>Date: Wed Jun  9 00:49:10 1999
>From: ("Evan Morris")
>Subject: [lets] Interesting info
>From: "Evan Morris" <>
>I thought I'd post a quick note to the list, I hope no one minds:
>We recently had an election in South Africa, and quite naturally the
>political status quo was pretty much maintained, as is the habit of 
>people the world over except at rare, revolutionary times. What is 
>interesting is that a new party - pithily called The Abolish Income 
>Tax and Usury Party - gained 10 620 national votes. I know it doesn't 
>seem like a lot, but it surprised the hell out of me, and is 
>encouraging. Of course, one of those votes was my own.
>Thought you might find this interesting.
     JCT: Thank you Evan. I do. It's interesting that my Abolitionist 
Party of Canada has those same two programs on our party program at 
crucial information on our web page and we also got 10,000 votes in 
our first outing in 1993. 
     Any chance on providing us with an email address or web site? 
>Date: Wed Jun  9 04:43:33 1999
>From: (john courtneidge)
>Subject: Re: [lets] Interesting info
>Cc: ("Evan Morris"), econ-lets@
>Dear Friends
>>The Abolish Income Tax and Usury Party gained 10 620 national votes.
>You betcha !!!!!!!!!! xx's, j
     JCT: You betcha it's happening all around the world. When I first 
started out 20 years ago, the very words "abolish interest" raised 
the thought of a physical impossibility in most people's minds. It's 
why a reporter once caught Her Majesty the Queen mouthing the words 
"Abolish Interest" on one of my picket signs during one of her tours 
in the early 1980s. It was an unheard of concept except to a few 
Bible and Koran exegetes. Now it barely raises an eyebrow. How things 
have changed. 
Date: Thu Jun 10 00:41:42 1999
From: ("Evan Morris")
Subject: [lets] South African Elections
Hi again
Sorry about the delay in replying, but I'm having an unsuccessful 
e-mail week.
About the Abolish Income Tax and Usury Party in South Africa, the sad 
fact is that I don't know much about them at all. I did not even know 
they existed until the day of the election, when I saw their name on 
the ballot. Naturally I voted for them. I had spent the run up to the 
election trying to get LETS onto the platform of one of the larger 
parties, to no avail, sending out masses of e-mails to people who 
seemed completely indifferent/ignorant. It was a real surprise and a 
pleasure to discover the AITUP on the national ballot. Since the 
election I have been tied up with work, but as soon as I get a chance 
I intend to locate the party leadership and extract some information 
from them, which I will then post to the list.  Thanks
Evan Morris says: "Absinth makes the heart grow fonder"

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