LETS Chronicles: Pauline & Sabine & The Queen
Date: Thu Feb 27 07:18:31 1997
Chronicle #1 
Date: Wed Feb 19 20:15:37 1997
From: sabine@globalnet.co.uk (Sabine Kurjo McNeill)
Subject: Pauline has arrived in London 
We spent most of the morning and afternoon in Hampstead Town Hall 
(London, England), where the London Arts Conference hosted a programme 
of performance and speakers. We re-met with David Edmond and other 
LETSers and sowed the seeds for LETS at InterChange, the community 
centre that will move into Hampstead Town Hall over the next few 
We also spoke with the Director of their Weekend Arts College in view 
of creating a drama / show on LET'S DEAL WITH MONEY.
I called David Williams, the Labour LETSer who was not available, and 
Jonathan Cole who has been commissioned by the Gulbenkian Foundation 
to write a book on LETS but we will meet only next week.
Finally, we spoke with David Pidcock, the leader of the Islamic Party 
of Great Britain who is happy to organise a press conference tomorrow 
with the aid of Party Secretary Sahib Bleher. Guess where: at the 
Global Cafe of course - with London's fastest access to the Internet!
Finally, we blew the trumpet for 'Community Net Access' as the 'must' 
for InterChange at the Town Hall. After all, the Secretary of State, 
Virginia Bottomley said: We have to make computer networking 
accessible to ALL!!! LET's help her!...
In a nutshell: the combination of LETS and the Net is what's worth 
living for - for both Pauline and myself!
Until the next chronicle... Love from Pauline and Sabine
Chronicle #2 
Date: Thu Feb 20 16:21:26 1997
From: sabine@globalnet.co.uk (Sabine Kurjo McNeill)
Subject: Today's Activity Report from Pauline & Sabine #2
Our private meeting with David Pidcock, the Leader of the Islamic 
Party, was most empowering due to new perspectives on the 'Satanic 
Purses' and the 'History of the Abuse of Money' - the title of the 
book that he is working on.
You may quote us as saying that "the Islamic Party of Britain, not 
having a candidate standing in the Wirral by-election, encourages all 
its supporters and all Muslims in the constituency to vote for the 
candidate advocating the introduction of a LETS scheme, as this is a 
policy directed against the evils of an interest-based economy, and 
therefore an issue that has our full-hearted support. We will also 
make it a criteria of our support in the forth-coming general election 
whether a candidates policies promise to do something about the 
greatest injustice of our times, the exploitation of our people by a 
fraudulent interest-based monetary system."
We find it also interesting to learn about the difference between 
Islam and Muslims, i.e. the truth of the principles and the reality of 
Tomorrow we will meet with Sarah Ryle, the journalist who wrote the 
article on 'Election Battleground' for The Guardian on Jan 6.
On Saturday, we have arranged for Jerry Vahrman to demonstrate his 
software at the Global Cafe at 2.30pm. (15 Golden Square, exit 1 from 
Piccadilly Circus tube)
We also spoke with the Wirral South Campaign Office for the Lib Dems 
and with Jo Pemberton. We are still looking for the best LETS contacts 
in the area. Can anyone help???
And we will connect with LibDem candidate Flo Clucas tomorrow. While 
the politicians are dung flinging, we are creating the LETS Coalition 
as a constructive pressure group! 
With all our commitment, connectivity and enthusiasm,
Pauline & Sabine
Chronicle #3 
Date: Fri Feb 21 17:47:28 1997
From: sabine@globalnet.co.uk (Sabine Kurjo McNeill)
Subject: Day 3 of 'LETS on the Political Agenda' 
To: econ-lets@mailbase.ac.uk
Hi again,
Today began with Sarah Ryle NOT showing up due to a press conference 
with government offices but she is happy to reschedule.  We used the 
time to surf the web and fly on the Net in the Global Cafe by
-- making links between LETS, Agenda 21 and the Electronic Forum of 
the Earth Council (Para 33 of Agenda 21 calls for 'innovative 
financial mechanisms')
-- emailing to publishers of related websites
-- searching for contacts of candidates in Wirral
-- looking for LETS contacts in the Wirral area.
We then met Princess Helena and visited our clinic PURE BALANCE before 
having sumptuous tea with her. Three years ago, I had arranged for the 
princess to host a tea for Michael Linton and she enjoyed meeting 
Pauline now as one of the major funders behind the scene.
A quick stop at home to call the Wirral Campaign Office where a 
Canadian was helpful and off we went to a cocktail party of AGEPOWER, 
the organisation that Bernice Weston started, who created Weight 
Watchers in Britain. To AGEPOWER members we spoke not only about LETS 
but also about the power of the Internet and LIFE IS A GAME - a way of 
using gambling as a metaphor and a reality for LETStype money...
Pauline is in total awe of the many powerful connections made of 
people who already know of LETS, approve and are willing to help 
spread the word, such as a lawyer in Bath and an economist (this is no 
joke), PR consultant and travel agent.
We have set the stage for our Palace appearance tomorrow: Pauline will 
be aided by Robin Johannsen, David Edmond and Ben - with video camera 
- how appropriate for John's birthday!
Tomorrow will be another day at the Global Cafe where we will host 
Jerry Vahrman and promote his Windows software for LETS trading. It 
has been suggested that UKP40 would be a more appropriate price but 
maybe we can actually also use some UK green pounds in a National 
I now also have hope that one of the outcomes of Pauline's visit will 
be the establishment of the most effective and innovative LETS in 
Central London - which is a great addition to our efforts of educating 
politicians. Last but not least: HAPPY BIRTHDAY, John, and many thanks 
for sending Pauline!
Thanks, Malcolm, for crossing techno-boundaries to CIX! And thanks, 
Kevin for your input for Sarah! We will be dutiful messengers! 
Until we e-chronicle again, Sabine
Chronicle #4 
Date: Sun Feb 23 07:48:39 1997
From: sabine@globalnet.co.uk (Sabine Kurjo McNeill)
Subject: LETS on the Political Agenda - Chronicle No 4
Greetings from Pauline (Ottawa) and Sabine (London)!
Our LETS communications began with a phone call to Liz Shephard 
(LETSLINK UK). She had a TV spot on Channel 4 but unfortunately we had 
not seen it. Once again she was visibly out there promoting LETS 
We then made a few more calls to let people know that Jerry Vahrman 
from Bristol would demo his LETS software (LOIS) at the Global Cafe.  
When we got there, David Edmond was already there with the Technical 
Director who has strong connections with Bristol, and we could make 
that link with Jerry when he arrived. David Payne from Brixton LETS, 
Brian from North London LETS, Christopher Sagajllo who is an expert in 
the mathematical patterns of the stock exchange and Robin Johannsen 
who is creating a documentary video on LETS for his College, formed 
the audience for a gooddemo of good software. 
I then showed Jerry the other software available on the web: LETS 
TRADE from Godalming LETS and TALENTE from Renato in Switzerland. His 
is 'bigger/better' as it is purpose written and not just an 
application of Microsoft Access. He has sold it already six times 
which includes LETS in Australia and Councils in Britain and has 
accepted to co-ordinate information available about software.
All in all, a great achievement thanks to the Global Cafe, its 
ambiance, company attitude and facilities where we now are able to 
host councillors and politicians. 
We also looked into the LETS Room - the first Web Conference on LETS 
which has been visited by 43 users - without much advertising at all. 
David and I are now having to learn more about the management of that 
conference to link LETS with Agenda 21 (the document signed by all 
governments in Rio in 1992) as paragraph 33 asks for INNOVATIVE 
FINANCIAL MECHANISMS. LETS is clearly the best banking mechanism 
invented as it is interest-free. 
The dramatic highlight of the day was a visit to Buckingham Palace 
where David, Christopher and Robin assisted Pauline in a photo op 
presenting 12,000 LETS Dollars to the Queen. They learned that the 
Queen can be approached by the Lord Chamberlain but in the end they 
chose the Post Office in Trafalgar Square which ensured delivery by 
However, a display of the ABOLITIONIST PARTY of CANADA banner with a 
huge LETS disk - with the Palace as background - was captured both on 
photo and video for future visual education. 
Until we report again,
Chronicle #5
Date: Tue Feb 25 19:07:39 1997
From: sabine@globalnet.co.uk (Sabine Kurjo McNeill)
Subject: Chronicle 5 - Contact with Candidates
Hello LETSers!
Three days to report on:
Sunday: a three-hour lunch with Princess Helena made us explain to Her 
what LETS could do for her and her beautiful home as a possible 
meeting place for people willing to trade for LETS. Wouldn't it be 
nice if she, in her commitment to spirituality, became the catalyst 
for LETS as the link between the rich and the poor...
Monday: after receiving the addresses of all 12 candidates from the 
Wirral Electorate Office, we put together for them, on behalf of the 
Abolitionist Party of Canada, the Guardian article and a cover letter 
- beautifully designed with LETS on a disk image - once with a pound 
and once with a dollar sign.
The three bullet points for them were that they could be the first to
1. use LETS to alleviate unemployment and poverty in their 
2. secure DSS benefits to LETS members through legislation
3. help establish a National LETS.
This was only possible because Geoff and Kay Hyman, long-standing 
computer communicators and members of NetReach, welcomed us after 11pm 
to scan the disk image for this historic letter...
The highly efficient use of our two computers and four hands allowed 
us to post 26 personalised letters and photocopies by lunch time. On 
top of it, we wrote to three journalists whom we know to be 
In the afternoon we met Diana Schumacher, extremely well-known as an 
avid networker in the environmental movement, who has developed the 
concept of Local Trading Bonds to regenerate the business community. 
In her capacity as an international public lecturer, she uses every 
opportunity to promote LETS as the way for local communities to 
organise themselves. But she also suggested that Cuba would be a good 
place for LETS... daughter-in-law of E F Schumacher who has become 
famous for his book 'Small is beautiful'.  
Furthermore, she mentioned to us that PASSING THE TORCH will be a 
major event organised by the Fabian Society and The Guardian for the 
'Centre-Left' this Saturday and Sabine will join their sessions on 
'Strengthening Communities' and 'Creating Unities of Interest between 
the poor and the rest' after the Plenary with Tony Blair, John Gray 
and Lord Jenkins. All this only thanks to the Abolitionist Party of 
Canada and their f(o)under John Turmel!!! In this case, Sabine and 
Pauline splitting forces means becoming more effective in advocating 
LETS as the Big Idea that can unite across all sorts of factions in 
Crewe (Pauline) and in London (Sabine). 
In the evening, we met at Mandeer, the weekly melting place for all 
progressive ideas relating to the health of the person and of society. 
Today, Tuesday, Pauline hit the phones with follow-up calls to the 
candidates. Most had received our package. But due to the fact that 
the Labour candidate could not avail himself for All-Candidate 
meetings, no such meetings could take place - policy being in Britain: 
if one of the mainstream parties is not available to attend, then all 
such meetings are cancelled. Therefore, the candidates have to hit the 
campaign trail and get their message out by knocking on doors. 
Three of the twelve candidates did return calls and all were positive 
about LETS: Natural Law Party, Geoffrey Mead, who was aware of LETS 
and had even attended LETS meetings would definitely encourage it. 
Independent Tony Samuelson encourages everything that will give 
dignity and employment to people. And Colin Palmer, 21st Century 
Independent Foresters, was very enthused since he himself had already 
made headlines with a large cardboard penny as a symbol for another 
currency. Colin will fax us news clippings and LETS information that 
he already has and will meet with Pauline at the Crewe Conference 
which he was delighted to learn about.
In parallel action, Sabine made Internet and personal connections with 
the New Economics Foundation and Agenda 21 at the Global Cafe, making 
sure that disks and computers are together while Pauline did the same 
for body and home...
Onwards and forwards to more unknown realms of communication... or: 
rolling, rolling, rolling - keep them doggies rolling...
Chronicle #6
Chronicle #7 
Date: Mon Mar  3 05:57:30 1997
From: sabine@globalnet.co.uk (Sabine Kurjo McNeill)
Subject: Chronicle 7 - Pauline and Sabine in Crewe
After two days of separation, we are united to meet with the core of 
the Christian Council for Monetary Reform in Cheshire. Friday was 
eventful on the Net. I discovered Brian Zisk in San Francisco as he 
had visited our LETS Room on the web thanks to global co-networker 
David Edmond. His site transaction.net is a model in terms of 
information and communications forum! It's ALL there about alternative 
money systems! Let's make it truly global now!
Saturday was the day of PASSING THE TORCH at the London School of 
Economics. Labour leader Toni Blair in his inimical sunny boy style 
seemed to have mainly his values to offer as his political agenda. But 
if the LibDems can produce a policy statement on LETS, maybe Labour 
can, too! The Welfare to Work Committee may be one route, and I am 
sure I will discover more. The Global Cafe is certainly a great place 
to invite people to and showing them transaction.net to open their 
eyes will be my great pleasure! Maybe I can invite all of the PASSING 
the TORCH participants since the organisers Nexus are also active on-
After the plenary I attended a session on poverty organised by The New 
Policy Institute. When I asked, half the audience had heard of LETS 
and the Labour MP from Scotland had read the Guardian article. He was 
interested in receiving written material from me. And a lady from 
Channel 4 asked me for details so she can invite me when they want to 
cover the election. I also met a Councillor from Hampshire who was 
extremely LETS literate and I ran into Diana Schumacher again. She was 
going to cover the session on citizenship in the afternoon while I 
went to one organised by The Reformer, the magazine of the LibDems. 
However, I did not last long but went home to have a nap before 
hitting the road North to Crewe.
There I met with Pauline, Richard Kay, Sister Dorothy and Ken 
Palmerton, eminently knowledgable in the history of the politics of 
money. What a mountain and fountain of know-how of the past with which 
to build the future!
Meanwhile, Pauline had had a full day with another 3-400 people who 
had come to attend STRUGGLE & SURVIVAL in the WORLD of MAMMON, 
organised by Shrewsbury Justice and Peace Commission with the support 
of CAFOD, Christian Aid, Chester Diocese Justice and Development 
Education Committee, the Justice and Peace Commission of Liverpool 
Archdiocese and the Faith and Justice Commission of Lancaster Diocese. 
She shall report in detail when she gets back to Canada, since she 
took 6 pages of notes. The energies of 400 people with the same goal 
who have also pulled some radical media moves was simply elating - 
actually bringing some people to tears. They joined in song and 
worship at the end of the day after she had attended the session on 
LETS with Angus Soutar from Manchester and his wife Krisha. She spoke 
briefly to that group about her LETS experiences in Canada and 
explained how organisations with large data bases of members would 
enable services such as insurance of all kinds. 
The closing liturgy was a stunning chorus of the following song:
We shall go out with hope of resurrection,
We shall go out from strength to strength, go on
We shall go out and tell our stories boldly,
Tales of a love that will not let us go.
We'll sing our songs of wrongs that can be righted
We'll dream our dreams of hurt that can be healed
We'll weave a cloth of all the world united
within the vision of a Christ who sets us free.
We'll give a voice to those who have not spoken
We'll find a word for those whose lips are sealed
We'll make the tunes for those who sing no longer
vibrating love alive in every heart
We'll share our joys with those who still are weeping
chant hymns of strength for hearts that break in grief
We'll leap and dance the resurrection story
including all within the circles of our love.
Accompanied by guitars, the room vibrated with joy and excitement. And 
joining hands with neighbours, the closing prayer was aid before going 
went back to the monastery where the CCMJ held their conference in the 
Sunday morning began with laptop in bed and a mass about Jesus chasing 
the money makers from the temple...
The brainstorming session began with Richard Kay presenting LETS and 
Sister Dorothy painting a spiritual vision of the future based on 
visions of Mary by children in Spain and former Yugoslavia.
Pauline gave her lively report followed by Sabine's input and the 
resulting actions to be taken on behalf of CCMJ are:
1. Sabine to contact Donald Reeves for a pre-election event at St 
James's Piccadilly
2. Richard to bring an event together in summer and everybody having a 
great sense of direction and empowerment.
My direction was back to London to meet with Dr Vidya Anand in Conway 
Hall, an eminent place of radical history of the Society of Ethical 
Humanists. There I was introduced to an ex-councillor who recommended 
an MP to me so I am full of letters to write and calls to make besides 
emailing as best as Ican from home and the Global Cafe.
Chronicle #8
Date: Tue Mar  4 03:30:59 1997
From: sabine@globalnet.co.uk (Sabine Kurjo McNeill)
Subject: Chronicle 8 - Pauline in Hebdon Bridge, Sabine in London
Hello, LETSers!
Pauline called and faxed me from Hebdon Bridge where she is staying with
Ken Palmerton, a most eminent historian in the matters of finance, economics
and politics. As if by chance, he was asking about a Leamington Spa contact
for LETS when I walked into the room and could re-connect him with Tom
Holloway whom he knew from previous times... Pauline faxed me also the
Guardian article by Sarah Ryle on the penalty for counterfeiting and a
German article quoting many different definitions for money. The most
interesting is maybe: 'Nobody knows where money ends any more'. Maybe that
is another green light for people to dare to create their own! Credit
creation is obviously the other side of the coin called usury! ABOLISH
INTEREST RATES could be balanced with the positive ESTABLISH CREDIT CREATION
I tried to contact MPs at the House and met the English disease of 'too much
too soon' again. But I shall hang in there. Trust me. As Glenda Jackson is
my MP, I shall at least meet her personally soon. Changing the world - one
mind at a time.
LET'S CONNECT MONEY, POLITICS and PEOPLE is the title that I am suggesting
to Donald Reeves for a pre-election event at St. James's Piccadilly where I
worked from 1982 - 1988. The path to god is a spiral of seven-year cycles,
it seems...
Meanwhile, Pauline met with Jonathan and Angie Simms who administer
Calderdale LETS and Ken Palmerton put together follow-up contacts for
Cambridge LETS and thus we continue to connect...
With all our e-connectivity,
Sabine - fired and supported by Pauline

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