global
LETS is a question of life and death won't be laughing very very soon.
I say Global LETS can help. They say it only works Local. Too bad the
Third World doesn't have computers. Since people are in every nation
dying of funding cuts, turning on the LETS tap globally stops those
needless deaths.  The usury contract "mort-gage" doesn't have the word
"mort" in it for nothing. Take heed. Now it's only a question of who
gets their LETS life-boats too late.  Again I refer opposants to
reread the part of the poem on the conveyor belt of death and
responsibility of those with the power to shut it down and the
consequences of waiting.
     I'm sure that what bugs many LETSers is my attitude that I've got
the right to say more than everyone else about LETS. I
certainly have to right to say as much as I like since they are my
LETS babies growing out there. While Michael Linton was the Mama
Engineer nursing the little LETSes along, John Turmel was the Papa
Engineer who provided the seed money then took off continue in public
political life to trumpet loudly, so very loudly, even too very
loudly, even with all my might, that my little LETS babies are growing
up and when they link up, they will replace the usury banking system I
swore to my Grand-dad Adelard I would re-engineer many years ago.
     No matter how much anyone dislikes it, I was the first qualified
engineer to derive the LETS and USURY equations. I was the engineer
who financed the Local LETS to the tune of $22,000 interest-free just
for the joy of proving my point that Global LETS banking was better
than Global Usury banking and I'm sure I cannot be proven wrong. I bet
on a winner and I know it. And you're all helping me prove it.
     Those who don't like the way Papa Engineer has taken shots on
goal, seeking injunctions banning usury nation-wide, picketing banks
for their usury, helping poor people stall their foreclosures which
earned me my favorite sobriquet: Bank-Fighter Extraordinaire, are
saying they don't like my style. I can tell you that there were many
others out there who also were advocating monetary reform in a quieter
style many LETSers would certainly prefer I adopt but that style never
made it into the media so that most LETSers aren't even aware of the
political history behind the LETS movement.
     They like to think this is new. They don't like to hear that the
greatest prophets, Bhuddha, Isaiah, Ezekiel, Christ, Mohammed were all
preaching LETS as good news to the poor: the Gospel of LETS. They
don't like hearing that the Sociable Credit Parties all preached the
LETS equation. They don't like hearing the Technocracy movement did
too. They don't like hearing that the Sovereignty movement of 3,000 US
municipalities is petitioning the Federal Reserve to run them a LETS
program. All these groups know what they want but haven't reached the
software stage where they know LETS does it for them. When they do,
watch things grow.
     So why do many LETSers get worried when Social Credit or Christ
are brought into the discussions? If any one of these large databases
joined, Social Crediters, Christians, Muslims, et al, they wouldn't be
the big fish in their little Local ponds anymore. I think it's sad
that the Third World might starve an extra year or two because these
people don't want to lose control.
     And all this opposition to saving the most the fastest is most
sad because we are in the predicted end times. It's the first time in
history that technology is available for a global LETS upgrade and
we're only a blessing of the Rothschilds and Rockefellers away from
global installation on their banking networks. They could end the
horror of their usury overnight and we just have to keep waving the
better upgrade in their faces and promise not to shoot them for what
they've done so far. I'm ready to forgive. And if Christ does come
back, we won't let him near them with a whip either. I get the feeling
we'll have a Global LETS before the millennium is out if the Queen,
Prince Charles, David Rockefeller and Pope remember me as I'd bet they
     As I expected to be touring the US southern states and California
this summer as a poker professional and since they have Poker casinos
in Colorado, I am preparing a submission to the TOES conference in
Denver Colorado later this year titled:
     So, I think it's time for Papa to put the babies on the spot. Who
is big enough to join in the political fight and who is staying home
with the weaklings?
     Yes or No to National LETS?
     Yes or No to Global LETS?
     If No, why No?

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