TURMEL: Who or What is Jay Hanson Anyway?
     JCT: Jay Hanson's articles on sci.econ are most voluminous, even 
more than mine, and most critical of orthodox economics. So what is 
the unthinking response? Please note that these are posts to a public 
newsgroup that no one has to read unless they choose to download them. 
>Article #97719 (97776 is last):
>From: "Patrick Darmon" <Patrick.Darmon@wanadoo.fr>
>Newsgroups: sci.econ
>Date: Tue Nov 17 20:21:13 1998
>Like everybody on this forum, I drawning under Jay Hanson messages
>To Jay Hanson :
>- What / Who Are you : unless you spend your life reading 
>anything,interpret it the Jay Hanson's Way and publish it on the net 
>You cannot be only an Individual +ACE- So what is the deal and who is 
>your sponsors (smart readers will have some clues) - Can't you create 
>your own site and live people who enjoy economic studies and questions 
>on this site and practice +ACI-Jay Hansonomics+ACI- there
>To anyone :
>- If you are fed ud with Jay, please +ACI-vote+ACI- ie, reply to the 
>forum Patrick
     JCT: I don't mind that Patrick doesn't want to read Hanson's 
articles but I mind that he wants to have a vote on preventing me from 
reading them too. Why do the censors always come out of the woodwork 
when they could simply not read the articles? 
     I've had to deal with these kinds of people who think they can 
insult the victim of their cencorship with discussions on the best way 
to avoid reading it: 
>Article #97888 (97948 is last):
>From: "Shawn A. Wilson" <swilso2@uic.edu>
>Date: Thu Nov 19 23:57:04 1998
>Travis Newcomb wrote:
>oh, well. maybe I should filter him and just respond to responses.
>How do you filter people?  I figure Jay and that abcde guy are perfect 
>candidates, but I don't know how.
>Article #97895 (97948 is last):
>From: real.address@bottom.of.msg (Markku Stenborg .)
>Date: Fri Nov 20 04:28:04 1998
>1. Buy Agent or some other real Newsreader. (Does Free Agent or some 
>other freeware have kill filters?)
>2. When a post by Jay is active, press [Control]-K, make sure the 
>dialog states "Author: Jay Hanson"; if not, select "Author" and "Mark 
>read" and hit [Enter]. Jay won't bother you anymore, but you'll see 
>responses to his posts.
     JCT: I've noticed the same thing when people complain about my 
posts. Much time is spent discussing how to help the technical 
incompetents how are too lazy to read their software manuals how to 
use their kill-files. That's the real waste of time. 

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