Overmoderation of JunkEconomics
     I had wondered why most of the submissions to JunkEconomics were 
from Jay Hanson and had surmised this was because few people were 
contributing. I had contributed a couple of dozen posts over the last 
months but hadn't noticed that few were getting through until 
     When I went to the onelist.com to check the archives a few days 
ago to see if I could refer people to them as background material for 
some of the topics I've been dealing with, I noticed that only four of 
my posts were listed:
- The first of my two posts on "Junk Nobel Economics Prize in 
- The first of my four posts on "LETS Toronto Dollars."
- LETS around the world
- An article condemning one of my posts on Social Credit which had 
not been let through but picked up by a reader from the econ-lets 
     I was disappointed to find out that all of my posts dealing with 
debates with various economists about some startling errors in 
Economics on the essence of money weren't there. 
     Then I realized that the JunkEconomics list is moderated which 
explains why almost all my posts were rejected and why the only posts 
that seemed to regularly make it through were Jay's. 
     I usually make it a policy not to join groups which are moderated 
because this is not the first time that I've found moderators who 
publish mostly their stuff and reject mostly everyone else's. The 
problem is that if 90% of my posts were censored, how many other 
people's posts did I miss because they were blocked too? 
     If there is anyone out there who has responded to any of my 
published posts and to which I did not respond, there's a good chance 
it's because those submissions were rejected too. If you did not get a 
response from me to your email, that would be because I answered your 
letters and posted them to JunkEconomics which were then rejected. 
There may have been plenty of replies I did not get to read just as 
there were many submissions that you did not get to read.
     For those people who are interested in the further discussion on 
the topics that were published but whose responses were not or in 
those topics which were not not published at all, I have started an 
unmoderated list called "lets@onelist.com" where you can be sure that 
you'll see everything that is sent to the list. To join our 
unmoderated discussions, visit: 
     I can only say that I'm very disappointed to find out that almost 
all my work did not get through and expect to unsubscribe very soon. 
>Date: Mon Jan 25 23:45:03 1999
>From: mrs.gaze@hotPOP.com ("Silauren Gaze")
>Subject: THIS LIST is dead, by Jay's decree
>To: JunkEconomics@onelist.com, SystemPolitics@onelist.com  
>Lists evolve, just like their threads. The original purpose or 
>subject can seldom be recognized after a dozen iterations. I agree, 
>the question/answer format seems to be ineffective. But this doesn't 
>mean the list has no benefit or use. It could just mean that a more 
>engaging presentation is needed.
     JCT: Actually I found quite a few interesting articles on the 
systempolitics list to which I did respond. I had contributed perhaps 
a couple of dozen articles to the JunkEconomics list until I found out 
that Jay had blocked most of them. And now he's cancelling the list 
because Jay censored too much input to it. 
     Now I find out that he is also the moderator of the 
systempolitics list and rather than just leave them unmoderated, he 
has chosen to kill them both. 
>>It's takes quite a bit of my time to moderate this list and the
>>benefits seem minimal. So I have decided to terminate the 
>>JUNKECONOMICS list and the SYSTEMPOLITICS in 24 hours.
>Why not stop moderating them, instead of destroying them? I wouldn't 
>want to be obligated to read posts and approve them on a regular 
>daily basis. Doing so would, for me, rule out the possibility of 
>having a life... All it takes is a quick change of the list's 
     JCT: I agree. I do not moderate the lets@onelist.com group and it 
takes me no time at all. Good question though. Since quite a few 
people do use the systempolitics list, I don't see it has to be killed 
and since Jay was censoring me from the JunkEconomics list, I don't 
really care. 
     Yet, what's of interest is that this is the third list in recent  
time which have been denied to me. 
     My posts were blocked from JunkEconomics;
     My account on econ-lets@mailbase.ac.uk was cancelled for too 
prolific writing;
     Now systempolitics, the most active list other than 
lets@onelist.com is being closed. 
     A guy could become paranoid. 
>>I am going to delete the 16 messages in the queue. If anyone would 
>>like to post invitations to other lists, please post them now.
>I invite people to a list not controlled by a moderator slash 
>modulator. Spontaneous exchanges and interaction have less problems.
>Date: Tue Jan 26 02:30:32 1999
>From: j@qmail.com ("Jay Hanson")
>Go here http://www.onelist.com/  Start your own list, and announce it.
>It will only take you about five minutes. Jay
     JCT: Why don't you just stop censoring the list rather than force 
everyone to sign up to a new one? 

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