Subject: TURMEL: Re: Why not print more money?...
Date: 26 Nov 1997 20:18:25

jim blair ( writes:
> Dracus wrote:
>>.. I asked "Why doesn't a country increase its welfare by having
>> more money printed?" and the answer that I got was that it
>> has something to do with inflation, ....
> Yes. See my web page MONEY & INFLATION files in the economics section.
> There are several essays and explanations there; they  should answer your
> questions. In certain circumstances they SHOULD "print more money". But
> not as always. Or better, "more than WHAT?"
It all depends on whether you believe that inflation is an
increase in the money supply, Shift A, or whether it is an
decrease in the collateral backing up the existing money supply,
Shift B.
See my next post
TURMEL: Flaherty's Debt Virus Antidote is No Cure
In it, I explain why injecting more money brings down
inflation Shift B.

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