Global LETS Online by 1999. 
     JCT: Most LETS transactions are paid with a check which is then 
sent to the LETS operator who registers the transaction to those 
accounts. This can all be done automatically with our Email. A 
checkbook consists of blank checks and a transaction log. A Global 
Online LETS checkbook works just the same except that everything is 
denominated in "Hours." The date is added automatically and my logon 
password certifies my signature. The GOLETS check needs only contain 
fields for the recipient's email address, the number of credits being 
transferred, and an optional note detailing the good or service 
received. Everyone's GOLETS log is open to public inspection and no 
central bookkeeping is necessary. 
     This can best be done by our Internet Service Providers. So I 
wrote the following letter to my ISP:
To my Internet Service Provider: AOL.COM Canada
     The LETS "Local Employment-Timetrading Software" is having 
remarkable success around the world.  is my web site which details how 
the European Parliament has funded not only the four LETSystems in 
Bradford UK but also the LETS in Vaasa Finnland and the Barataria 
Project's four LETS in four different European countries. Many British 
Local Authorities have long-funded their municipality LETS and some 
even joined. The British Parliament now has a pro-LETS local currency 
motion before it. The Australian Parliament passed such pro-LETS 
legislation 3 years ago and American Internal Revenue system 10 years 
before them. 
     I have found that a GOLETS email account for world-wide 
timetrading is a big hit among both online and offline LETS members. 
If offline members never had an incentive to get online before, they 
will now. The years have seen many variations on LETS: MLETS, QLETS, 
and I want to designate the "Global Online LETS" as GOLETS.  hosts a list of 
hundreds of LETS web sites and articles around the world to help 
explain why we find GOLETS email accounting so desirable. Several 
sites are hosted by groups starting up private online LETS 
Timecurrency systems.
     LETS are the shopping centers for our timecurrency and I and many 
online friends, acquaintances and associates will gladly jump at the 
chance to pay our ISPs put our GOLETS shopping centers online. I would 
personally be quite willing to pay double or more for my AOL service 
package if you install GOLETS at my email menu. I give you carte 
blanche. When I can email my first Hours from that online GOLETS 
account, you can send me your bill. 
     My friends around the world are starting to make the same request 
of their ISPs. I will be switching my service to the first nearby ISP 
which provides me with online GOLETS and I think most of the world's 
online LETS members and supporters will switch too. 
     Hoping this is a great incentive to quick action, I am, 
Sincerely yours.
     JCT: I have set up the listserv for 
discussions between those of us who have written to your ISPs. To 
receive these discussions, send an blank email to 
or visit: . Posting to this group is 
restricted to those who have written and  posted their letters to their 
Internet Service Providers requesting a  Global Online LETS. 
     I have also started to register the 
transactions in public of all those who wish to start using their own 
online LETS. I have already registered several commitments. 
     I hope you join me in seeking a Global Online LETS service before 
the new millennium. 

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